Updated: September 9, 2001

Dear Red,

My husband Larry and I just got back from our week long summertime camping trip in the California mountains and thought you might like to hear about our adventures. We hope you may even post our letter on your website which we visit often.

At first Larry was going to write this letter/story but then decided it would be more believable if it came from me. Please forgive any mistakes you find, as I am finding it very difficult to type with my wrists locked in handcuffs. Here goes.

Larry and I decided to leave for our trip on Friday afternoon. Unfortunately I had to work part of the day, so that left him home by himself to load up all our equipment in the truck. We also had decided that while on this trip I would be in as much bondage as possible for the entire week. I won't go into a day by day accounting but rather just give the highlights of our trip up and back.

When I got home I discovered that Larry already had everything loaded up and was ready to go. All that was left for me to do was change out of my office clothes and into something for the four hour drive to the mountains. It was a hot day, so I chose a denim mini skirt (no panties) with a pink t-top (no bra) and a pair of 4-inch open toed sandals. Larry insists that all my heels and sandals have ankle straps because they give the look and feel of being in bondage.

When I returned to the garage Larry was waiting and held out my collar which he locked around my neck with a small padlock. Then to prove to me how I would be locked into it for the entire week he tossed the key onto the workbench and kissed me as I climbed into the truck. After getting in the other side he pulled a pair of handcuffs out of his pocket and locked them on my wrists in front of me.

It didn't take long before I fell asleep. I woke up about 3 hours later as Larry pulled off the highway for gas and ice. Silly me. I held up my hands thinking he was going to unlock my wrists, but he just grinned at me and jumped out. As I walked around the truck to stretch a bit, Larry went in to pay for the gas. Within a few minutes we were back on the road again, but this time, before we pulled back onto the highway, Larry unlocked one of my wrists and, twisting my arms behind my back, relocked them behind me.  It was funny how I had to sit sort of sideways, so I decided to plop my feet up into his lap and play with him a bit.

About 45 minutes later we finally arrived at the park gate, and Larry went in to pay and get directions to our site. Of course silly me again I thought he was going to free me, especially since I had been locked up for most of the day, but he just grinned at me again and said he'd be right back.

By the time we got to our site I was getting a bit whiney. I was tired, and my arms were cramped, and I had to pee. Larry decided to give me a break and unlocked one of my wrists and then relocked the cuff back onto my wrist with the other cuff kind of like bracelettes. This was acceptable, and I went off to find the port-a-potty.

When I returned Larry had unloaded most of the stuff, so I set about helping get things set up. Larry attached a leash to my collar ring, but it kept getting in the way everytime I bent over, so I stuffed it down the front of my t-top letting it dangle between my breasts.  The rest of the time left in the day was just setting up the stove and tent and other junk, and believe me by the end of the day we were both exhausted. Before climbing into our sleeping bags Larry blindfolded me and buckled leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles just like at home. I was soon fast asleep snuggled in his arms.

Well, that's about it for the first part of the trip. The rest of the week was filled with hiking, bike riding, fishing and swimming, but as promised I spent the entire time in bondage being led on a leash, tied to a tree, hogtied on top of the picnic bench and in our tent. We had sex just about everywhere. I wore handcuffs and leather wrist cuffs most of the time and was blindfolded every night. I got to run around topless, which was a real turn on with the breeze brushing against my bare breasts and pierced nipples.

The trip home was pretty much the same as the trip up. I wore handcuffs for the entire ride and even into a burger king when we stopped for lunch. Boy, I tell you we got some stares. When we got home there was my collar key right on the bench where we left it.  Larry unlocked my collar and told me I had been a good girl and a good sport.

I hope you enjoyed our adventure. We do this twice a year in the spring and in the summer. Usually our spring trip is to Lake Tahoe, and our summer trip is camping. We'll write again with our next adventure.

Sincerely, Sub Lisa

[Editor's Reply: Please do, and next time, could you tell us exactly how you swim in bondage?]

I'm a 27 year old girl with very little experience, and I've had bondage fantasies all my life -- mainly kidnap fantasies. I've never done anything like this before and never, ever told anyone about my fantasies.  I just started to explore some of this on the net, and I'm so aroused I can barely contain myself!  But I'm also scared and feel very, very new at this. I don't know where to start, but I'd like to start exploring this in reality. I'd like to meet someone -- or find a club -- in my area that would be able to introduce me slowly and gently into being a sub kidnap victim.  Any advice for me? -- [Name and address withheld]

[Editor's Reply: Stop! You can post ads and join clubs and get more responses than you can deal with from guys anxious to act out their sexual fantasies on you. That's not what you want. I'm going to give you the same advice I give men looking for submissive partners. Don't. You don't want someone whose only real interest in you is for the role you can play in their games. You want a friend you can share a romance and your own sexual fantasies with.

The way to find the sort of people you will really be happy with is to stop and ask yourself what else do you like doing? What else is important to you? Then find and join clubs devoted to those activities. Meet all the people of both sexes you can who are interested in the same things you are. Make all the friends of both sexes that you can who share your tastes and views, and let them all know you are looking to date. You'll find lots of dates who share your interests and are likely to actually care about you and your happiness. Most of your new friends may not be available or qualify for romantic involvement, but they'll have friends and be glad to set their friends up with each other. Surveys of happily married couples have shown the most common way they met is thru friends with other similar interests or tastes.

The people to share your tastes in lovemaking with are your lovers. If what you're looking for there is a little unusual, you'll find most lovers will be delighted to try something new by indulging your fantasies. Show them a good time when they do, and they'll soon develop tastes to match your own. People who already like and care about you won't think you're perverted, and those who have already proven their trustworthiness won't hurt you or exploit you.

These are not the kind of fantasies you want to be sharing with strangers you have nothing else in common with and know nothing else about. There are far too many people out there who do not really understand them and way too many who are just looking for someone to fulfill their own fantasies, which may not be the same as yours at all. Make friends. Turn some of them into lovers. A good lover will be happy to learn what pleases you, even if what pleases you seems unusual to some and is mis-understood by many.

Above all, be careful. Being a victim may be a fun role to play in the bedroom, but it's no fun at all in real life. Sadly, there are a lot of people in this scene who don't know the difference and a lot of predatory types out there anxious to make you more of a victim than you really want to be. Many of them will believe you really want to be abused in more ways than you have in mind, despite what you say. Don't get sucked into their games. Don't let your hormones stage a coup d'etat on your brain.

I'm not saying that there aren't a lot of nice people in the sort of clubs you're asking about, but there are a lot of predators looking for victims there too. You can't blame them either, because there are a lot of people looking to be victimized in this scene. You don't want to be a victim. You want to play out exciting and sexy fantasies with someone you trust who cares about you and enjoys your fantasies as much as you do. -- Red]

My girlfriend and I found out recently that both of us are into the bondage fantasy. We have tried a few things and have had much success. There is one fantasy that both of us want to try, but are not quite sure how to go about it. We want to try a complete kidnap fantasy. The idea was I would give her a two day period when it would happen, so as to clear any scheduling conflicts and also so she realizes it's me. She wants me to be able to take her like from her car or off the street, something along those lines. The problem obviously is how do we do this without somebody playing hero and trying to beat me up? That would completely kill the mood and the game. I am pretty sure we are not the first couple to want to try this. Can you give any advice on how to pull this off, without getting ourselves in trouble? Thanks. -- [Name and address withheld]

[Editor's Reply: Personally, I would advise doing something like this the same way porcupines make love, which is -- very carefully!  -- Red]

shevette's reply:

i've had those kind of fantasies too. In one i am in a building and emerge under escort by two or three men who look like FBI agents or something. I'm in streetwear along with a full police-style restraint system (wide belt at waist, locked in back and with a large ring in front, through this ring is the chain to my handcuffs. My wrists are turned like the police do handcuffs so that even if i had a key and the time i wouldn't be able to get to the key holes. My ankles are shackled, and there is a chain leading up to the ring at my waist. Lastly i would be wearing a cloth sack hood that would hopefully be thin enough that i could see what is going on too.) The guards would lead me to a waiting van, stuff me inside and chain me to the floor. Then there would be a long ride to either an interrogation room or a deserted field in the country.

That's the fantasy. Of course in real life my lover might be my captor or my rescuer. Of course this is too risky to try - or i haven't figured out a way to make it happen where the risk factor would fall in the safe, sane, and consensual range. Something that i did years ago might work for you and your lover...

i used to sometimes play tennis with a girlfriend, and i set it up with my boyfriend to wait in the dark until we finished our game. i had parked my car in the shadows away from where i would have normally parked, and that's where my boyfriend lay in wait. It was kinda confusing playing the game, because i had an idea of what was supposed to happen afterwards, but i had no idea of how long to play. i didn't know if he was there yet or even if he was going to show up at all! Thankfully he did, and when the game was over and i convinced my friend that i would be safe walking to my car alone, he was waiting in the shadows. He tied me hand and foot and drove off with me in the trunk!

Stop for a minute. Let me point out that the first time you do something like this fakey is ok. You don't want it to be too real. i did a "sweet young girl comes home from work and there's a burglar in the house" scene once where i knew my boyfriend was waiting to tie me up and "rob" me in my house. When he finally popped out at me and grabbed me, he scared the fire outta me, because he had grabbed one of my nylons and covered his face with it! For just a second i thought it was for real, Fakey can seem real. Start off slow, and as each of you find your maximum adrenaline level, work on up slowly.

Another thing we did was to go to the interstate at night, - no cars around at all, but one could whiz on up at any second. My boyfriend had my hands handcuffed behind my back, my collar on and a leash attached. To get me used to the situation we walked beside the road to an overpass about 50 yards up the road. Nothing was happening, no cars, but my heart was pounding - was it ever! We went up on the overpass being mindful of likely bushes to hide behind just in case a car did come. Still nothing. When we got to the top he made me walk by myself to the other end and back again. No cars, but golly that was something else. i was so scared that i was weak and so weak that i could barely walk! i got to the other side and made a bee-line back to his side!

Then we heard a big truck coming up the interstate! He told me that all that we had to do to avoid being seen was to stand back from the edge of the overpass. i was still ready to make a dash to the bushes but he grabbed my leash and took me to a safe area of the overpass where i couldn't be seen and made me stay there. That was still a rush! Some cars were behind the truck and while it seemed like my world might end at any second i felt better as each car passed oblivious to what was happening on the overpass.

Nobody knows there's a damsel in distress up here.The sudden noise of those things had really made my heart race, but i began to see that i was still safe. They left, and my boyfriend and i talked about it and laughed. When the next group came by i scooted towards the side of the overpass where they were coming from. As soon as i felt like it was safe i went to the railing to give them a nanosecond to see me, if they looked up and were fast enough about doing it, and could figure out what they were looking at. i was really giddy, but thankfully wise enough to beg us out of there before something did happen. On that walk back to the car all the adrenaline, the fear, the excitement transmuted into lust! If you try this one, please don't untie your girlfriend until you get her home - and don't wait to have sex until you get her home either! Semi-public bondage with a chance of getting caught is VERY stimulating! i love it!!!

Can you give any advice on how to pull this off, without getting ourselves in trouble?

What's this letter doing here? Where am i? Oh! Giving sage advice, now i remember! giggle

Then there's the time we went to an airport runway where planes loaded with hundreds of passengers passed over our heads as we made love...


i liked this so much i may answer it again! Use your imagination, but play safe!

[Editor's Note: I would let shevette answer more mail, but it takes a long time, because she has to take a cold shower every time she answers one. Come to think of it, so do I! -- Red]

Red, I was wondering what kind of tape most people use for covering their beautiful girl's mouth. My g/f doesn't really like the smell nor the effectiveness of duct tape. Is there anything a lot better out there? Can i get it at a regular hardware store? Thanks. -- [Name and address withheld]

[Editor's Reply: Duct tape may be the first choice of photographers and serial killers, but lovers usually prefer hypo-allergenic, paper-based surgical tape available at their local drug store. It looks just as good, but it doesn't smell, and it won't peel your playmate's pretty lips off when you remove it. It's not as effective as duct tape, so there is a danger of it coming off and allowing your girlfriend to upset the neighbors if she tries hard enough and long enough.

My first wife was such a screamer that she often disturbed the neighbors, but I told them if she bothered them, they should just send her home. -- Red]

People have been asking what I thought of the bondage scenes in recent Hollywood movies. It sure wasn't a great year for movies, but you could catch a few glimpses of good bondage at the local cinema.

The popular film The Cell features surrealistic landscapes set inside the mind of a serial killer. Several of them are decorated with museum-like displays that look like Bishop's art. The views are brief and a little too high-fashion fetish for me, but they are elaborate and somewhat erotic.

The Watcher, which is another serial killer movie, has more traditional damsels in distress. First we get a few quick peeks of the killer's earlier victims. Finally, Marisa Tomei is bound and gagged for the climax of the film. She looks absolutely adorable as a helpless heroine. She almost makes up for having to watch Keanu Reeves as a creepy killer.

I have the same problem with both movies, though. They show bondage as a tool used by serial killers to prolong their victims' suffering. The movies rarely present it as a pleasurable game for lovers. Even then, they make those who practice it into laughing stocks. Hollywood's message is clear. They still think only dangerous degenerates and pathetic perverts enjoy bondage.

Back in 1984 Clint Eastwood made a film called Tightrope. He played the father of two little girls. He was also a homicide detective chasing a serial killer. Now here's the twist. This nice, normal, family man was disturbed by what he and the killer had in common. They both liked their ladies in links. That's right. He was a Hollywood heartthrob who happened to handcuff his honeys, without being a pervert or a bad joke.

The filmmakers should have sacrificed a few minutes of Eastwood creeping around in the dark to explore that idea more. Some romantic restraint on the screen would have made an interesting comparison to contrast the activities of Clint and the killer. The film was already pretty bold for 1984, though.

Then in 1992, Sharon Stone crossed her legs in Basic Instinct, and filmmakers have been fighting for fresh taboos to break ever since. This year we even saw gay men kissing on prime-time network television. The comedy series that broke that barrier won Emmys.

Someday soon we may finally see a Hollywood hero or heroine having healthy fun in a safe, sane and consensual bondage scene. Then lots of people will start trying it and finding out how much fun it can be. Best of all, nobody will feel bad about liking the same thing as a popular star. Then maybe we can start leaving copies of Bondage Life out on our coffee tables.


-- Red

[Editor's note: Some of my email is just way too good to keep to myself. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did. -- Red]

In my earlier note I mentioned that I would relate a bit about our camping trip last weekend. My fiancÚ and I had thought we would get away before the weather started to turn cold. Actually, a front came through, and it did turn cold, but that couldn't be helped. The idea was to head up to a secluded spot we know in the wilderness. It's only a few hours away, and there is a stream where he really likes to fish.

We got up there about mid-day on Friday, and after setting up camp we did some hiking, etc. Saturday morning early, he got up and headed to the stream to do a bit of fishing. I hiked for a while and worked up a good sweat, so I popped back to the stream near him. I found a pool just upstream from him, and after shedding my clothing, dropped into the water for a quick skinny dip.

My ulterior motive here was getting his attention, as he was spending more time with his rod and reel than with me.

Well, I got his attention, all right. But in the wrong way. It seems that as I splashed about, I scared away this fish that he had been trying to entice onto the hook. Quick as a wink he came over and dragged me out of the water and onto the shore. He is a big fellow, strong too, and it must have been funny to watch as he whisked me out of the stream and over his shoulder in one swift move. Grumbling, he carted me to where his backpack was and yanked out a length of rope.

I am no match for him whatsoever, so I quickly found my wrists tied behind me. Then he pulled my ankles up and crossed them and tied them with the same length of rope. Then pulling my ankles near to my wrists, he used the last bit of rope to hog-tie me. Things were looking up, or so I thought. He walked back to where my clothes were and gathered them up.

Returning, he took my panties and shoved them into my mouth and used my web belt to seal them in, gagging me. Now I was really in "hog heaven" (pun intended).

That's when he picked up the rod and headed back into the stream, leaving me wet, naked and bound on the shore. My first inclination was to be madder than Hell at him. Then I got down to the reality of "What is someone wanders by?" That was not really a big probability where we were, though.

I could tell by the way he was ignoring me, that he was doing it on purpose to tease me. So, for the next hour or so, I rolled around on the ground, struggling for his benefit, as much as my own. I worked up quite a sweat again, and ended up on my back instead of my tummy. This had me facing him in the stream, with my knees spread open from the crossed ankle tie, in all my unclothed splendor! I guess you can get the picture. So, I thought I was finally getting his eye.

That's when the front I mentioned earlier moved in. The wind swept up all of a sudden, and we went from sunny to cloudy to pouring rain in the space of a few moments. He came galloping out of the stream, stuffed all my things into his pack, then scooped me up like a sack of flour, still bound up, and carried me up the trail to the tent.

Once inside he untied my legs leaving my wrists still bound behind me and stuffed me, chattering from the cold, into a sleeping bag. Half an hour and a cup of hot chocolate later, I was all warmed up again.

Finally he decided to unzip the bag and join me inside it. Suffice it to say, I got lots of attention paid to me during the rainy afternoon, and I didn't get my wrists untied until it was time to break camp and head home. ;)

Kisses, -- [Name and address withheld]

[Editor's Reply: Thanx for sharing, and please write again soon! -- Red]

Shevette is fond of claiming that she gets the best email on the net. That's not quite true, of course, because I do. I get email from her. The following is an excerpt from one of her recent notes:

Gotta tell you something that happened! i think in one of my articles i mentioned the first time i chained my hands together with real chain and real gotta-have-a-key padlocks. Remember? i said i just swooned. Never thought that would happen again, but it did. i mean, Rob can sure make me swoon, but just being tied up may sure get me all excited and maybe feel like a swoon, but there is swooning, and then there is really really really swooning!

Rob got home the other day, and he had a paper bag. It made me curious, and i guess he wanted me to ask what he had, but i'm getting to be a much better sub now, so i bit my tongue. Finally he asked me if i was curious, and i told him, "Of course!" So he showed me what he had: kid's boxing gloves! Kinda surprised me, but i knew it didn't end there. He told me that of all the pictures of mine that he had seen, the ones with me in boxing gloves had always done something for him.

Ok, we can start a brand new fetish?

He asked if i minded if he put them on me. You know the answer to that one, Red. They were the perfect size for me and had laces on them to keep them in place. Rob tied down the laces good and tight, which meant there was no way i was getting them off by myself.

i though maybe he wanted me to pretend to box him like we wrestle all the time. No, that wasn't it. He told me to just do ordinary things. You should have seen me trying to fix super, eat, hold a glass or just watch TV with those things on my hands. Smoking a cigarette turned into a two-person operation. We laughed and cut up, then we snuggled down on the couch to watch a movie.

Have you seen 'Frequency' yet? i recommend highly!

Anyway, it got to be bedtime, so we went into the bedroom. i was mildly aroused by not having the freedom of my fingers for the past couple of hours, but it could have gone either way. If he wanted to get frisky, it would be fine, and if not, i could use the sleep.

Could i get undressed for bed? Not with those gloves on. i struggled until Rob got undressed. Then he came over to me presumably to help me either get out of the gloves or my clothes. Instead he told me those words i love to hear, "Turn around and put your hands behind you!"

i did, and he put a set of hinged handcuffs on me - tight! i mean that's a rush right there. Handcuffs never really fit me tight. i may call it tight because i know they have been tightened as far as they can go, but they never squeeze my wrists - until then! The fabric of the gloves around my wrists made a perfect landing spot for handcuffs.

Here i was, totally unable to get the gloves off of me, even if i had my hands in front, then the tight (gosh that felt good) handcuffs and the fact that they were hinged, which i usually can't get off half of the time even if i have a key. i was very much at Rob's tender mercy. i would never ever be able to get loose on my own, and i swooned! Big time!

It was a weird night of lovemaking. i felt so weak, helpless and cared-for. i surrendered all i had to give, more than i thought i even had! Very nice!

-- shevette the sub [used with permission]


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