PhM's Tied Ladies
Posted: April 19, 2018

PhM is a French artist. I'll let him speak for himself:

My ladies are always wearing sexy outfits or underwear.
I put the emphasis on black, sheer, lacy bras; tight, shiny, leather or PVC skirts, and of course,
sheer pantyhose or stockings, preferably shoeless, especially with reinforced heels and toes stockings.
Of course, my girls are always tied up AND gagged. Gags may vary.

damsel in distress damsel in distress damsel in distress

The bondage is not very stringent, but at least strict.
I prefer sexy, provocative attitudes rather than acrobatic bondage positions.
Id like to think my ladies are very pretty girlfriends playing
damsel in distress roles for the pleasure of their lovers, rather than real captives.

damsel in distress damsel in distress damsel in distress

And now, PhM is photographing live girls, too!


And PhM was nice enough to do this drawing of me!

damsel in distress

Another site review and guest page done by michelle minx.


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