Red Daly
Interviewed by Ashley Renee

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WHAT CAN I POSSIBLY SAY ABOUT RED AND THE REALM?? I've wanted to do an interview on Red for a long time not only because he's the kindest man you'll ever know but the Realm has always fascinated me. Red has such a variety of things ranging from art and models that stand in line to hand over their work just to be a part of the Realm.

I couldn't gush more about this man and his site if I tried... so when you have a moment...please go visit the Realm. It speaks for itself and Red.... thank you so much for being a part of my site and stay as wonderful as you are!

Ashley: So Red… Everyone knows you have the best site ever... why do you think that is?
Red: That's easy. The quality of the material you see on the Realm isn't limited to just my talent. It's a selection of the best of rest of the web.

Ashley: What prompted you to start Red's Realm?

Red: Not what…who. Mr. T. When the web was first starting, his was the only site displaying bondage pictures. I was a regular visitor and enjoyed it so much I wanted to do something similar. I hoped that starting my own web site might put me in touch with other fans and collectors, and it worked, too! Now I'm in touch with super-stars, like Ashley Renee, and people who have come to mean as much to me as my own family, like Shevette.

Ashley: You always know the perfect things to say! No doubt you see everyone's work out there. Who are your favorite riggers?

Red: Well, when you say "riggers," that sounds to me like you mean "knot tiers," but just about everybody ties the same knots, so I'd rather talk about photographers, because they're the ones who make the difference between snapshots and art. Personally, I think the leader of the pack right now is Hywel Philips, who does Restrained Elegance. He's the master at capturing the beauty of bondage. Viking, Jim Weathers, and the people at New York Bound also do a lot of beautiful, museum-quality work. Robert Deane, Mike Masterton, Isaac W, RopExpert, BindHer and the kids at Twisted Smile all do a lot of good stuff too that really shows bondage as fun, as well as erotic.

Ashley: I like that definition!!! Who's your favorite models and why?
Red: Well, I think it's no secret that I'm partial to full-figured redheads and blondes myself, but the right photographer can make almost any girl in bondage look cute. Personally, I'd rather see an average-looking girl-next-door who was feeling sexy and having fun being bound than a raving beauty who was only tied up because she'd been paid enough.

Ashley: What's your personal definition of bdsm?
Red: I see it as a set of role-playing games involving sexual power exchanges that enable people to add additional dimensions to their lovemaking and to express and enjoy their sexuality in more ways than the conventional stereotypes.

Ashley: Do you have any idols?
Red: I wouldn't call them "idols," but there's a lot of people I look up to with respect and some envy: Jon Woods, John Savage, John Willie, Mark Mar and Lou Kagan come to mind, along with The Beatles, Robert Heinlein, Alfred Hitchcock, Rod Serling, Steven King...

We all know running a site takes a lot of time, energy and money... So why did you decide to make your site a pay site?
Red: LOL! I think you just answered your own question. The Realm started as a weekend hobby, but it soon grew to fill ALL the free time my day job left me and then some. It even consumed all the free time I could find at my day job. The cost was considerable, too. It's a good thing I did start making a profit from it, because I was laid off from that day job a few months ago. If I couldn't buy the groceries with the proceeds from the Realm, I'd have to shut it down and focus on starting a new career instead of "retiring" and working 15 hours a day at my hobby!

As you know, so many of our favorite companies like Harmony Concepts aren't putting out magazines anymore because of the Internet... What do you think about that? Personally, I cried :(
Red: Frankly, I'm getting a little tired of the implication I seem to hear from some circles that Bondage Life was killed by competition from sites like mine. From what I hear, all special interest magazines, from Dog World, to Sky and Telescope, are either in financial trouble or they're moving to the Internet. The profit margin of anything less popular than People or TV Guide was never large in the first place. Distribution costs alone forced most magazines to depend on advertising and subscription sales for most of their profits, and magazines like Bondage Life didn't have either of those. Now that printing costs are up, too, I can't see how anybody can make money-selling magazines on paper anymore. There's bigger forces at work here than a handful of web sites.

Personally, I'm hoping that publishers like Harmony will find a market for larger collections of photos and art printed less often, like semi-annual coffee table books, for example. The demand for hardcopies of those beautiful pictures won't go away. They just have to find a better way of filling it.

Ashley: What is your favorite type of bdsm?
Red: I like damsel-in-distress scenes in which the innocent virgin offers shocked and embarrassed protests to being undressed and touched which escalate to panting pleas as she is aroused and finally brought to climax. I also enjoy games involving gentle clamps or whippings with soft whips that are stimulating but not painful, and other supposed "punishments" that the sub can control by playing the Br'ar Rabbit Game. You know, the one where she frantically pleads, "Do anything you want to me, but please don't whip my bare breasts!" or whatever it is that she feels like at the moment, which she can always change by pretending terror or something else or end by agreeing to give in to my demands. That may sound wimpy to some people, but it's exciting to me and ensures that my partners have a good time, too. I like women. I like pleasing them. I don't really want to hurt anybody. I just like the idea of pretending to stimulate girls without their permission or beyond their expectations. BDSM games let us both experience that in a loving way.

Do you practice bondage in your personal life?
Red: Yes, I do, but not as much as people probably think. My favorite foods are steak and chocolate ice cream, but I don't eat them with every meal or even every week. Bondage is my favorite spice for lovemaking, but certainly not the only way I can relate to those I love.

Ashley: And what is your favorite type of gag?
Red: I like the look of plain, simple tape gags and cloth gags. They add to the impression of helplessness while drawing attention to a girl's eyes. That adds an intensity and urgency to a picture that's very sexy. Ball gags may be effective, but they call attention to themselves and do nothing to flatter a pretty girl's face. In actual play, though, I usually don't use gags at all. I love female voices, and I enjoy hearing the things they say as part of whatever scenario we're acting out. There's nothing like the sound of a lady's protests of "Don't!" and "Stop!" gradually turning into "Don't stop!"

Ashley: What do you think about d/s relationships... and be careful when answering cause I'm a d/s gal myself :)
Red: The degree I got in psychology taught me to expect to find a lot of unhappy people with emotional problems in D/s relationships, but I've been surprised by how few of those I've met or heard from. Contrary to what most people would expect, I've found that most real-life Dominants are actually the nicest, most thoughtful people I've met. The subs I've talked with certainly weren't lacking in self-respect or the ability to stand up for themselves, either. Overall, I'd say this group of people is probably happier and healthier than average.

Ashley: Do you find most people in our industry are easy and compassionate to deal with or not… trick question.
Red: Oh, yeah. They're a much nicer group of people than the ones I dealt with at my day jobs!

And btw, I know for a fact you never put up anyone's work without asking... in fact I wonder if you ever really ask because we're too busy pounding down your doors to put our work up!
Red: I remember well having to beg for every sample pic I posted, and now I get more material sent to me than I can get around to, but yes, I still see new sites with fresh, original material and write them hoping my offer of promotion will tempt them into letting me use some of their material.

Ashley: You've been the nicest and most influential people to deal with and it's such a pleasure to know you.
Red: Thank you, very much. That's so kind of you to say. I still can't get over what modest, ordinary people most of the stars in this field, like you, have turned out to be!

Ashley: Like I always say... "I'm just a girl" :) a bondage girl, that is!!

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