Babydoll Bound
Posted: July 16, 2002

Here's what Babydoll has to say about her own site:

"Babydoll Bound displays a sampling of traditional bondage, hardcore S/M, damsel-in-distress, shibari, girl/girl scenes, and fetish fashion, so it’s really just a reflection of my own tastes. A 'What's New' link on the main tour page now lets visitors peek at the latest updates. The Webcam Section has been expanded and now features three of my best girlfriends’ cams! And as always, I offer streaming video, live feeds, my personal journal, writings, and a selection of bondage artwork."

Babydoll Bound is member of Abductor's group of sites, and all through the past year while he and I have been feuding, she has remained one of the few voices of reason speaking to both of us. A year is a lot too much time to waste on a feud, so Abductor and I have agreed to declare ours officially ended. We still disagree on what should have been done in the past and how, but we agree that we both should have done many things a lot better, and that's good enough for us.

If you are involved in a long-standing feud with anyone today, talk to them. See if you can't agree that you both contributed to it, and you will both benefit from ending it. Maybe that can be enough for you, too.

I think ending our feud is going to benefit you by increasing the diversity of material available on the Realm.

Babydoll Bound is just the first example. If you like her sample pix, check out her web site.

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