Bondage in Everyday Life
Posted: May 19, 2007

Not all bondage is erotic bondage, and not everyone who gets tied up is in a BDSM scene.

Girls get tied up all the time in dorms, at camps, in school plays, career days and costume parties.
They gag themselves at political protests, and when they're not getting arrested there or elsewhere,
they're practicing how to do it on one other.

Sometimes they get their pictures taken when they're thus engaged. Sometimes these pictures turn up on the web,
and this is where they're collected. Contributions are always welcome through the site's upload form.

Nudity, BDSM scene imagery, commercial bondage photography and pictures of children will not be accepted.

This is the website home of the former Yahoo Club " Bondage in Everyday Life,"
which collected photos of women in bondage. Not sexual or commercially produced bondage,

but duct-taped to a tree as a college prank, tied up in a summer-camp initiation ceremony,
handcuffed during police cadet training or bound and gagged in an amateur theater production.
In other words, Bondage in Everyday Life.

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