Dorothy Laine
December 29, 2002

The web is proud and honored to welcome Dorothy Laine and her photographer, Tim Woodman.

With over 4600 original photos and 70 MPEGs, and guests like Lorelie, Sadie Belle, Jewell Marceau and
Sara Nychols, not to mention her journal, art gallery, guestbook and choice of membership or token access,

Dorothy Laine has a lot more to offer than the usual model's web site. also has the best selection of costumes and uniforms I've seen on any model's site.

And here's a refreshing change that really sets Dorothy's site apart from so many others.

She has a gallery of free samples generous enough to be worth a visit, even if you don't have any money!

Dorothy has three other sites, too: and

Maybe if we ask real nice, we can get some samples from them, too!

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