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Sherry sat on the front steps of her mom's house with her baby bouncing on her knee and watched her neighbor Bill pull into his driveway from work. Leaning forward, she waved a greeting, making sure that Bill noticed her. Wearing a denim bib overall shorts outfit -- and precious little else -- she wanted to make sure he got a good  view. The bib portion barely concealed her pert breasts. In fact, from the right angle it revealed a good view of her aureole and a hint if nipple. Brushing her strawberry blonde mane of curly hair, she made sure to display precisely that angle. Judging by the way his face turned red and he shuffled his kids towards the front door of his house, Sherry had succeeded with the desired effect. As Bill went inside, kids in tow and laden with groceries, Sherry let loose a little shiver of excitement in anticipation of what she planned for later that evening. She was going to take her little adventure one step further tonight.

Bill was a forty-two year old widower with two children. His wife had died in a car accident. Owner of his own photography business, he worked long hours to make a fair living for his family. Sherry was twenty-six,  divorced, and the mother of one child, still a small baby. Her husband had flown the coop when he first discovered his impending fatherhood. Leaving a pregnant Sherry with little resources to support herself. She had been forced to move back into her mother's house. With the new baby, she was not yet back at work. Minimal job skills kept her from being able to afford daycare, so things were slow. During her pregnancy Sherry had gotten to know Bill as a neighbor and a friend. On occasion she would work under the table for him, either watching his kids when there were school holidays or sometimes doing housekeeping. They had developed a mutual respect and trust where they could talk freely and share thoughts. That was part of the little "free show" on the front porch this afternoon. The other part was pure vanity on Sherry's part. It had taken a long six months to work off her pregnancy weight and get her figure back. Other than Bill, she had precious little opportunity to show it off, and the boost of his noticing her return to normal was good for her sometimes wounded ego. As his front door closed her thoughts drifted to recent events.

It was the mutual respect and trust that had made possible a conversation between Sherry and Bill which was slowly changing their relationship. It was changing in a way that was certainly bringing some much needed excitement to Sherry, and, she hoped, improving her long term outlook.

It had been an evening the week prior. Sherry's mom, home from work, had the baby and that allowed Sherry to wander over and chat with Bill. He was puttering in his darkroom, cleaning up from some recent photo developing. They were sipping on a couple of cold beers. Casually, Sherry started to thumb through a photo album stuck on the desk in the corner of the room. What she saw astounded her. It was full of photographs of Bill's wife, before she had died. But these were not just the usual wife and kid pictures. They were all of her in lingerie. Sexy poses, daring cleavage, the whole gamut. Even more, there were many of her tied up while in the lingerie. Spread eagles, hog-ties, and many other purely pornographic poses. Sherry must have let out a small gasp, as Bill came over and quietly took the album from her and replaced it on the desk. "A small side line." was his only comment at the time. Conversation was sparse for a while, as he finished cleaning up the darkroom.

It was two beers later, and in the den of the house, when Sherry eventually managed to get the courage to bring up the album. Bill explained that the lingerie and bondage photography had been a hobby for him. He had always had a fascination for bondage. His wife, although unsure at first, apparently took to being tied up pretty quickly. She was a natural in front of the camera lens. In fact, in the early days of their marriage, it was some of those photographs that had kept food on the table as Bill was getting the more conventional sides of his business established. He jokingly mentioned that the one picture Sherry had been gawking at, of his wife wide tied spread and open, was the cause of their first child. After a while, the practical business going well, it had become a sort of sideline business with them. For a few friends and select customers Bill would shoot lingerie sets. Mostly of wives wanting to give to their husbands as presents. His wife would help with makeup, clothing selections, and stay in the room as an assistant to make them feel more comfortable in front of the camera. In a couple of rare instances, they had even done a small bondage set or two with a wife or couple. Sherry listened with rapt attention, downing another beer in the process as her interest was piqued at this odd story. Sherry had already been gaining interest in Bill, and this tale was drawing her in further.

It came to a completed surprise to Bill, and in fact to Sherry herself, when the words "I want you to tie me up and take a picture" popped out from her lips. Bill looked at her, over his glasses, wondering if she had too much beer in her. But Sherry was insistent, and said she had a reason for it. Also, she wanted to feel what it was like to be tied up and helpless. After some convincing on her part, Bill finally agreed. Making sure the kids were asleep, he produced some cotton rope from out in the garage and proceeded to tie Sherry up. It was a simple arrangement, with her still fully clothed, sitting on the fireplace hearth.


Sherry, with curly blonde locks flowing across her shoulders posed as Bill took his camera and snapped some pictures. She actually looked quite alluring. In a tightly fitting knit shirt and form fitting jeans, Sherry looked the perfect picture of a surprised damsel, having been captured and tied up by a horny lover or husband, -- a thought which did casually cross her mind. As she got more comfortable, Bill continued to snap photos as she moved about in various positions.  During the conversation it came out that Sherry was flirting with the idea of sending a couple of these pictures to her ex-husband. The general idea being to let him see what he was now missing. Bill wasn't convinced this was a good plan on her part, but continued to take more pictures. It had been a long time, and he was discovering a  renewed interest in bondage photographs in general, and Sherry in bondage in particular. After finishing a role of black and white film he popped in a role of high speed color. Then, leaving the somewhat helpless Sherry wondering what he as up to, he wandered back to the garage.


It was several minutes before he returned, more cotton rope in hand, and a devious grin on his face. "Since you wanted to tease the 'ex', I thought we would tighten this up a bit. OK ?" Sherry, not quite sure this was still a good idea, but feeling daring and trusting Bill, slowly nodded her assent. Bill set to work adding more cord to the bonds already holding her. He added more cord near her waist, then wound lengths around her chest, highlighting her breast area, and locking her arms securely to her torso. Finally, Bill added a gag, made from an old whiffle ball and some leather strap. Sherry ended up on her knees in front of the fireplace where he then started his next series of snapshots.

As she posed, jutting her breasts to the camera, it occurred to Sherry that she was now bound and totally helpless to Bill. With the gag in place, he could do anything to her he wanted and she could not resist, or make any noise to get help. Strangely, along with her sudden concerns, bordering on fear, the young mother felt a surge of thrill and excitement that also urged her to continue forward. As it turned out, the session went forward without any incident, save for a bulge developing in Bill's pants. This she noted with some amusement. Half an hour later, she was untied and sitting back on the couch with another cold beer in hand.

Bill promised to have the developed pictures for her the next day. As they sat and relaxed, conversation turned to what they had both been contemplating as the scene played out before. Sherry noted her fears and thrills. Bill confessed having thought about Sherry as a "bondage slave" who he could tie up and make submit to him, performing sexual acts. Surprisingly to Sherry, the idea didn't really bother her. In fact, later that night as she got ready for bed, she noticed she had developed a wet spot in her panties from the evening's events. She concluded her evening by masturbating herself to orgasm with thoughts of being tied and taken by Bill. As she drifted off to sleep, she wondered if he had done the same at home.

When she woke the next morning, she found a taped and sealed manila envelope tucked under the newspaper on her front steps. I was addressed to her. This she tucked away until she was alone. When she opened it, a complete set of photos from the prior night, and all the negatives, were revealed. She never did show them to her ex-husband, but she did look at them often herself over the next few days. She made a point of sealing the negatives in another envelope and giving them back to Bill, with her compliments. That action alone made her tingle all over. Drifting back to the present. Sherry rose and went inside to feed the baby.

Later that evening, Sherry again wandered over to Bill's house after her mother and the baby were asleep. They bantered until his kids finished homework and finally went to bed. After she was sure they were all asleep, Sherry steered conversation to bondage and the pictures. She got Bill to give her more details about his earlier escapades with his wife, and when the time was right, casually suggested that he might tie her up again and do another "shoot". This time, Bill didn't need much convincing and never questioned her wanting to go to a more private room in the house. Wearing nothing but the short jeans overall outfit, Sherry followed Bill to a room which served as a home office. Here, he placed her on a small bench and proceeded to tie her up, similar to the last time. Bill used sturdy cotton cord to tie her wrists and elbows together behind her. The latter of which pushed her already voluptuous breasts even further forward. Bill used two remaining lengths of cord to bind her ankles and knees together. Finally, he completed the operation by using a piece of silk scarf tied securely through her lips and behind her head to form a gag.


Sherry proved a quick study and willing subject as he posed her in various positions, snapping picture after picture. As she got more comfortable, she made sure to pose herself in the most alluring ways she could for him, to keep his attention focused right where she wanted it. The constant bulge in his trousers let her know she had his undivided attention. She was particularly proud of a pose where she sat sort of side saddle on the bench and allowed a breast, turgid nipple and all, to be exposed to the camera. This was definitely a notch more intense than the first time she had been photographed by Bill.

After a while, Bill removed the gag so he could give Sherry something to drink. This gave her the opening she wanted. "Tell me," she asked, "if I was your bondage slave, what would you do with an opportunity like this one?" After snapping another quick shot, he paused and thought about it for a moment. "Well," he began, "I probably would use the opportunity to tease you into submission a little."

"How ?" came her curious reply. "Show me."

This gave Bill pause to consider. After a minute or two, he set the camera down and moved forward towards Sherry, who wriggled on the bench in anticipation. Slowly he reached forward and undid the clasps holding the overall bib up. With hands tied behind her back, Sherry watched as it fell forward exposing both her breasts. Her nipples were already firm in anticipation as he reached forward again and started to finger them gently. "I see," she purred in a hushed whisper. He became more bold, now grasping and kneading her breasts. "What would you do next, after enticing someone like this?" Sliding a hand down her belly, he guided his fingers past her waistline to discover she wore no panties.

"Well, I believe I would ..." He slid two fingers down her vaginal crack and started to tease her moistening lips and clitoris. "I would tease a slave with the thought of being fingered to orgasm by her master." He inserted a finger into her vaginal opening. "Before making them earn it by dropping to their knees and giving me a blow job." He continued to tease her clitoris.


Sherry slid off the bench, onto her knees, breasts rubbing his crotch and tied ankles extending behind her. "Like this?" she inquired in a husky voice. Bill, not saying a word, unzipped his fly and let his penis fall free. Nearly halfway erect, it dangled like a pendulum between his legs. Sherry, bending forward, caught it with her lips and gently sucked it into her mouth. Tracing the veins along its shaft, she tongue teased him quickly to full length. Then, with the fury of a disturbed hornets nest, started bobbing up and down on his shaft, lips sucking and tongue caressing, as fast as she could manage it. Having had no release for a long time, Bill was soon moaning and groaning as he climaxed and shot his load into her hungry mouth and swelling throat. Sherry eagerly sucked every last drop dry from his convulsing organ. When he recovered, Bill leaned forward and again stuck two fingers into Sherry's now dripping vaginal canal. Using them like a hook her pulled her up onto her toes, directly in front of him.

"Now," he said, "you may get yourself off, with that finger massage I mentioned." As he fingered her clitoris and vagina, Sherry began to rotate and thrust herself upon his hand. They moved in unison as she was worked to orgasm. Pelvis churning on his fingers, she did a slow erotic dance of twisting and thrusting and the heat rose as her tensions swelled. She came, straining on tiptoe, and almost falling over, as he torture tickled her throbbing clitoris between thumb and forefinger. The blood pounded in her ears as she was deafened by the thundering of her own climatic spasms. Collapsing to the floor after it was over, Sherry watched as the whole room spun around her and darkness descended.


When she woke, Sherry found herself on a couch, tucked neatly under a blanket, clothing back in place and free of the bonds. Bill ws grinning like the cat who had just chewed up the proverbial canary. She left for home that evening, wholly satisfied, yet lusting for more, and thoroughly confused about her strong reactions to Bill and being tied up. Sherry found herself being drawn closer to Bill, and into an increasing spiral of emotions and desires regarding submission. She vowed to herself that she would soon challenge herself to the fullest on both accounts.

Bill was busy on a large commercial shoot for the next few days, which gave Sherry more time to think about was what driving her desires and needs. It was now fully clear to her that she wanted Bill, and wanted to belong to him. Not just in a conventional sense, but totally. The sprays of roses which appeared daily on her doorstep let her know that Bill's feelings must be as strong towards her.

It was late Friday evening when she spotted Bill's car pulling into the driveway. Glancing down from behind her curtain, she watched as the normal housekeeper left, and the kids bedroom lights went dark. After a while, Bill appeared on the front steps of his house, drink in hand. She watched as he viewed the night sky and sipped his cocktail. Every so often, he would sneak a peek over at her house. Sherry knew he must be thinking of her, possibly as she was thinking about him. After gazing down for awhile, she made a decision. This was to be the night. She would see how far the relationship could go. The next few minutes were a flurry of activity as she shed her jeans and splashed through the shower. Taking a chance, she donned what she thought would be appropriate wear for what she wanted from this evening. After peeking through the curtain once more to ensure Bill was still on the steps, she crept downstairs and slipped out her back door into the night. When she slipped onto the step next to Bill, his eyes popped and jaw fell. Not so much from being startled by her sudden presence, but by the appearance she presented. Sherry, clad in only a sheer black satin baby doll, lace panties, and high heel sandals slid an arm through his and kissed him hotly on the lips. His glass nearly slipped from his fingers.

"I want you to shoot me again, in this." she breathed warmly into his ear and pointing to the negligée. Taking his hand, she stood and led the still stunned Bill into his house. Taking him to the office study, she pulled him in and locked the door.


Once inside, Bill quickly recovered and took charge. Moving her to the opposite end of the room from before, he sat Sherry on the edge of a daybed which sometimes served as guest space.


Snatching up a piece of sturdy cotton rope he quickly lashed her wrists behind her in a crisscrossing manner, securing them tightly. Then, leaving her for only a moment he grabbed a camera and started to photograph his sensual captive. Sherry, for her part, played the role appropriately, looking at the same time sensual and striking, yet innocent and vulnerable. Her creamy soft skin, contrasting the dark satin made for a stunning pose and Bill had to quickly change out to some color film to capture her radiant beauty. The tension in the room was palpable as the camera whirred away, picture upon picture. Sherry's breasts, easily visible through the sheer satin material protruded forth, teasing Bill. He again felt the stirrings within, not felt since before his wife had died. Sherry, not fully sure why, continued to pose and present herself in such a manner as to further excite a arouse him. Inside her own body, she felt the quickening heartbeat and initial flowing as her own juices warmed to the task. She was quickly falling under a spell with Bill, wanting him to go further with her and yearning to submit under his control. The air was electric with their mutual sensations.


As he moved in close for a shot of her breasts and hardening nipples, she delicately moved a foot up the inseam of his pants and under his crotch. Teasing him, she rubbed her foot under his ball sack, sending tingling little waves through him. She watched as his erection swelled inside his slacks. Wanting to submit, Sherry knew she would have to pay a price for this teasing, but also felt it would be well worth the end result. After finishing another role of film, Bill reloaded the camera before setting it down on the bed near her. Sherry could feel he was moving to the next level. Gathering fresh rope, he came forward toward her, with slow deliberation, like a spider, eyeing his prey, caught in the web. Her wrists had been expertly tied. Having been secured for almost an thirty minutes, they were still sung and tight, but not causing her any pain. She again tested them, but knew she was not able to escape the tight grasp. Now, he bound her ankles. His hands first running down the long smoothness of her firm legs. Then effortlessly encircling her ankles with the soft, but sturdy cord, finishing by cinching them snug. After a teasing run of his hands back up her legs, the process was repeated just above the knees.


Sherry was now bound, secure and tight. Being still truly novice, she had not asked for, even known about any escape phrase. So she was totally helpless and at the mercy of Bill. But, this was what she had wanted, and the realization only served to further heighten her need. After pulling her legs so that they stretched forward from her, he gently pushed her torso backwards causing Sherry to lay back atop her bound wrists. As she did so, the front of the baby doll parted and slid aside, exposing her breasts fully. Bill, camera again in hand, took another series of pictures. Sherry lay, stretched taut, breathing shallowly as he chronicled her bondage. Eyes closed and head back, she waited, knowing she was to be his. Helpless and vulnerable, Sherry would exist but for Bill's pleasure.

The camera stopped, and Sherry stayed motionless, waiting. She heard the rustle of clothing and sensed his approach. When she opened her eyes, he was standing above her, his only clothing a pair of bikini briefs. His excitement clearly apparent by the bulge contained therein. As she started to rise towards him, he placed a hand firmly on her chest and pushed her back down to the stretched and taut position. He ran his fingers deftly to her breasts, teasing the aureole, and massaging her rock hard nipples. Bending forward, he started to kiss and tease her neck. Sherry moaned as his hot lips encircled the soft flesh by her Adam's apple, tongue teasing and probing. Kneeling further down, he rested atop her legs and his mouth moved to her breasts, nipping and teasing. Hands now caressing her flat, firm belly. Sherry, lost in a blend of sensations and feelings, could feel his every touch, pulsating through her in shock waves of tingling charges. He was at her feet now, slowly kissing his way back up her legs. When his head reached her tender flesh, just at the pubic area she could also feel his erection on her legs. Bill was no longer encumbered by the bikini briefs having somehow shed them, and his swelling member was hot and stiff as it too caressed her skin.

When he began to kiss her pubic patch through the lace briefs, Sherry lost all control, moaning and writhing, her juices flooding her arousal, soaking the panties. Gently, from one knowing he was in complete control, Bill shifted his captive Sherry upwards onto the bed. She lay on her side as his hands and lips continued their explorations. He paused again, only for a microcosm, to capture this final pose on film. Sherry, immobile and breathless, fixated on his now massive erection. As he set the camera down and moved forward, they both knew it was time. Bill, firmly the master now, still courteously inquired whether or not she was using birth control, or wanted him to use it. Many thoughts flashed in her mind. That of her ex-husband's desertion clashed with those of her new found desires and needs under Bill. Heart pounding she came to quick conclusion, terrifying herself, but drawing deeper her conviction. Sherry's reply, a final, complete, submission on her part, was that she had no birth control in place and wanted none used by him. "My body, may be fertile and is certainly unprotected. But this is my gift. I give myself to you, vulnerable and open. Use me for your pleasures. Fill me again and again, with your hot, sweet, manhood." It was a final understanding between them. Sherry was his, no protection, no safe words, no escape.

Bill again ran his hands all over her succulent body as she lay breathing in his masculine scent. As his hands reached her soaking panties he slid fingers inside the waistband and slowly pulled them off over the firmness of her buttocks and down to where they were caught by the rope at her knees. Her legs ripe with the scent of her own arousal, the trailing fluids glistening on her thigh. He hovered over her, kissing the small area behind her ear as she lay on her side, flexing herself against the tight bonds.

As he descended upon her, Sherry lay completely still, like a frightened doe caught in a hunter's headlights, unable to move. The tip of his penis, hot and red, swelled with blood pushed between her tied legs to the precipice of her womanhood. Pushing the bulbous head past her vaginal lips and into the opening, he entered his helpless prey. As his shaft pressed onward, she could feel its girth, the pulsing veins against her well lubricated walls, as he impaled her, filling completely the orifice. Having him buried inside her, effectively sideways for that matter, was like no other intercourse she had known. As he began his thrusting, every fiber and pore of her was titillated and teased by electric sensations. The heat and passion rose within and Sherry, no longer aware of her surroundings was completely engulfed by the emotions. The strokes were long and slow, giving her the full sensation of each insertion. Bill was taking full advantage of her helplessness and providing the sweet torture only known by a few.

But soon his own breathing quickened, hot gusts blowing in her ear, his pace building in urgency. At the height of each inward thrust, a small noise, a "whiff "of hot breath, would escape Sherry's lips. It was the last noise she was capable of. It happened all at once. Bill, the tip of his penis hanging for a precious moment near her opening, slammed it home for a final time and roaring into her ear as he climaxed and began ejaculating hot rushing jets of his virile sperm into her. Sherry, upon feeling the first rush of semen coursing into her steaming fertile sanctuary began moaning loudly as she tumbled into orgasm. As gush after gush poured into her, she would spasm again and again, her convulsing contractions milking every drop he had to offer. After what seemed like eternity, he collapsed atop her, in a spent heap. Sherry lay quietly beneath Bill, tears of joy flowing from her eyes. They remain together, coupled as such for a long time, neither wanting to break the spell.

Later that evening, Sherry lay gazing at the crackling fireplace. He had carried her, still bound, down to where he had fanned the embers to a warming blaze for her. On a soft rug, laying against her back, Bill entered her fertile tunnel from behind for the second time. The pace was slow, for there was no hurry as she was completely his. They would continue like this the whole night. Sherry closed her eyes and let the warmth of the fireplace flow into her body, as the heat was again building within.


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