Sarah Hampshire
September, 1997

I really like this set of pictures of Sarah Hampshire. I must. As you can tell by the numbers, they were the first ones I scanned when I got my scanner back in June. The quality is less than perfect, because I was just getting acquainted with the hardware and software involved at the time.





I'm not sure why I like these particular pictures so much. It might be the way the effective but elegantly simple ropework highlights the shapeliness of Ms. Hampshire's nearly perfect legs. Maybe it's the dynamic sense of straining against her bonds and her sinuous movements as she struggles vainly to escape them that this series captures so well. But I think it's mostly because of the wide range of facial expressions she goes through as she reacts to her situation and its implications with everything from outrage to ecstasy.





All these pix are from Vol. 1, Num. 1 of Ties That Bind published by HoM in 1985,
which I just happen to have for sale in my Magazine Market.



Just left click on a damsel to capture her, then right click to save her.


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