Chanta's Dream
from No-Boundries Video

Posted: September 29, 2002

In "If You Go Down To The Woods" Chanta Rose and a girlfriend stop off for a picnic. Little do they know they've stumbled into the gardens of Morrigan Hel, an evil mistress who is not too happy about the intrusion. The girls find themselves the victims of this sadistic vamp!

Once upon a time there was a girl called Chanta.

Chanta and Abbie are having a picnic.


Maybe they should have
 thought before sneaking into
Morrigan Hels' gardens.

The girls were far too interested
in each other to notice her.

Morrigan was furious
at the trespassers.

"Hey, did you see the woman?"

"Don't go Chanta;
I don't want to left here alone!"

"I know, I saw someone, just let me check."

Morrigan ducked out of view.

Chanta tip-toed towards the bushes.

Morrigan moved closer,
ready to pounce.

Chanta was walking
straight into a trap!

Abbie watched Chanta
 slip from view into the bushes.

Chanta was on her own
and walking into danger!

Is anybody there?"

Moments from capture!

Next week:
Morrigan makes her move!

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