Pep's Pleasures
Posted: March 12, 2007

Peppermint Patty just can't stay out of trouble!
 Dick Dastardly is ALWAYS capturing her and doing his absolute worst. Who will save our damsel-in-distress?

With those words, almost dating back to the days of the Saturday morning serials,
PerilsOfPep introduces you to Peppermint Patty, another member of TheSweettiesFamily.

Much like her predecessors - Pauline, Penelope Pitstop, Sweet Nell and even Lois Lane -
Peppermint Patti is a strong woman and cute as a button.

Yet that no-good-evil Dick Dastardly
(of course there's ALWAYS a no good evil person going after the damsel-in-distress) just won't leave her alone.
He ties her up, and he throws her on the railroad track (boo, hiss),
or plants a bomb in the room where she’s tied (double boo, hiss),

or ties her to the stake and lights the fire (triple boo, hiss),
or just ties her up, gags her and leaves her so she misses some of the most important meetings in her life (what a jerk).

He really is a very bad man. But our heroine always manages to escape sooner or later (Yea!),
though more often than not she is saved by her hero Mighty Mike!

Each update includes both a story and accompanying photos.
It was a simpler time back then. Damsel is captured. Damsel is saved.
And it's worth a visit back to those days by a visit to

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