One of our chatters
and a shevette
look-alike, pep.

As resident subbie of Red's Realm i have the pleasure of meeting many of the people out there who enjoy bondage. It's nice to meet all the stars of bondage, but the real thrill is meeting people just like you and me too.

Allow me to share with you some pictures that were sent in by one of our many chat room regulars. Ladies and gentlemen prepare to meet pep, also known as peppermint patti. She's a mother of 7 children and a wife and a subbie shevette look-alike.

Please be sure to say hello to pep if you should bump into her in our chat. She's very down to earth, very sexy, and a nice person. We had a chance to talk to each other for about an hour the other night and i like her very much. We share a lot of the same ideas and as she was telling me that many of the things i have said she has agreed with i had the thought that many of the things she had told me about herself were exactly like the thoughts i have had.

One of the things that inspires me to keep promoting bondage on the net is when i get to help someone out there reach out and be able to enjoy bondage. This time i was able to feel gratification because she helped me feel like i was not alone either. We both like getting tied up, we really like the light that puts in our husbands eyes, and we like sex and being tied to the max!

i guess the biggest difference between us is that she has children, but she was kind enough to offer to rent them out to Rob and me - on the kid's off-days. giggle

Here's her score card on being a shevette look-alike:

	tennies 98 out of 100
		-2 points for not being ked-like
		bonus 50 for being pristine white	148
	cut-offs 90 out of 100
		-10 because  they aren't worn enough
		bonus 50 for being way short
		bonus 100 for cute legs			240
	handcuffs 110 out of 100
		+10 because they are shiny
		bonus 50 because they look tight
		-5 bonus chain is long (hands)
		20 extra bonus, hands behind back 155
		155 points X2 for hand and foot		310
	hair 100 out of a possible 100, it's red
		-5 points for being way way dark
		+5 because it looks great		100
	face 200 out of 100 possible
		extra cute face +100			200

	Bonus items:
		gag		500
		collar		1000			1,500
		smiles		100 points per pic
				19 pics=1900		1,900
	other	impishness bonus points			1000
		quality of pics				1000
		being sweet enough to share with us
				10,000 bonus points	10,000

Total score 16,398 out of a possible 500 points!

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