Shooting Star Stella

These pictures appeared in the first three issues of John Savage's Notebook in 1994. He called this model Stella and predicted she would be the next bondage superstar. Unfortunately, according to Mr. Savage, her husband didn't like her posing in bondage, so she retired after only one session with him. Mr. Savage sure knew what he was talking about when he raved about her appeal. It's not just her strawberry blond hair, her innocent blue eyes, or her long, lovely legs. Check out the range of expressions on her cover-girl face. I'd like to see her star in a remake of Barbarella, -- as long as it had plenty of bondage scenes in it!

If anybody out there knows how to get in touch with her husband,
so a few thousand of her fans can try reasoning with him, just email me.

You can see a lot more of Stella in the first three issues of John Savage's Notebook,
which is on sale now in my Magazine Market.

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