Itty Bitty Bound
from Bondage Harem
Posted: November 26, 2002

Itty Bitty is another one of the lovely lasses who make up the Bondage Harem.

Like most of the girls in Bondage Harem, she's not a professional model.

She's a real live lady, flirty, frisky and funloving, and she loves being her lover's Damsel in Distress.

Itty Bitty is no six foot tall anorexic. She's round and ripe
and bulges in all the places where girls are supposed to bulge.

Her site has over 2000 pix like these, plus detective magazine covers and Real Media videos. Itty Bitty and her husband/photographer are also regulars in out chat room, so drop by and get to know them sometime.

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