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by Jesterr
Posted: July 4, 2004

Chapter 1

Maggie tested her bonds, The cold steel held her wrists and ankles to the legs of the short bench. Her head was unsupported, and it fell over the edge. Her master stood there, naked except for the long whip.

His penis was large and just touching her mouth.

“Suck it slave,” He commanded, “Suck it well, or your pussy will taste My whip!”

maggie’s mouth opened wide, eager to taste her Master, to give Him pleasure, to be His, body and soul.

she felt his cock slid between her teeth. she gripped him with her lips, opening a bit wider so her teeth would not scrape him. Delighting in the taste of Him. she waited for His next command.

“Oh shit, my mom’s coming”

“i beg your pardon?” maggie mumbled around His shaft.

“Listen,” maggie continued to read on her monitor, “If she asks, just say we are talking about the chemistry mid term.”

“Ewwwwwwwwwww,” Maggie said as she hit the buttons to take her off line.

“Ewwwwwwwwwww,” she said as she realized she was still sucking on the dildo that this Dom had ordered her to.

“Ewwwwwwwwwww,” she moaned as her slick-covered fingers withdrew form her panties.

“Ewwwwww, ewwwwww, ewwwwww,” she called as she raced to her bathroom.

“God damn HNG!” she spat, “Made me late for work, and he was a freakin college student! No wonder he couldn’t get online during school hours.

“Now I’ll hafta tell Ruth the bus was late....Hope she believes me...again.”

Inside, she pounded on the liquid soap container and frantically washed her hands. “Why can’t I find a real Master?” she moaned, “one who will touch me here...”

Her hand rubbed on the outside of her panties, working the soap into a lather. She pressed on the soap dispenser for more lubrication and slid her hand inside the waistband. Her fingers passed her sopping pubic hair, “Yours to shave Master,” she promised. Her middle finger found her clitoris, “Yours to tease, My Lord,” She panted. She rubbed and was quickly lost in the flow of her fantasies, “Yours to own, My Love!”


“And do NOT try to tell me the damn bus was late!” Ruth, her boss at the Lakeside Mini Mart was yelling, “I called the bus company already. THEY are on time, why aren’t you?”

“I’m sorry,” Maggie stammered, “My shower ran a bit long...you know how it is.”

“I know how you are......REPLACEABLE!"

Ruth’s dark face was further darkened by her anger. “I am tired of your constant excuses. It is time you were taught a lesson!” Her hand went to the zipper of her uniform and slowly pulled it down, revealing a studded leather bra. “You are going to learn what it means to be under me. Now, put out your hands”

Ruth showed her a pair of black leather cuffs. "Do not make me wait this time! Give me your hands! and I want a pack of Menthol lights please."

Maggie blinked and shook her head. Ruth was waiting on a customer in the deli, and an old man was standing in front of her, probably wondering why her wrists were being offered to him.

“Menthol lights, right,” she turned to get them from the display behind her.

“Now bitch!!” roared the voice of her fantasy.

“Yes Master,” she meekly replied.

"Master?" The old man perked at this. “Haven’t been called Master in many years. Maybe I should see if I still know how to use those toys," he thought.

Maggie watched in bewilderment as the old man walked from the store with a song in his heart, a twinkle in his eye and a bulge in his pants.


The rest of the day passed in a haze of confused lust. Every comment she heard had a hidden sexual meaning. Every man wanted to enslave her, and every woman was searching for a maid.

When two teen-agers came in wearing collars, she almost cried. They dared to live the kind of life she wanted. They were too young. She was the one who deserved a collar, not this pair with fake ID.

Just to be mean, she overcharged them for their cigarettes.

That night, she searched for a new Dom, one who had to shave. Finally she found one who was willing to scene.

“I lock a three inch collar around your neck. It forces your head up.” He typed, "There is a large wooden X bolted to the wall, I snap a leash to your collar and lead you to it.”

“i follow meekly,” she wrote.

“I do not care how you follow. You will do what ever I ask of you. I am a TRUE MASTER. I will rule your every thought. You can not go to the bathroom without my permission. I will decide what you wear, who you talk to and what you think! You now live to serve only me."

“but Sir,” she attempted to interject.


Maggie did not bother to learn what punishment he had thought of. She clicked off from this site and went looking for some Fenton glassware.She found a nice dusty rose butterfly.

Unfortunately, this was the high point of her week.

Watch for Chapter 2... Coming Soon!

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Red Daly redsrealm bondage bdsm discipline dominant
helpless damsels in distress erotic fetish fantasy
kinky kidnap kajira bound gag hogtie enslave submission
submissive slavegirl subbie shevette handcuff
reds realm of romantic restraint
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