A shevette
look-alike, Angelique

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These photos were sent in by KnottyBoy over at http://www.KnottyKnots.com/.

Gosh, i'm doing this again, introducing another shevette look-alike. This is really something for me and i really appreciate all the people out there who have done this - and i hope many more do it too!

Can you believe that at one time i was afraid of the fact that getting tied up turned me on? i began to realize that other people, good sane people, liked bondage as they call it. Then i hit the Internet and zoowie! If you wanted bondage you could find it! Then i even started my own site and just said what i had to say.

i admitted that while i liked bondage those dark dank dungeons weren't for me. i liked the outdoors and wearing my tennies and some nice way short cut-offs. Eventually they became my trademark, if you will. That and my orange hair and geen eyes. Oh! And handcuffs too! Now i am finding all kinds of people out there doing bondage with and without the latex and spandex and leather. Bondage is no longer a perversion or a fetish. It's just everyday people like you and me who think it's the most!

Angelique, you are an angel!!!
Much thanks from Sir Red and myself for the time and effort
you and KnottyBoy put into making these wonderful photos,
and we hope everyone will visit your website Forbidden Expressions
and check out your custom-made toys!

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Click on a
photo to see it.
Click on a
photo to see it.
Click on a
photo to see it.

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