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Updated: February 1st, 2003

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Yesterday i was thrilled because we got such a great review at

"There seems to be a real stigma in society-at-large when it comes to the whole bondage genre... as of 1/29/03, a story broke on the internet involving one of America's many reality shows, this one being "Joe Millionaire", where female contestants are duped into vying to be the bride of this supposedly rich guy...

Rather than going after these types of shows for routinely lying to people, the press is going piranha on the fact that the final female contestant has apparently starred in some "tie-me-up" films.

This is exactly the thing that "Red" of Red's Realm of Romantic Restraint is trying to fight against. Stigmas and perceptions... Red would probably tell you that bondage is based on trust and love, which is the antithesis of its portrayal in the mainstream media... (more) "

Page one New York Daily News
i had heard about Sara on the net and thru chat and all. i didn't really pay it much mind until i received these pictures in the email. They are reported as having shown up in the New York Daily News...

For future reference; my friends can call me a "bondage babe," if they want to, but the New York Daily News cannot.
The girl works her way through law school modeling and then someone says "Sara hoped to go from gags to riches"! Oh yas i'm steamed! We all know the drill, someone is trying to make a buck off her hard work. They don't care what it does to her carrier. As far as they are concerned she can just suffer their bad jokes like "Her assets were all tied up".

So here's the wake up call guys: if she suffers then other women hear about it and they don't want to get tied up any more and just forget about the pictures. What are you going to do about it?

<-- Look at those eyes, is she beautiful or what?

  i looked over their site and the only contact information i could find was put like this...

Upon request, the Daily News will a) remove your personal information from our database; b) correct personal information that you state is erroneous; c) permit you to opt out of further email contact while still allowing you access to site. To request a correction or cancellation, or to ask a question regarding this policy, contact:


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