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Bondage Magic

Left click to capture me, then right click to save me.I suppose that I had best put this tale to paper while there is still time, so that you, my young friend, will know and understand.


Bondini, the great old magician had finally passed on to the next world, leaving all his custom built equipment and secret files in this one. As somewhat of an amateur magician myself, I had admired his work for many years. He had been my inspiration, so when his estate went up on the auction block, I felt compelled to attend.

Left click to capture me, then right click to save me.Some of his more famous illusions sold for a great deal of money. One trick in which his assistant, Cyntheria, was completely bound with a hundred feet of rope and then put into a large mail sack, was well known all over the world. The sack would be put into a trunk, then surrounded with a curtain. At the count of three, old Bondini would disappear behind the curtain, and Cyntheria would immediately step out of the curtain. Then the trunk would be opened, then the sack, and old Bondini would be found completely bound with the same knots as he had originally put on his gorgeous assistant. Well, as you can imagine, that trick went for thousands more than I could possibly afford.

As the spirited bidding for yet another trick exceeded my paltry budget, I couldn't help but notice that his assistant, Cyntheria, was in the crowd of bidders, looking as beautiful as ever. She was a tall, stunning redhead, with gorgeous green eyes that seemed to be turned my way. I remembered how I had lusted after her on the stage because she had such a perfect body, -- long, gracefully tapering legs, a body that was all curves and that shoulder length mane of bright red hair.

Left click to capture me, then right click to save me.As the last of the old master's tricks were being auctioned off, she gradually moved closer to my side. The glances we kept sneaking at each other were overflowing with the purest lust. I could tell that she was attracted to me, but in a strange sort of way. An old trunk was the final item to be auctioned off. There were no identifying marks on it. It was locked and being sold without the key, so no one had the slightest idea what, if anything, it might contain.

Left click to capture me, then right click to save me."Buy that," whispered Cyntheria, indicating the old trunk. "And I promise, you will never regret it."

I didn't need to be told twice. I kept the bidding up even as it surpassed what I had planned to spend, and in a few minutes everybody else had dropped out. For better or worse, I was now the new owner of the mysterious trunk. I looked over at the equally mysterious Cyntheria.

"Good," she said simply. "Here is the key. Sort through the contents carefully in private, and I will come to your house later tonight to explain and discuss what comes next. I can assure you that you will be completely pleased,... in every way."

I rushed home with the trunk, took it to my study and unlocked it. Inside there were several coils of expensive rope, a silk scarf and a large scrapbook. The scrapbook was fascinating. It contained old Bondini's philosophy of sex along with a long treatise on sex and bondage, including an illustrated text on knot tying. Finally there were about a hundred old photographs.

Left click to capture me, then right click to save me.The photographs were fantastic. They were all of Cyntheria, in the most sexy poses and the wildest positions. Every one of these photographs showed Cyntheria completely bound and sometimes gagged. I was fascinated with the photos and poured over them for well over an hour while outside, darkness fell. Eventually I looked to see if there was anything else in the trunk. There was a small brown bottle in one corner, and it had a small label on it which said, "To be taken internally by the new owner of this trunk. Drink entire contents." Left click to capture me, then right click to save me.I hesitated, then did as the instructions said. As soon as the clear liquid hit my mouth, I felt very strange. It was a little like being high, but also like something had actually entered my brain and shifted it into high gear. I was thinking at a mile a minute. I felt compelled to return to the scrapbook.

I studied old Bondini's philosophy of sex, and it began to make sense. Not only that, but it seemed that his kind, -- bondage, -- was suddenly mine. I knew deep down how much intense lust could come out of trying the things he spoke of in his book. He wrote about the "unbounded orgasm of the bound" and "tormenting a lover with unendurable pleasure, indefinitely prolonged." And deep in my heart, I knew it was all true.

The photographs of Cyntheria showed me exactly what I felt I had always wanted, -- to tie a gorgeous woman until she was helpless, -- but the bindings must be crafted well. They must be a work of art, -- of genius. And I knew that somehow I now had that genius.

I remember not knock, nor ever opening the door, but Cyntheria was there, as she had said she would be. She wore a black cloak, and her fiery green eyes sparkled. As we sat and sipped some champagne, she asked what I had done with the trunk.

Left click to capture me, then right click to save me.I told her what I had found and what I had done with the bottle. She was pleased, -- so pleased that she reached up and took off her cloak. I was astonished. She wore only the most sexy matching peach bra and panties along with a rainbow colored pair of high heels. She spread her gorgeous thighs wide as she began to talk.

Left click to capture me, then right click to save me."On his death bed, Bondini told me not to worry, -- that he would be back. We had known such true and unselfish love and had enjoyed such a terrific sex life together that I couldn't stand being without his special brand of loving. He told me to watch carefully for the man I wanted, and that he would enter that man's mind. As soon as I saw you I knew I wanted you, but I didn't know if you had the special genius to give me the kind of love I need to make me truly alive. Then I saw the trunk and knew that Bondini would take care of everything as he promised."

I was astonished as she explained how much she needed to be bound. "I can only be completely free when my body is in bondage," she told me. The genius of Bondini must have entered my consciousness somehow, because I certainly knew I had the genius she spoke of. All of his knowledge of binding had somehow gotten into my head, and I knew that I was about to have the best sex of my entire life. Instinctively, I knew what to do. I began by diagonally lashing her wrists together. Left click to capture me, then right click to save me.Starting with a timber hitch on her right wrist and then a wrap around the other. I took three turns around both arms alongside the hitch, placing the turns beside each other, not on top of the other. I took three additional turns, this time crosswise to the previous turns. Cyntheria began to moan softly. She was filled with lust. I strained at each turn to be sure of getting a taught lashing.

It was as if Bondini were speaking to me. "Knowing the proper way to lash two human limbs together is an ultimate pleasure. It must be done securely and at the proper angle for sex to flow. Left click to capture me, then right click to save me.This knowledge will take you far."

I knew. I took a couple of frapping turns between her wrists around the diagonal lashing turns. I pulled them as tight as I could and kept them neat. It was as if someone's hands were guiding mine. I was on fire with lust, my manhood harder and larger than it had ever been before. I took the complete lashing of her wrists, tied a sheet-bend on another length of rope and wound it carefully around her trembling middle as I grazed my hand over the throbbing center of her femininity.

Cyntheria was pleased. "Ohhh... yes, Bondini. Oh, God yes." She begged me to take off her bra. I did, and as soon as I had she thrust her perfect breasts out at me.

Left click to capture me, then right click to save me.I knew what to do. Taking a simple metal chair out, I directed her to sit. I then proceeded to let this mysterious Bondini take over my hands as my fingers flew. I tied a knot I had never seen before. Immediately I knew it was a pipe-hitch which is used to put around something you want to pull on tightly. Cyntheria was what I was pulling on tightly, -- specifically her long, shapely legs. I tied a Miller's knot on her ankles and took several wraps over it, then finished up with a double rolling hitch.

Left click to capture me, then right click to save me.She was in heaven, and so was I. I put a shear lashing about her thighs, binding her knees together with a beautiful knot. I suddenly knew how to make new and exotic knots and hitches. I knew all there was to know, and it was driving Cyntheria mad.

She begged me to gag her as her moans grew louder and louder. I put a taught line hitch around her middle just below her gorgeous breasts and I knew the joy of constant sexual stimulation. I was in a state of one continuous orgasm, and so was she.

After a series of slip knots and stevedore endings, I sat back to admire my handiwork. Cyntheria had climaxed again and again and was now wet with the fluids puring out of her silk-sheathed sex. Left click to capture me, then right click to save me.I didn't think I could take any more when along came the biggest orgasm of them all. Without being touched, I jetted a stream across the room further anointing her already sweat-slick skin. Cyntheria smiled. She knew that we were beginning a new life together.


Left click to capture me, then right click to save me.That was many years ago. Cyntheria knew many more of Bondini's tricks. Most of them were far better than the ones they had done on stage together which had been auctioned off that day. Together, it was easy for us to start our own magic act. Soon, we were better than Bondini had ever been, and eventually, as you know, we became the greatest magic act the world has ever seen,... so far.

Now I am old. But Cyntheria is not. Even though my capacity to take pleasure in her has never diminished, I know that my time to cross over into the next world draws nearer with every passing day. Cyntheria must be cared for. The magic is hers. It always has been.

I must close now, for I have one last potion to prepare and seal inside an old trunk along with this story. And when you find it, my young, amateur magician, don't hesitate to drink it. I promise you, you will never regret it!

Left click to capture me, then right click to save me.


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