Sarah Foster Tate
December May 20, 2003

Between 1982 and 1990, legendary Australian beauty Sarah Foster Tate and her partner Atreus brought to the world of Love Bondage their own distinctive blend of fashion and fetish photography, mixing haute couture, corsetry and highly imaginative costume bondage with a whole range of Irving Klaw-style retro fetish theme outfits.

During this golden period, Harmony Communications in the US (now Harmony Concepts) produced ten Sarah Foster Tate magazines and released five videos of their work. While glamour and feminine beauty were invariably the keynotes, never far away were such everyday rubber items as bathing-caps, domestic rubber gloves, rainwear and tennis shoes, even gasmasks and wetsuits, as well as custom-made fashion and fetish rubberwear.

The result was a striking combination of “Rubber and Lace,” characterised by an undeniable erotic intensity,
a genuine sense of fun, Sarah’s beauty, classiness and obvious intelligence,
and her sheer enjoyment at being bound and gagged.

From practical considerations,
Harmony could only ever make available a small selection from Sarah’s extensive photographic portfolio.

At last, all of the Sarah Foster Tate images will be available at
where they will receive the care and attention they so richly deserve.

Many photo sequences will be appearing here for the first time,
others in their complete sets – and in full colour – at long last.

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