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Murdstone's Planet
by Master Mandrake

Great Wallpaper!

Computer program Tri-D Phantasmagoria: TERMINATE. The sun drenched meadow and bronze skinned beauties faded from Harcourt's consciousness and he abruptly returned to the stark reality of his surroundings. The stars, unwinking pinpoints of atomic fire, blazed through the observation port. The muted whine of the hyperspacial transmaterializer pervaded the ship. Harcourt's eyes resolved the blurred light on the computer terminal. FIVE MINUTES TO HYPERDRIVE TERMINATION. As he watched, the five changed to four.

Usually Harcourt was greatly angered at the computer when it brought him down from the Phantasmagoria, but this time was different. Only three hours to planet fall and shore leave. For over a year the eternal blackness of interstellar space and the voluptuous visions of the Tri-D Phantasmagoria had been his only companions in lonely exile. Such is the lot of the space scouts who patrol the defense perimeters of the Terran Empire and explore the uncharted reaches beyond.

HYPERDRIVE TERMINATION flashed on the control board. Harcourt instinctively tried to prepare himself for what was to come. Suddenly he was being turned inside out, then came a feeling of being elsewhere. He was laying in a bed. He could not move. It seemed that he had been unable to move for years. The sun shined through the window and propeller powered aircraft was audible in the distance. A hideous pang of nausea overcame him. After a long and agonizing eternity that impossible to get used to sensation subsided as the contents of his stomach erupted into the disposal chute. Activation and termination of Hyperdrive were always terrifying experiences.

The powerful thrum of the Ion Drive pounded on his consciousness. Harcourt wiped the sweat from his forehead, then set course for a rendezvous with Murdstone's Planet.

Three hours to planetfall, then six weeks of share leave. Time to blow his pay and get his rocks off. His cock throbbed at the thought of six weeks on Murdstone's planet and its population of pleasure slaves. His rod had been sore for a month after his last shore leave. The communicator interrupted his mental meanderings with final approach instructions. He set the coordinates on the Approach and Landing Computer then leaned back.

The Mechano-Sarge issued his pass through a siot with a whir and click. Harcourt walked from the bustling space port and hailed a Horse. She trotted towards him eyes lowered, pulled to an abrupt halt before him and gently kissed the bulge in his pants as a gesture of submission. Her naked breasts were firm and supple, capped with hard pink rosebuds. "To the Sado Hotel and fast." he ordered as he applied a stroke across her ass with the quirt she had handed him. She jerked and moaned, then trotted down the boulevard with Harcourt on her back.

The journey took him past pleasure domes of every possible description. Two huge muscle men clad in leather and brandishing whips guarded the gates of the Masochomo Dungeons. A tall leather clad goddess strode down the boulevard, her leashed and manacled man-slave struggling on all fours to keep up. A naked girl lay on an ornate marble pedestal. A hawker stood nearby calling, "Come and get it, hurry, hurry, come and get it, tightest hole on Murdstone's planet, as she assumed some unusually erotic poses. Men and women dressed in the most exotic of rubber and ludiform fashions came into view as they passed the Rubber Room nite club. The elf maidens of Xanitau, Pixicunes of Radoz and huge black Vonda women of Zeneb 7 abounded, awaiting clients in search of outrageous thrills.

Struggling under her load the horse pulled up to the Sado and deposited him on the padded leather steps. He returned the quirt and she kissed the bulge in his pants then trotted off towards the nearest stall.

As he mounted the steps two unclad beauties opened its huge portals. He glanced at the two muscular queens at the doors of the hotel across the street, shook his head and entered the Sado.

The desk clerk, chains rattling, gave him a key and kissed his bulge. This dick kissing was beginning to drive him nuts since he hadn't been near a woman for a year. He grabbed her by the tit and dragged her to the elevator. Another clerk quickly took her place behind the desk. The elevator stopped, he pulled her into his room and threw her roughly against the wall. She fell to her knees and assumed the pose which means "Do as you wish with me, Master."

"What's your name" Harcourt demanded coldly.

"Aurora, Master," she responded.

"Do you like pain Aurora?" He asked.

"I like what you wish for me to like, Master," she replied. A shudder of fear wracked her body, but she remained in her humbled position as he unbuckled his trousers and his huge prick swung free. The tube of instalube came out of his pocket and was pressed against her ass hole. She shuddered again as the slimey compound entered her. Grinning, Harcourt thrust his engorged tool into her. She bit her bottom lip and moaned as this invasion of her delicate body continued.

"You're too goddamned slow. I'll have to hook you up to the Neuronic-Stimulator."

"Please, Master, this worthless slave humbly begs for your mercy. Anything but that, please, Master, this slave will move faster."

Oblivious to her pleas, he strapped her legs and wrists to the rings in the floor with unbreakable ludiform straps, then proceeded to place the stimulator's electrodes at strategic points on her body. Aurora's useless supplications faded to whines. Her body trembled in agonizing apprehension as the final electrodes were taped in place. His organ again slid deep within her and began a slow in and out rhythm. Switching the stimulator on, he set the power to low. Moaning loudly, Aurora moved faster and faster under the painful persuasion of neuronic pulses. Her every ounce of effort went into motion, hoping to satisfy her Master so that he would turn the power up no higher. Her efforts were in vain. Still unsatisfied he cranked the power to high. An agonized shriek pierced the air as she lost all control of her body. Harcourt began to approach orgasm as he thought of the excruciating pain he was inflicting on this lovely creature. Her ass moved at inhuman speed. He threw his head back and with a loud moan, shot his hot lava into her deepest recesses. His sounds of pleasure, though quite unrestrained, were drowned out by his beautiful slave's screams of pain. Satiated at last, he switched the stimulator off. Aurora collapsed to the floor unconscious. Harcourt lazed back on the bed and floated in the euphoria of complete release.

In a twilight state, half asleep, half awake, thoughts of the interstellar void flowed through his mind. Times of complete physical satisfaction brought to him a realization that he had only one true love, space. When shore leave would draw near, his physical desires would become an all consuming passion, but now that the year's worth of built up frustrations had been released he knew that the rest of his leave would be a biding of time until he could return to the ship and be off again. The First Inter-Galactic Exploration Mission was chosing its crew now. Harcourt knew he didn't have a chance for that one but he could dream.

Sobs and moans pulled his mind back through millions of light years. He opened his eyes and realized where he was. Aurora still strapped to the floor, looked up with her tear streaked face. A pang of guilt at the extent of his cruelty coursed through him. He unstrapped her, then gently picked her up and layed her on the bed.

"I'm sorry I hurt you so bad. After being alone in space for a year this devil gets in me. I can't expect you to ever forgive me, but I do hope you understand."

A tear rolled down Harcourt's cheek. Aurora reached up and touched it gently, a smile on her face. "I love you, Master," she said. He leaned over and gently kissed her lips. Their tears of pain and joy mingled as did their bodies.

After Aurora returned to her duties downstairs, Harcourt lay in his room dreaming of space, of suns whose light no man had ever seen and planets no human feet had ever trod upon. The hundred billion stars of the Milky Way galaxy were just a small lens shaped luminescence as the exploration ship warped through the eternal night of intergalactic space. Another image began to invade his fantasies. He was lying in a bed unable to move and the plane droned overhead. This held some sort of horrible terror for him. Harcourt shut this out of his mind, then came Aurora's tear streaked face and her words of love and forgiveness. Never had any woman treated him this way. To them he was just a hardened space jockey looking for some new kicks. To him they were just whores, greedy for his space-pay. Aurora was different and that bothered him.

He threw on some clothes and took the elevator down. He had hoped to see Aurora, but she was not in the lobby. The nude door-slaves opened the portals and led a Horse up to him.

"I think I'll walk tonight," he said and headed down the boulevard. The Whisky Bar was crowded. Space jockeys, travelers and locals alike came to sample the spirits of Old Earth. Harcourt bought a large one and found a seat by the window. The view was spectacular, lights as far as the eye could see. Several drinks later the lights became stars, sometimes stars depending on how he looked at them. Sometimes he would see Aurora's tear streaked face in them and other times a sick man in bed. A drunken depression began to overcome him.

One of the local hawkers entered the bar, leading his slave on a chain leash. Blood dripped from the many whip cuts on her body. A knot of anger tied itself in his gut. He saw the hawker as himself and the slave as Aurora. Guilt and anger took hold of him. As they passed his table the hawker said "Have some? She's been used tonight so she's cheap."

Harcourt rose, knocking over the table in the process and threw a punch at the hawkers face. In his drunken state that was a dumb move. Soon blows were being rained upon him, then he was flying through the air. The window shattered and wind whistled past his ears. He was falling, falling, failing...

"You're going to be okay my darling Master. The building's antigravity field saved you." Harcourt opened his eyes. It was Aurora. The doctor entered and told her to leave. "I'll visit you later," she said, kissed him gently and departed.

"You must have had quite a night. Lucky we didn't have to have City Maintainance scrape you up. We'll have you out of here in a week. Stay away from that Old Earth spirits. I don't want to see you in here again." The doctor's sour expression changed to a grin as he handed Harcourt a sealed envelope. "Special orders from Space Headquarters. It came in by messenger ship so it must be big. Good luck."

He tore open the envelope with trembling hands. They were special orders alright.

Captain Harcourt:

It is my pleasure to inform you that you have been chosen to serve on the Terran Space Ship Santa Maria which will be departing from Terran Base XXIII on the First Inter-galactic Exploratory Mission. Since the duration of this mission is expected to exceed 120 years, you must find a wife. The crew of this mission will never return but their descendents will.

You are to report to Terran Base XXIII at 13:00 hours on December 6, 2189.

May the Lord of the Void grant this mission success.

Good Luck.
Albert J. Haggarty
Commandant, Terran Space Forces

Aurora walked in and sat on the edge of his bed. "Is my Master feeling better?"

"Please call me Jim. I don't want to be your master, I want to be your husband. I've been chosen to be on the intergalactic mission. Will you marry me and come with me?"

Her smile felt like the sun coming out after a long rainstorm. "Yes my darling Jim," she said and pressed her face against his chest. A tear of joy ran down his cheek and was lost in her hair.

My Wallpaper

Since his fighter plane was shot down over the Pacific in 1943 Harcourt had been paralyzed from the neck down. A week ago he lapsed into a deep coma. Last night the nurse entered to find the bed empty and a gaping hole through the window. When the police arrived they found only blood-stained glass on the pavement below. No body was ever found.

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