Getting Into Bondage
from Rope, Garters and Gags
Volume 2, Number 1, 1977,
published by Rosslyn News

Posted: June 28, 2000

Many people get into bondage indirectly, beginning their sex play on one level and arriving at bondage that way. It takes a couple who are into games, but other than that, not much else is needed.

Chuck and his wife Eve were into games. They loved it whenever they could get into the mood to have Eve play the role of little girl.

This gave Chuck the opportunity to order her around, and she was able to take it in a docile manner. They got into bondage one evening while doing their usual fuck-suck scene. It is a way many couples experience bondage for the first time.

It was Chuck that started it off in a joking mood. "Let me play with you," he said to Eve, or I'll have to tie you up and do it to you anyway - "

"Oh no," Eve said, getting right into it. "Don't tie me up- do what you want, but don't tie me up."

Chuck saw that his wife was fully into her little girl role. He smiled and began telling her what he planned to do.

She smiled but acted coy. He had gotten a length of cord in the kitchen and he held it in his hand. "I mean what I say," he repeated. "I will definitely tie you up if you don't allow me to do what I want."

"Please," she said weakly.

"Here's what I want to do: all night I've wanted to take your little panties down so I can kiss your pretty bum and your tender little cunt. You'll love having your cunt kissed."

Playing the little girl role, Eve protested mildly when Chuck began to lower her panties, then he was kneeling and as he fondled and kissed her smooth buttocks, her protest softened.

"Oh, nobody ever kissed my bum before," she told him while he kissed and licked both cheeks and the valley between as firm hands held her hips gently. "It feels nice."

"I can show you things that feel even nicer, dear, a whole lot nicer, sexier. Just lie back on the grass and I'll let you see how sexy it feels to have your pretty little cunt kissed."

They were both caught up in their game and Eve made him struggle a little before he got her panties off and parted long, shapely legs wide so that he could see the pink target that his mouth was aiming for.

"What a pretty little pink cunt you have, dear," Chuck told her and then he was stroking it lightly. "Let me show you what a thrill it is to have your cunt kissed by a gentle man. There now, Sue, just relax ... that's it ... I'm only going to kiss it ... yes, baby, yes . . . feel how gentle my mouth is on your cunt while I kiss it and lick it like this."

His mouth touched her pussy and her body jerked. For just a little while, she was the frightened virgin, but then as Chuck sucked and licked, she surrendered and her wet pussy rubbed the invading face, smearing it with juice. He worked his tongue up her slit and made her moan, then he went on lapping until moans turned to gasps and grunts and then she was climaxing, her behind jerking upward, her crotch smearing his face with sticky juices.

His right hand moved between them to close around his cock, he guided it into her crotch and rubbed the head on her warm, wet cunt and then he pushed it in slowly until it was buried in her. He allowed it to soak there as he pressed against her buttocks with his cock throbbing inside her, then he gave her a dozen long and very slow strokes. When he pulled his cock out, it shone with a film of her moisture.

"All right, my pretty little virgin Sue," he told her and as he did, he rubbed the head of his member in the crack of her warm ass, "I won't take your cherry this time. Instead, I'll slide my cock up your tight little asshole and bum fuck you until I come."

"No." And she meant it.

And that's how bondage often starts. And to start: Spreaders.

Spreader bars can be used in multiple arrangements as well, and a popular routine is to use one on the ankles, and one on the wrists behind the back. A variation on this is to tie the wrists and ankles to the same spreader bar behind the back, at buttock level, and then concentrate on oral training with the victim's exposed mouth. The spreader bar very easily can be converted into a bondage "swing," if a stout enough bar is used, and if a stout beam or fixture is located on or near the ceiling. All variations of bondage which use any form of "hanging" or suspension of course have a component of danger, but the use of the spreader bar as a "swing" is certainly the safest, and one of the most enjoyable techniques.

To illustrate one way of using a spreader as a "swinger" you could place the bar beneath the knees, with nylon ropes tied to each end of the bar and leading up to the fixture or beam above. Your victim's wrists are then tied to the bar using the neckties, or other suitable bonds, and her feet can either be tied together at the ankles, or they can be tied spread, to another bar, at a midpoint somewhere along the ropes leading to the ceiling. She is thus suspended, and risks hanging upside down, unless you are there to provide support.

The very position is humiliating and leaves the woman's backside totally exposed to any kind of sexual exploration you might want to perform. It is also an excellent position for performing any kind of sexual intercourse. You simply arrange her so that you have access to which ever orifice pleases you the most insert the penis and then rock your captive to and fro, back and forth, in weightless, perfectly free motion. Any twitching or struggling on her part will result in either pain or discomfort for her and pleasure for you.

Perhaps this "weightless," unencumbered kind of sexuality is a great part of the thrill of bondage which involves suspension and variations on hanging the submissive partner from ropes or tethers. Once again, the limitations are practically nonexistent as far as variations on this theme, and many exciting and interesting variations are available using only the simplest of household appliances. As we have made clear, rope is used only to connect to wood, not limbs, and utmost care should always be taken to make sure that all fastenings are strong enough to support the weight of the captive.

Suspension is an interesting part of bondage that sometimes entirely captivates the imagination of couples who are dedicated to bondage. Some people are totally absorbed by the idea of suspension itself. They are aroused by the notion itself, without any real sexual contact, and they thrive on creative variations on the basic theme. One simple idea that couples bondage of the sense organs and suspension is the placing of the female inside of a sturdy bag, like a duffle bag, with her eyes, mouth and perhaps even her ears stopped up, and then hanging the bag by a rope from the ceiling fixture. Some women enjoy the added sensations provided by a burlap textured bag and enjoy wriggling and struggling inside of it, with their wrists and ankles bound together. Many report that this is enough for them to achieve sexual release.

The man who is skilled with his hands and has a minimal amount of tools available to him can manufacture some very effective, efficient and enjoyable bondage aids in his home workshop, and the results of his efforts will be all the equal to anything found in the elaborate "torture chambers" of the commercial bondage houses.

One very simple device is what we might call a "bondage rack." It is not to be confused with the type of stretching racks used by Inquisition torturers, however. In this case, the aim is to facilitate many different bondage positions using one apliance that is both safe, strong and highly adjustable.

The rack consists of a small bench made out of heavy lumber, and which has at one end two vertical beams (or four, if you so desire. The two extras being able to pivot where they join the bench sides) which are drilled all along the height to accept heavy dowels at six to ten inch intervals. If a woman is placed on her back with her legs high in the air, she can be tied up at any point along the two vertical beams, and dowels may be inserted in additional positions to provide other points of fastening, so, for instance, her wrists can be drawn up to the rack along with her ankles, leaving her torso suspended in the air above the horizontal bench. The possibilities with a device like this are unlimited, and yet the device itself can be made at home, in an afternoon using common power tools, for about thirty to forty dollars, including the materials needed to give the wood a smooth, splinter free finish. Most men who are going to build something like this apparatus will want to spend more time on giving it trial fittings with their lover as they make progress, and they will want to finish the wood as well as they possibly can, for the basic structure is so simple and strong that it will last for years and years, and it deserves the same care and attention in its manufacture as the person who will be tied to it will get in the bedroom.

The common household ladder is a kind of primitive substitute for the hand made bondage rack, but it serves many couple's needs quite adequately. It ought to be a sturdy wood ladder, however, as the aluminum type is not a really stable platform, and there is the distinct possibility of pinching the woman's skin on it. A wooden ladder already has strong rungs in it, as well as the small platform at the top. The captive can be tied to the front of the ladder, with her legs bent at the knees and drawn up underneath the ladder, or she can be tied draped over the top platform, or in myriad other variations. The different height of the individual rungs, and the generous amount of positions to fasten cords, bellts or neckties or similar restraints makes the household ladder an excellent economic bondage prop. Here, the thing to watch out for is not to let your struggling "victim" tip the ladder over. Certainly, she must never be left alone when she is tied to it, and at least some precaution, like heavy blankets ought to be provided around the base. Don't use this device on hardwood floors (which will be ruined by the legs) or on concrete garage floors.

Leather is one material that is almost perfect for bondage appliances, and yet, when leather props and implements are purchased from the specialist houses, usually mail order, they tend to be outrageous in price. This is natural. The market is very small, the craftsmanship is high, and the usual buyers for this type of commercially available bondage gear tend to be those people who are also fetishistically inclined toward leather or rubber as a substance.

However, if you don't feel like wrinkling up all of your neckties just for the sake of getting into something different in the bedroom on odd occasions, there is a ready source of leather restraints available quite cheaply. The first is your belt! All you need to do is slip it off, and you can easily use it around your lover's waist, employing a single stiff backed chair to immobilize her body. Her arms and legs, however, will remain free, and when they're free, she will fight like the devil.

One simple alteration to a few of your belts will solve this dilemma. Simply punch a single hole further down on the belt from where the tightest setting is factory punched. Now the belt can be drawn down tight enough to hold both wrists together. Another belt can be used on her ankles, and the two belts can be fastened together with a short loop of rope or cord. The belts are best made from wide, but soft leather, and make sure that the buckles are not the kind which are going to result in pain or injury to the skin.

Another source of ready made bondage gear and props in both leather and metal is the pet supply store. Some dogs are very strong, and the collars needed to restrain these pets are perfect for making neck straps for your partner. These collars are almost always equipped with a metal device which allows a chain or leather thong to be attached without either chafing or choking the dog. These are perfect for bondage. The metal clasp provides a perfect anchor for as many additional cords or restraints as you wish to add, and it is almost always made of polished chrome steel, thus making it unbreakable, and resistant to tarnishing or rusting.

Leather thongs are sold as leashes at these stores, and they are excellent for bondage, provided you use your common sense. Keep them dry, use padding underneath them where they rest directly on the skin, and don't use them for prolonged periods of time. When perspiration gets on them, it is possible for them to start shrinking, and they may cut off circulation in your captive. Saddle soap will keep them supple and water resistant for years, and the longer they are used, the more character they will develop. It is quite possible that your bondage partner may grow to love her restraints in much the same way that a loyal pet begins to love its leash.

Handcuffs of professional quality can be an exotic addition to any set of domestic bondage implements and props, but sometimes, they are difficult if not impossible to obtain at a reasonable price. In some states, possession of handcuffs is treated as the same thing as possession of a weapon like a gun. They must be registered. Make sure you know the law before you get involved with these devices, and also be aware that you can easily substitute a short, home-made leather belt for them and get the same results and provide your mate with more comfort too. Sometimes, pawn shops in large cities have handcuffs available with keys, or they can be purchased very often from people who collect guns and military regalia as a hobby.

Have we mentioned "sensory bondage?"

With the blindfold being mentioned as the simplest and one of the most effective and exciting of these devices, the most common sensory bondage device that is usually seen in bondage art and photos is, however, the gag, or silencer. Many men will never even think of using a blindfold, because it cuts off their mates ability to watch the "torture" progress and it also keeps her from seeing how exciting her restraint is to him. But almost all bondage enthusiasts use the gag, in some variety at some time in their careers.

The purpose of the gag is not to gag. It is not to choke or cut off the supply of air, or to harm. It is to silence the struggling victim, and to render her pitiful pleas ineffective. It is very effective in helping her to achieve the level of fear and restraint that approximates her wildest fantasy of kidn*p, and that is the reason for its use.

Gags can be had in a multitude of varieties, and the sky is the limit as far as how complex and bizarre you would like to get with them. You can use a simple handkerchief tied around the back of the neck or the head, and you will not have spent a penny. However, if gags are your "thing," and her "thing" too, then you can invest as much as you like. Special rubber ball gags complete with their own fastening straps which are in actuality small dildos can also be had. The dildo is inserted deep in the captives's mouth and then fastened to the head. There are also gags which are smale bladders placed in the mouth, and then fastened by a harness to the head, and they have a small tube which is connected to a hand bulb. The active partner affixes this device and then squeezes on the hand bulb until the bladder has expanded in his captive's mouth. Obviously, there is a limit to how much expansion can be carried out without causing pain, discomfort or panic. These devices are for people who are more or less hung-up on the devices themselves, for the end in mind is really the same, whether one uses a fifty dollar rubber bladder and harness, or a handkerchief one picks out of one's dresser drawer. The handkerchief is just as effective, more "realistic" to her fantasies, and a whole lot safer and gentler.

Sensory bondage can really become very complex. There are items such as leather helmets available as bondage implements which cut off all orifices in the head, including the ears, the mouth, and the eyes, leaving only tiny openings for the nostrils. Some women and some men respond very strongly to this sensory deprivation, and there is good reason to think that this is a universal response. Experiments have shown that total sensory bondage truly disorients a person, and completely frees the subconscious mind. In Army experiments, volunteers have reported that after hours or days of sensory deprivation, they have come to the point where they are literally hallucinating an entire new world of images, as if the subconscious was compensating for the lack of sense stimulation by creating its own brand new world. The effect on fantasy is said to be exhilarating when the senses are cut off, and many bondage enthusiasts decide to specialize in this kind of restraint.

Of course, bondage leads to other forms of restraint when the motivation of the participants is in the field of punishment for "sins." This is why bondage is often, and rightly grouped together with discipline, and called "B&D." Discipline is something we have not really dealt with specifically, but we have mentioned it already in connection with the fantasy we described as punishment for flirtation. It was hoped that the reader would realize that this is the most popular rationale for bondage and discipline, and the idea of discipline is inherent in this fantasy, and the others which are similar to it.

The discipline is meted out in different ways by different people. For many, bondage itself is a form of punishment. But for the vast majority, bondage is a prelude to punishment, and the punishment takes the form of a spanking. The two practices are so closely intertwined that in most cases, individuals cannot be separated into two neat groups, bondage enthusiasts and spankers. They are rather the same people, and spanking seems to almost naturally follow on the heels of bondage. Spanking is usually done with the open hand on the buttocks. This is the safest and the most erotic method of administering a spanking. It is the closest one can get to the genitals without inflaming them or hurting them, and the buttocks of many women are highly erogenous zones which crave the salty attack of an open hand. There is no special order or ritual to spanking and bondage, and both together constitute the most popular forms of mild sexual discipline now in practice. Some couples spank first, and then proceed to bondage, while others reverse the order, and others keep them separate and use them on different occasions, using spanking when they wish to follow up discipline with sexual activity, and using bondage when discipline itself is the basic goal.

Spanking and other forms of light, mild flagellation are first and foremost meant to be a form of erotic discipline. Erotic is the important word here. Pain, once again, is not the central idea, and the raising of welts, the drawing of blood and the infliction of damage are the marks of mental illness, sloppy technique, or a total misunderstanding of the purpose of erotic discipline.

For these reasons, we recommend nothing but the use of the open hand. To be sure, there are literally thousands of items available to the spanker to use as an implement to aid in spanking, but all of them are inanimate except for the open hand. They are incapable of feeling, and incapable of directly communicating as the hand does, and they are all capable of causing damage in the hand of the inexperienced spanker.

You may feel that this is far too timid of an approach to spanking, but for the novice, it is the only rational advice. Practice with your hand on her pantied bottom for a few months and learn her every response, and then decide if you need an additional tool to get the kind of obedience and erotic results you are after. In the meantime, stick with the open hand. You certainly won't be disappointed.

Perhaps this will all seem quite tame to you. If so, I may assume that you are not a novice in the field of bondage, and are thus capable of judging for yourself. However, if you are a novice, I must insist that this is an adequate introduction into this form of sex play. With experience, other things may be added, but for the beginner, the above should certainly suffice.

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