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Ashley Renee
September 8, 2002

*** Guest79511 is now known as ashleyrenee
(labrinzia) welcome ashleyrenee
(ashleyrenee) hi everyone:-)))
(melinasix) hi ashley
(ashleyrenee) sorry i'm late
(karen) hi ashleyrenee
(@icewindeagle) hi ashley, welcome to our place :)
(Vampi) Hello Ashley
(Dark-Guyver) hello ashleyrenee
(Archer) Hi Ashley
(Pygalgia) Hello ashley
(Ropelover) hello ashley
(tieduplady) hi
(Dark-Guyver) welcome
(@SirRed) Ah, there she is!
(Lucan) hello ashleyrenee
(El_Coyote) Hi, Ashley!
(`Lord_Tharak`) well hello ashleyrenee
(Entropy) Hi!
(Dixon) Hello Ashley!
(hangman) hello ashley
(ashleyrenee) hi !!!!!!!
(RoninNC) Hello Ashley, you owe me an E-mail babe.
(mikeyrad) lo ashley
(Adom) Hello again, ashley
(ashleyrenee) i do ronin?
(Vampi) so how is your night Ashley
(Dark-Guyver) nice to meet you
(ashleyrenee) hi adom
(ashleyrenee) dark!
(Dixon) I have one of ur earliest videos, ashley
(ashleyrenee) isn't red here?
(Lucan) greetings from England ashleyrenee
(@icewindeagle) yea he's here ashley
(El_Coyote) Getting any rain out there, ashley?
(Hywel) Hi Ashley (guess who is still jetlagged enough to be up at 2 am UK time??)
(Vampi) red is right there
(Dark-Guyver) yep said i would try to be on
(Gagger) Hello Ashley!!!!!!!!!!
(ashleyrenee) hi hywell!!
(@SirRed) Hi Ashley! I'm right here.
(Gagger) HUGS from Mexico
(ashleyrenee) i have our genie set up this week:-)
(ashleyrenee) hi red!!!
(@SirRed) genie?
(ashleyrenee) gagger
(@icewindeagle) snapshot! ltns ... how been?
(Hywel) Saw that... the tied together set has just gone up on Jasmine's site
(@snapshot) hiya!
(RoninNC) Ashley how long did you hang upside down for your latest series?
(ashleyrenee) great!!
(@SirRed) Hi Hywel!
(Gagger) Hey Ashley, may I ask u something about gags???
(Dark-Guyver) hi snapshot
(Vampi) Ok well I should be heading out night all
(Archer) Welcome to the room Ashley, nice to meet you
(Bill_Wa) Hello MsRenee, how very nice to meet you :{)
(@icewindeagle) wb tied_maybe
(ashleyrenee) about an hour an a half head started to spin...LOL
(El_Coyote) See ya, Vampi!
(Tape) Hey ash how's it goin?
(tied_maybe) ty
(@icewindeagle) later Vampi, take care
(ashleyrenee) nice to meet you too bill:-))
(James) Greetings all
* `Lord_Tharak` returns to watch the screen rip bye
(karen) hi ashley
(RoninNC) I bet, headache time, LOL
(ashleyrenee) hi tape....pretty good and you?
(Vampi) nice meeting you ash
(@SirRed) It's a little crowded, Ashley, but I warned you it would be! :)
(Gagger) Ashley, u like extreme exaggerate gags???
(ashleyrenee) vampi are you leaving??
(Tape) doin dandy here
(@icewindeagle) hey MaskedHero
(James) Greetings Ashley
(hi) what is your favorite position?
(Pygalgia) ashely , you are so limber and fit, Do you have an exercise program?
(MaskedHero) Hiya icey
(Vampi) I have to do a bunch of things
(Dark-Guyver) good night /morning Vampi
(Vampi) I did say hello
(ashleyrenee) i'm not a great typer so i hope you'll have patience with me:-)
(Vampi) it is night here Dark
(Gagger) HEY, we all have lots of questions!!!
(Hywel) :-) Kinda hectic isn't it??
(RoninNC) Oh Ya no problem
(Dark-Guyver) morning here i think once i wake up
(ashleyrenee) i kickbox everyday and lift wieghts!!!
(El_Coyote) Controlled Confusion ... :)
(labrinzia) everyone is just thrilled that you are here no worries i am sure! :)
(Pygalgia) Its your type not your typing we addmire
(`Lord_Tharak`) don't feel bad ashleyrenee......we all suffer from keyboard dyslexia
(ashleyrenee) hike and do tae-bo
(@icewindeagle) no prob ashley, just kick back and relax ... this is a good place for that
(hi) that is alright with me
(James) To have both Red and Miss Renee in the same place is truly an Honor
(ashleyrenee) thanks lord:-))
(@icewindeagle) hi crystal
(Dixon) amen James
(karen) is it true you like sushi Ashley?
(RoninNC) Good idea
(@icewindeagle) calm down off the caps, Gagger ... lol
(ashleyrenee) thank you so much james.....
(mikeyrad) that's "bombarding"
(Gagger) Sorry mikeyrad
(ashleyrenee) i'm a sushi fanatic karen.....:-)))
(tied_maybe) ashleerenee may I send you a pm
(@SirRed) Me too.
(ashleyrenee) whew.....alittle break...LOL
(James) wow talk about a PACKED house
(ashleyrenee) sure tied!
(RoninNC) Well, there's no fat on that body for sure.
(hi) what else do you like
(mikeyrad) mmmmmm... you said....
(ashleyrenee) tyhanks ronin....guys always say that when they come up to me in the gym...LOL
(El_Coyote) Quick question, Ashley, did you ever get that email from me? I sent it about the time you were having all your 'puter problems.
(janet42ddd) hi everyone
(crystal) is that really ashley renee
(mikeyrad) if only they knew...
(janet42ddd) hi ice
* Bill_Wa scurries up to hus rafter perch, and avoids the overcavorting down below
(ashleyrenee) no.coyote i didn't,i'm sorry can you resend it?
* `Lord_Tharak` pushes Bill out of HIS rafters
(`Lord_Tharak`) full
(Pygalgia) ashley, what type of exercise program do you use?
(El_Coyote) 3Sure thing... will be sending it in a few minutes...
(ashleyrenee) i don't feel famous....even ask red and vampi
(Vampi) seems your email is too weird these days Ash
(James) Ashley, I want to let you know ( im sure you get this
alot) But I mean this when I say, that you are one of the most talented Models Ive ever had the pleaseure of seeing
* janet42ddd walks into the room, breasts swaying, heels clicking
(pete) I noticed that everyone from bedroom bondage is very must be a great place to work..
* Bill_Wa goes back up to His perch.
(Vampi) Your an Icon Ash
(`Lord_Tharak`) Laughing Out Loud
(Vampi) wish you would just give into it
* icewindeagle just relaxes in his recliner with labby ... just watching ...
(Dixon) Ashley, u r the best since Bettie Page
(ashleyrenee) thank you so much for appreciating me james...i've had lots of practise\\\
* janet42ddd takes a seat watches, listens
(Gagger) Hey, Ash, may I ask u something privately???
(ashleyrenee) practice
(mikeyrad) now THAT's a compliment!!!
(ashleyrenee) LOL
(pete) actually..oceana is the best betty page
(Gagger) Ash?
* labrinzia snuggles back...smiling as she watches...
(ashleyrenee) wow......that's truely an honor to hear dixon!
(tieduplady) ashley may i ask you something?
(`Lord_Tharak`) hey ashley.....who's your fav model?
(ashleyrenee) sure gagger
(`Lord_Tharak`) hey Brucie
(Brucie) hello
(Dixon) i have been into bondage for 48 yars, ashley
(@snapshot) hi brucie
(ashleyrenee) sure tieduplady:-)
(@icewindeagle) yea, amen to that, Dix
(@icewindeagle) hey Brucie
(Dixon) years
(ashleyrenee) ask me anything
(`Lord_Tharak`) thought i did?
(tieduplady) how long are you into bondage or do you do it only as a pro modell?
(ashleyrenee) i think the metal ring-gag is pretty effective...don't you think so?
(Adom) Pete, no pm's without asking
(hi) what is your strongest tie?
(Dixon) I ove them ashley
(James) Dang this could get confusing
(Pygalgia) ash-have you done any show business besies bondage model?
(Dixon) love
(Dixon) make my own
(tied_maybe) ashley you like to be tied in tape
(ashleyrenee) i'm a real player that means i'm not just a model....:-P
* icewindeagle grins ... its quite effective ... very versatile too
(tieduplady) :-)))
(labrinzia) mmhmmmmmmmmmmm
* Bill_Wa tosses a can of his favorite beverage to LT
(ashleyrenee) that's true gagger
(Dark-Guyver) what goes through your mind when your tied up
(Vampi) well, I have to go, hope today goes good
(Bill_Wa) see ya Impy
(`Lord_Tharak`) oooh....tanx
(ashleyrenee) i just love to be gagged no matter what...
* icewindeagle smiles and gives labby a soft kiss on the neck ... cuddling her up close to him ...
(@icewindeagle) later Vampi
(Dark-Guyver) bye vampi
(ashleyrenee) thanks vampi
(El_Coyote) See ya, Vampi!
(RoninNC) Darn the perfect woman tied up and gaged
(Vampi) later Ice, going to get some Pasta or something before they all close
(James) whats your Favorite Gag Miss Renee
(James) ??
(@icewindeagle) good call man
(mikeyrad) gawd what a wonderful statement
(Vampi) You never have to thank me Ash remember
* melinasix squirms on Lucans lap
(ashleyrenee) it takes me awhile to answer questions so just be patient with me....k??
(@icewindeagle) lol ... slow down folks ... bog the poor lady down ...
(hi) no problem,ashley
(ashleyrenee) i really love chin-strap ball-gags...and head harnessess.....
(James) ooooo Me too
(Bill_Wa) Well, it looks like it's time for BurgerKing to get more of my money. Have a great night all, and ashleyrenee, a real pleasure to meet someone I have enjoyed, fare thee weel Sweet Lady, and may you live a life the Angels envy
(mrs_grading_papers) Okay, I'm getting swamped with uninvited pm's... talk to the model, please
(ashleyrenee) i feel like i have power ( for a change) when i wear them
(Ropelover) they look great ashley
(Tape) LOL mrs
* Bill_Wa Ketch Yawl Schooner or later down the road, Must DASH-80, BOEING to play R/L, Have Fun :{)
(Vampi) El you have a great one, Email me
(Lucan) hello bindVicki
(@icewindeagle) take it easy, Bill
(Archer) Nite Bill, good exit bud
(Dark-Guyver) hey hugs Bill_Wa hun
(@icewindeagle) hiya Vicki! *hugs*
(Bill_Wa) hun?
(bindVicki) oh my...45 visitors!!! *hugs all her friends*
(ashleyrenee) night ballgagger
(kirstinj) peekaboo!
(Adom) Hi, BVicki
(Bill_Wa) down DG, people will talk, lol
(Dark-Guyver) whoops hugs bindVicki
(Tape) Hey Vicki
(Lucan) GGgggrrrrrrrr bindVicki
(@icewindeagle) The rule of this room is to ask permission IN ROOM before PM'ing a chatter, amongst those of normal etiquette ... follow this rule or be kicked from the lobby, plain and simple
(@icewindeagle) thank ya :)
(El_Coyote) Vamp: Will do!
(tied_maybe) Mrs_grading_papers may I pm
(bindVicki) Hey y'all and woof woof Lucan!
(RoninNC) Ashley have you quit doing Adult films?
(@icewindeagle) lol ... maybe I should make that a little popup a lil more friendly ....
(crystal) my husband will never believe this is really ashley renee
(Ropelover) ashley are yo still working for Harmony?
(kirstinj) wowwie lots of people
* bindVicki curtsies to her fav demon
(ashleyrenee) yes ronin...actually i'm going to start putting out a line of videos with sadie belle
(Dixon) soon?
(ashleyrenee) it really is me though...LOL
(RoninNC) Thats sounds great!
(James) Ashley whats your Favorite postion to bound in?
(@Jesterr) I believe its Ashley...I kinda doubt its the real Sir Red tho....
(ashleyrenee) were in the process of working on them now...
(`Lord_Tharak`) hey vicki....*HUGS*
(@SirRed) lol
(bindVicki) hehehe Jesterr
(Dixon) way to go!
(mrs_grading_papers) Hiya, Jesterr
(ashleyrenee) 13hi jesterr
(bindVicki) hi guest
(@Jesterr) hello mrs_grading_papers
(Dixon) I have lots of ur videos
(mrs_grading_papers) Hi, Jesterr
(Vampi) later all good night
(pete) hey ashley..whats your favorite gag
(@Jesterr) and its definitely an imatation me
(ashleyrenee) i talked sadie into shocking people...LOL
(kirstinj) Yeah you never know about that SirRed guy... they always pop in say 1 line, then disappear
(@icewindeagle) lol ... well that's ... good, ashley
(ashleyrenee) that's really red!
* icewindeagle grins
(@icewindeagle) hey cassigagged
* Archer grins
(@Jesterr) looks pinkish to me
(bindVicki) hi cassi
(James) Hey Ashley?
(mikeyrad) ummm I actually have a question after the flood subsides
(`Lord_Tharak`) Laughing Out Loud
(ashleyrenee) james?
(@SirRed) Ashley, I understand almost all the modelling you're doing these days is just for a few web sites, is that
(James) What is your Fav bondage Position?
* melinasix waves
(@icewindeagle) wb mel
(kirstinj) hihi SirRed, hihi icewindeagle, hihi ashleyrenee, hihi everyone *mass huggles*
(labrinzia) Welcome Back!
(ashleyrenee) ask away mykeyrad
(bindVicki) hi TNH...mel!!! *hugs*
(Lucan) wb melinasix
(melinasix) *smooch eagle
* melinasix climbs back up on Lucans lap
(Lucan) hello jamielynn
(@icewindeagle) hi jamielynn
(ashleyrenee) i think my favorite position will always be a strapado.....
* icewindeagle smooches on mel
(@icewindeagle) hiya kirstin :)
(pete) hey ashley
(Ropelover) hello jamielynn
(@icewindeagle) hey Guest
(ashleyrenee) and any type of suspension....i love that feeling
(James) Might I ask why is that?
(labrinzia) stapado ashleyrenee!!! :)
(@icewindeagle) hi SwitchtressSandra
(bindVicki) love suspensions too ashley :-))
(@SirRed) Aren't strappados painful? They look painful?
(melinasix) I dont know what a stapado is!!!!!!
(bindVicki) hi Sandra
* kirstinj loves strappados too
(mikeyrad) you're quite a drooler--but i didn't notice it in your earlier work--what's up with that?
(cassigagged) hi everyone
(@icewindeagle) yea ... adds a whole other dimension to the bondage ...
(SwitchtressSandra) Hello everybody. *Waves*
(pete) hey cassigagged
(mikeyrad) not that I'm complaining...
(Dark-Guyver) helo SwitchtressSandra
(ashleyrenee) nothing feels so incredible than bieng so helpless....
(James) I can imangine it being the most painful pose
(bindVicki) arms behind, pulled up making you bend over mel :-))
(James) i see
(kirstinj) arms behind the back, and pulled up so your forced to bend over and stick out your bum melinasix
(Hywel) Strappado is arms hoisted behind your back
(tieduplady) arms on the back standing bend over melina
(cphill) hello everyone
(@icewindeagle) strappado is basically hands behind with them pulled up, so you're bent over ...
(ashleyrenee) LOL
(melinasix) thanks vicki
(@icewindeagle) but there's tons and tons of variations ... *thinking of writing a book*
(James) well at least everyoine know what a strappado is now
(hi) how long do you plan to do this?
(ashleyrenee) do what hi?
(pete) Ashley...whats your favorite GAG
(@icewindeagle) lol, three times over, even James
(@Jesterr) time for nosey question #134 (collect the whole set) Have you ever had a scene go wrong?
(ashleyrenee) chin strap ball gag pete
(Archer) There will be a test later
(hi) bondage
(ashleyrenee) never jesterr...hard to believe huh?
(bindVicki) lol Archer
* melinasix takes notes from Lucans lap
(pete) whats upHI
(mikeyrad) my question was swept away by the flood
(cassigagged) hi Switches Sandrs
(crystal) ashley i can not open a pm window could you pm me
(RoninNC) Ashley have you ever thought of writing a book of you expierences?
* James ahs
(SwitchtressSandra) Howdy.
(ashleyrenee) forever if that's possible hi.....
(Tape) ever been mummified Ashley?
(@Jesterr) nactually, its great to hear. The only error I had in bondage is when the FIRST girl I tied sat on the scissors and pierced her butt
(kirstinj) ouch!
(Dark-Guyver) ow
(crystal) oh no ouch
(labrinzia) what is the longest you have been suspended ashley?
(@SirRed) Yeah, I'll bet your autobiography would really sell, Ashley. Ever thought of writing it?
(melinasix) yipes
(bindVicki) yikes Jesterr!
(cassigagged) opps.....i sure cant type...can i.....hi SwitchressSandra
(ashleyrenee) of course tape....i've done just about eveything by now...LOL
(Dixon) I was 14 and nervous
(James) Nice
*** mrs_grading_papers is now known as the_mrs
(Dixon) almost couldn't get her untied
(`Lord_Tharak`) wb the_mrs
(SwitchtressSandra) How're you?
(James) is there anything that you havent done that you want to do, Asley?
(bindVicki) hi guests
(ashleyrenee) i had a writer ask me to do my autobiography...but i didn't think i was that interesting....
(cassigagged) fine...u?
(@icewindeagle) I think you'd be surprised, ashley
(SwitchtressSandra) Doing alright!
(the_mrs) Shhh, never left... the "grading papers" tag was attracting all these "I always fantasized of tying my teacher" guys
(RoninNC) Well, let us be the judge of that, write it!
(mikeyrad) oh yeah ":not that interesting"
(kirstinj) Well Ashley, look at all the questions people are asking, your obviously of interest to us :)
(Dixon) write it ashley!
(@Jesterr) I've always fantasized about tying Adom...I need help
(Hywel) :-) Now *THAT* proves it is the real Ashley! Not that interesting!!! Pah!
(ashleyrenee) he's the same writer that wrote for arnold shwartsanagger...however you spell his name...LOL
(James) YOu have a fan club
(`Lord_Tharak`) Laughing Out Loud
(cassigagged) cool
(`Lord_Tharak`) lmao Jesterr
(James) hehhe
(@icewindeagle) lol Jesterr
(Archer) First of all, it's a pleasure to have you here Ashley, thanks for coming. How did you get into doing this for a living? Was it a plan, or did you kind of fall into it?
(mikeyrad) swartzenegger means "black ploughman"
(cassigagged) almost forgot..hi pete
(mikeyrad) heh
(@Jesterr) Ashley, If you want a humorous version written...I'm available
(ashleyrenee) no james...i only have my site i really put alot of effort into my work!
(RoninNC) Hey if it was illustrated it would sell, LOL.
(labrinzia) Laughing Out Loud
(kirstinj) lol yeah
(James) and let me say, its AWESOME at that
(@icewindeagle) and ya do really good work, ashley
(ashleyrenee) thank you so much ice
(hi) how many offers have you had to do an autobiography?
* bindVicki agrees with the eagle :-))
(mikeyrad) so ashley--you weren't always such a drooler
(bindVicki) hi guests
(Hywel) Hey, can I do the illustrations??? (IOU some portraits!)
(mikeyrad) not that i'm complaining
(El_Coyote) As for a book, I know I'd buy a copy (or two...LOL)
(kirstinj) *nodnod* You do great work Ashley :)
(ashleyrenee) i was always a drooler but sometimes i ask the photographer to whip it
(labrinzia) i think everyone is here because they agree she does wonderful work!!
(RoninNC) What a coffee table piece,LOL
(`Lord_Tharak`) so back to MY question(which never got answered....who's your favorate model to work with and or for?
(ashleyrenee) wipe...i mean...LOL
(mikeyrad) aahhhh
(@icewindeagle) lol ... sure ya did, ashley
(@SirRed) I'd love to see that, Hywel!
(Tape) Freudin slip
* icewindeagle grins ... it was just subliminal
(kirstinj) lol
(mikeyrad) too bad--glad you don't do that now....:)
(Adom) Hiya, Blazer
(labrinzia) hehehehe
(ashleyrenee) lord...i really like jewel marceau...
(@Jesterr) Naaaah, I'm here for the coffeee
(Hywel) I'll do the Red, promise! Just got 2000 pics from our shoot to process first!
(@SirRed) I hear you did some of your really classy pix of Ashley recently.
(Hywel) sorry do "them". Blame the jetlag!
(@SirRed) I WILL be getting some of those to post on the Realm, right?
(ashleyrenee) but that's a really hard question to answer since all the girls are so unique and incredible...cory lane is my new favorite
(hi) you are really easy to talk to,ashley
(El_Coyote) OK, Ashley, you should be getting my email soon... resent it!
(James) wow, a lapse
(`Lord_Tharak`) kewl(and just LT......but most call me bat boy....have know idea why though)
(@icewindeagle) hey Guests ... all of ya ... go ahead and type /nick then the name you want to join the more ....
identified ... of us :)
(`Lord_Tharak`) Laughing Out Loud
(ashleyrenee) thank you ashley fan:-)
(Hywel) Last week- first results up on her site now, on my site next week and on Jasmine Sinclair's site today
(kirstinj) *smile* You, Eve Ellis, and Jewel Marceau have been some of my favorite models for a while now Ashley :)
(James) hmmm
(Hywel) (Jasmine and I went to Los Angeles courtesy of Ashley- thanks, Ashley!)
(ashleyrenee) wow...thank you kirstinj!!(br)
(James) Strange
(ASHLEY) ashley you are simply the best and so adorable
(ashleyrenee) that's a compliment..i don't see much of eve anymore:-(
(Hywel) And Red, as soon as I've processed some, you'll get a BIG email of pics, OK?
(@snapshot) g'night all..............
* bindVicki hugs all her friends and slips out the door
(Dark-Guyver) night snapshot
(@icewindeagle) later snapshot, good seein ya again
(crystal) my husband got me an outfit like one he saw you in for our wedding night
(@icewindeagle) seeya Vicki
(Adom) Ciao, snapshot
(ashleyrenee) thank you for coming hywell....your awesome to work with and such an incredible person!
(`Lord_Tharak`) night vicki love
(@SirRed) I'll be watching for those!
(labrinzia) night vicki!
(ashleyrenee) which one crystal??
(Hywel) BLUSH!!!
(kirstinj) Yeah, I saw a picture of you and Jasmine together today :)
(Ropelover) ashley, is Chelsea Phiefier still doing bondge videos?
(Tape) Love that purple set Corey did with eve Ashley
* icewindeagle gives her a hug and a tail feather on the way out
(Dark-Guyver) hmm
(ashleyrenee) what did you think kirtinji?
(hi) how do you spend your spare time?
(LovesAshley) Hello ashley want to say how great you are
(crystal) a white corset and a white armbinder
(kirstinj) I like it :)
(ashleyrenee) isn't cory incredible?
(LovesAshley) you are most increddible
(`Lord_Tharak`) hey NT
(ashleyrenee) she's opening her new site this week
(@SirRed) Yeah, Ashley, tell us what you like
to do when your not modelling.
(TNropes) Hello, LT
(ashleyrenee) thank you!!!
(El_Coyote) 3Inquiring minds wanna know... :)
(Dark-Guyver) wb Blazer
(`Lord_Tharak`) wb Blazer
(Blazer) Thank You
(Blazer) Thank You
(LovesAshley) ash I have a request for some bondage next time---take requests?
(ashleyrenee) i'm the hopeless romantic type...i love quiet evenings with friends...dinner movies....
(ashleyrenee) anything that's intimate!
(Dark-Guyver) Cool
(Blazer) Ok. Now I'm in love lol
(@Jesterr) you like mailmen?????
(LovesAshley) hot air ballon ride
(RoninNC) Gee wonder how we guessed that.
(@icewindeagle) ah ... another hopeless romantic :)
(@Jesterr) hey, I can ask...(get kicked, but ask...)
(mikeyrad) how bout an airplane ride ashley-- I can accomodate ;)\?
* labrinzia smiles..there is a few of us i guess....
(@icewindeagle) lol Jesterr
(tieTammiup) hi all
(@icewindeagle) hey James
(hi) do you get to have alot of quiet time?
(Archer) Hi tammi
(James) Im back sorry all
(ashleyrenee) hi tammiup
* icewindeagle nods ... guess so baby ...
(James) Hate to miss any of Ashley
(LovesAshley) a sin to miss ashley
(Guest53425) I'd like to say hi to sir red, thanks for your great web site
(tieTammiup) hi Archer..ashleyrenee
(mikeyrad) I still am waiting for a model to want to do a set in an airplane
(ashleyrenee) i do have little quiet time but i need more...i'm getting exhauted these days
(RoninNC) You are really brave to include your Diarys on your site.
(James) an opprutunity to Mingle with one of the greats is one not to be missed
(mikeyrad) or at least a photographer
(LovesAshley) you like to travel ashley? favorite place or place you want to travel to?
(ashleyrenee) you do have a great website red!!
(`Lord_Tharak`) ok....i'm off.....angels to hunt....souls to good....or good at being bad
(El_Coyote) Seems to me there's a great bunch in here, I might become a regular. Whatcha think?
(Lucan) hi tieTammiup
(@icewindeagle) yea ... that's gotta be a rough schedule you're running on
(tieTammiup) hi Lucan
(Hywel) Hey mikeyrad... do you have a plane available then???
(Dark-Guyver) ashleyrenee is like a rose with a beauty that everyone knows. to her fans she is so dear and where so happy to have you here
(@icewindeagle) sounds good to me, El_Coyote
(melinasix) hope so, Coyote
(ashleyrenee) i know huh ronin...i just tell the world how i feel like it or not...LOL
(hi) will you be taking a break soon?
(@icewindeagle) hey Viper
(mikeyrad) yes I DO
(melinasix) Viper!!!
(Guest53425) ashley, i remember the very first picture of you i ever saw...
(Blazer) Hey, WmViper
(Adom) Hiya, Viper
(ashleyrenee) thank you!!!!
(WmViper) hello eagle hi melina **hugs**
(mikeyrad) interested?
(Dixon) come and visit the Black Hills ashley
(ashleyrenee) don't say it guest...LOL
(WmViper) hey Adom
(labrinzia) said you loved suspension...what is it about it that you love...and what is the longest you have been suspended?
(LovesAshley) ashley........favorite place to visit?
(WmViper) good evening Blazer
(Hywel) Whereabouts are you, Mikeyrad... I'm based in the UK but have trips to the USA occasionally... photoset on a plane sounds FUN!
(RoninNC) Well it's an incite that most wouldn't want to shre.
(Guest53425) you were in blue jeans and you were gorgeous!
(@Jesterr) and did they admit you back into school?
(kirstinj) Oh that reminds me Ashley, a friend of mine and I had been talking about bondage(she was just starting to get interested in bondage) She loved the pictures you did for bedroombondage with you in a strappado in that purple maids outfit :p
(mikeyrad) hmmmm-well I live in Maine
(kirstinj) wow... that came out longer then I thought
(ashleyrenee) i've been suspended for a couple hours before's like the biggest adrenilin rush in the world
(mikeyrad) but the airplane travels all around the country while I'm in it
(James) LOL
(kirstinj) That's a pretty long time
(LovesAshley) upside down more fun for me
(Tape) Hey WmViper
(mikeyrad) i'm in dallas right now
(WmViper) howdy Tape\
(Hywel) Hmmmm. Email me, mikeyrad:
(ashleyrenee) tell het thank you for me kirstinj
(labrinzia) wow...yea...that is a long what position were you suspended for that long?
(hi) how long are you with us,tonight,ashley?
(@icewindeagle) just so ya know, ashley, I think tonight's an unofficial record for capacity in here, its a pleasure to
have you chatting with us
(@icewindeagle) hey Guest
(ashleyrenee) upside down suspension is easier for me for some reason..
(WmViper) hey labby, looking to get suspended
(kirstinj) She got tied up for the first time when one of our friends went to visit her... a few more times and she'll be as much an addict as the rest of us :P
(James) Well how can you blame the public, Its Ashley
(Ashley) Ashley Fan
(Dark-Guyver) don't it hurt being suspended
(LovesAshley) legs are strionger than arms............whats toughest bondage position u been in?
* icewindeagle nods, truth, James
(ashleyrenee) thank you ice...the pleasure is all mine...forreal!!
(James) thats a good one
(James) what is the toughest position youve been in?
(ashleyrenee) hmmmmmmmm...toughest???
(@icewindeagle) hey Ashley Fan ... it won't let you have spaces in your name ... try Ashley-Fan or Ashley_Fan
(El_Coyote) I heard one time that upside down suspension was good for the back... true?
(ashleyrenee) wrist suspensions are always pretty tough cause my shoulder blades burn....
(@icewindeagle) hey Lucan
(Ashley) ashleyfan
(melinasix) wb Lucan *hops on your lap*
(ashleyrenee) it feels sooooooo good coyote
(@icewindeagle) yea ... I do better with ankle suspension too
(Ashleyfanatic) toughtest position for you in bondage ashley what was it
(El_Coyote) I'd be afraid to try it... I've had enough of my parts damaged/destroyed over the years... :)
(@icewindeagle) lol El ... you'd think I'd learn too
(labrinzia) Laughing my @$$ off
(@icewindeagle) but I'm still in that young indestructable mindset
(ashleyrenee) it's always tough when i have a corset on with hands tied over head because i have a huge rib cage and i can't breathe...
* icewindeagle never gonna die ;)
(hi) How did you get into doing bondage,Ashley
(labrinzia) thank god...
(Ashley) Ashley do you mix in sex with submission?
(El_Coyote) It's not being dropped on the head (I've cracked a few pieces of concrete... LOL!), it's the back that I'd be afraid of!
(@Jesterr) breathing is over rated
(Ashleyfanatic) you are hot in corsets for sure
(ashleyrenee) last week was hard just for lack of oxygen...
(Ashleyfanatic) what would it take for you to allow me to be in bondage with you????
(ashleyrenee) i was always submissive...grew up that way just natural i guess....
(crystal) i love corsets
(@SirRed) Ouch, that sounds too much like crusifiction!
(mikeyrad) on it's way Hywel
(ashleyrenee) my friend said she knew simone devon so i started modeling for her and the rest is history
(Ashley) Ashley, whatever you do don't hurt yourself.
(@icewindeagle) well, all those efforts are for sure appreciated, ashley
(Ashleyfanatic) 4Possible to be bound with you -- not seeking sex but just to be bound with you by whoever
(Pygalgia) you have an exercise program?
(El_Coyote) Ashley, think the first message got lost, but email's on the way...
(Ropelover) was your friend a bondage model too ashley?
(TNropes) and some of the first bondage mags I ever got were Simone Devon with You in them , Miss Renee. and I was hooked for life.
(ashleyrenee) lately i think i've been working too hard cause my muscles are twitching right hywell???...LOL
(crystal) be careful ashley
(Dark-Guyver) well we are all most grateful for the wonderful pleasure you have given us with such brilliant modeling
(Ashleyfanatic) 4who ties the tightest? Davis?
(Tape) Alot of people say they are born into this ashley
(ashleyrenee) thank you so much tnropes...that's the nicest thing i heard someone say:-)
(El_Coyote) Take it easy on yourself, Ashley...
(RoninNC) Thats not the only thing you make twitch! LOL
(hi) what is the worst you have been injured?
(TNropes) you are very welcomed
(El_Coyote) Here's a big question, Ashley: Going to BondCon this year?
(ashleyrenee) i believe that's true's kinda like bieng straight or gay...LOL
(ashleyrenee) you just know it all along
(Tape) exactly
(kirstenWuvsAshleyToo) or caught in the middle? :P
(James) i agree
(@icewindeagle) hi debneedstied
(ashleyrenee) i'm not going to bond con...i'm too scared
(debneedstied) hi icewindeagle
(Ropelover) hi deb
(debneedstied) hi ropelover
(WmViper) too scared???
(Tape) everybody remembers those first feelings
(Adom) Some just get awakened later
(Ashleyfanatic) ever get into self bondage not that you would have a hard time finding partner
(RoninNC) You are the shy one!
(Hywel) Hey Ashley are you still having the twitching??? That sounds really bad! :-(
(ashleyrenee) i'm shy in crowds...besides what if i'm dissapointing in person:-(
(James) NO CHance
(@icewindeagle) I'd say that's a little more than doubtful, ashley
* icewindeagle grins
(RoninNC) I doubt that !
(Ashleyfanatic) You could never disappoint anybody in person by looks or personality
(@icewindeagle) hey i
(Dixon) u could never be disaspointing
(Tape) Whats this Ashley?
(mikeyrad) you know that's funny--I met slave dove totally by accident one day and she was WICKED shy
(ashleyrenee) yes's scaring me...but i think i'm just over-working my muscles
(kirstenWuvsAshleyToo) I feel the same way Ashley... I'm always too scared to meet people I met over the net for that kind of reason
(TNropes) Miss Renee, ask Darla about BondConNYC, you might want to change your mind.
(El_Coyote) No... you could never be disappointing in person!
You've got a wonderful personality!
(Dark-Guyver) ashleyr
(Hywel) :-( Sounds bad- did ya see someone about it yet?
(kirstenWuvsAshleyToo) And i'm not even famous.. I can't even imagine that...
(WmViper) like being disappointed is remotely possible
(crystal) please be careful ashley
(@icewindeagle) wb EvilVisa
(i) i agree
(melinasix) wb Evil
(ashleyrenee) thankscoyote...rachel paine says i look just like my pictures....
(Ashleyfanatic) spank ya for thinknig such a thing
(crystal) twitching is not good
(@SirRed) Too bad our resident doctor isn't here tonight.
(ashleyrenee) :-))
(Ropelover) night all
(Ashley) Ashley who would say are the newest bondage models with potential to be stars?
(EvilVisa) thx mel and iwe
(Ropelover) good night ashley great talkingwith you..keep up the great work
(@icewindeagle) yea, shame ... but twitching muscles is a pretty solid sign of strain
(ashleyrenee) i know sir red...we can get free advice
(@icewindeagle) later Rl
(Dark-Guyver) ashleyrenee don't put your self down your are who you are and people should respect that
(James) AShley, This has been a most high honor Chatting with you, I hope to see ALOT more of you in the future, I wish I could stay and chat more. YOu are truly wonderful and Thank you
(ashleyrenee) thanks for coming ropelover!
(El_Coyote) I've gotten twitches from overwork and lack of rest. Take some time off, Ashley... you owe it to yourself!
(Ropelover) my pleasure
(James) tah tah all
(ashleyrenee) thank you james....and honor to meet you as well
(Ashleyfanatic) Ash you bring BDSM to new exciting levles only other could wish to obtain
(Hywel) Ashley's being her usual over modest self BTW, she is *NOT* a disappointment in person!!!!!
(kirstenWuvsAshleyToo) Maybe twitches are like headaches... sex is a cure for headaches... *whistles innocently*
(ashleyrenee) night james
(RoninNC) We don't need you getting exhausted or discouraged.
(@icewindeagle) lol kirstin
(labrinzia) Do you get recognized and approached often in public ashleyrenee?
(mikeyrad) Hywel you get my mail?
(ashleyrenee) thank you HYWELL
(@icewindeagle) hey TNH
(ashleyrenee) sometimes labrizia
(ashleyrenee) but they always say i look really familiar...LOL
(WmViper) lots of us kinky folks, huh
(labrinzia) is it disconcerting to you?
(Blazer) Laughing Out Loud
(Ashleyfanatic) 4when you fly what do you do to not be seen? anything?
(dbeneedstied) hi all
(Husker-Du) hi db
(Blazer) Hey, Husker-Du
(Husker-Du) hi guest
(@icewindeagle) lol ... go figure ... what we do is still kinda taboo, after all
(Husker-Du) hello Blazer
(Dark-Guyver) ashleyrenee twitches could be pressure on the nerves
(@icewindeagle) hey Husker
*** Guest48702 is now known as jimmartin
(Husker-Du) hi eagle
(labrinzia) or is most comment flattering (as they well should be!)
(ashleyrenee) i love to be recognized....then i know they love bondage too!
(mikeyrad) yeah if we "spotted" you would it be OK to come and say hello?
(Husker-Du) hi Con
(EvilVisa) hey HD
(Husker-Du) hi Visa
(Ashleyfanatic) true
(Hywel) Hi Mikeyrad yes, replying in due course... mail server playing up
(melinasix) hey Con
(hi) good night,ashley renee
(jimmartin) hey ashley.. its me jim(br)
(ashleyrenee) of course...i'm not ashamed of who i am
(Husker-Du) hi Guest
(ashleyrenee) hi husker du!
(Ashley) ashley, have you considered a preview page on your site?
(ashleyrenee) night hi...
(Ashleyfanatic) sometimes stardom can be a bother that is all
(Husker-Du) hey there ya doing??
(mikeyrad) mmmmmm--hope i run into ya;)
(Adom) She has one
(Con) Hi husky
(ashleyrenee) thanks for chatting with me
(RoninNC) Yu shoud be proud of who you are and what you have done!
(Txpine) hey Red...maybe just a pic of Ashley on a shirt is all we need...
(Husker-Du) we are always happy to chat with an icon like you, ashleyrenee
(ashleyrenee) me too...mikey
(Con) hugggggggs melina
(@SirRed) lol Good idea!
(hi) no problem
(Hywel) Hi Jim, Jasmine says sorry again for pulling out of the shoot :-(
(ashleyrenee) i have some of those txpine...
(Dark-Guyver) well i have to say your as nice in person as you are in your pics
(Ashleyfanatic) ASH if u ever need an upgrade to first class on your flight let me know I work for airlines
(Txpine) mmmm...sounds great....
(ashleyrenee) hey jim!!!
(Ashley) Ashley, I should have asked have you considered a comming soon page? I'm nervous I guess
(@SirRed) Are they for sale on your site, Ashley?
(ashleyrenee) really ashleyfanatic...
(mikeyrad) well I'm flying to San jose tomorrow--night all
(jimmartin) cory's gonna sign on in a sec
(@icewindeagle) later mikeyrad
(ashleyrenee) that could come in handy...LOL
(Husker-Du) night mike
(mikeyrad) hope to hook up with ya hywell
(kirstinj) Oh, Hywel, tell Jasmine she's one of my new favorite models, I love the pictures i've seen her in :)
(Archer) Nite mikeyrad
(Ashleyfanatic) Yes free flights can be there as well
(Dark-Guyver) night mikeyrad
(ashleyrenee) will you email me....i'm going to take advantage of that...LOL
(@Jesterr) ~~~I can get you a discount on stamps~~~
(labrinzia) Laughing Out Loud
(@icewindeagle) I can get you a discount on the damned airplane
(Ashleyfanatic) 4SERIOUS? I would love to help you
* Archer grins
(RoninNC) LOL
(Dark-Guyver) Laughing Out Loud
(@icewindeagle) LOL
(ashleyrenee) LOLLLLLLLLLL
(Txpine) LOL....just don't go postal Jesterr....
(labrinzia) Laughing my @$$ off
(@SirRed) Ashley, did you say you had t-shirts with your picture on the them for sale on your site?
* icewindeagle grins
(Ashleyfanatic) 4you know the saying marry me fly for free
(ashleyrenee) will you email me ashley fanatic??
(ashleyrenee) LOLLLLLLLL
(El_Coyote) LOLOL
(labrinzia) design one just for her huh, love?
(Ashleyfanatic) certainly how will u know it is me?
(ashleyrenee) is jim martin here?
(Hywel) Hi Kirsinj, I will do, thanks! Jasmine's off shooting in France right now or she'd be here too
(Husker-Du) re hi jim
(ashleyrenee) tell me you were ashley fanatic...i'll know:-)
(kirstinj) hehe, she sure does travel :)
(jimmartin) i just got bounced out
(Ashleyfanatic) 4ASH my email is love2bind on yahoo ok
(Husker-Du) hi hangman
(Dixon) gonna run
(@icewindeagle) heheh ... it'd be the sleekest plane ever ... but the outside would be nuthin compared to the interior
(Archer) See ya Dix, watch the cards, no tells
(labrinzia) mmmmmmmmmmm
(@icewindeagle) wb jim
(Dixon) very nice to chat with u ashley
(Dixon) thank u
(hangman) hi husker-du
(@icewindeagle) later Dix
(labrinzia) change in plans have to design it for me!! ;)
(Dixon) u got it Archer
(Ashleyfanatic) who do u noramlly fly on?
(Hywel) Yeah, though actually it is getting to her a bit- she had exactly one day to unpack, do her laundry, repack & leave!
*** Guest60216 is now known as corylane
(ashleyrenee) jim martin has pix up of me and cory lane this week...she's so beautiful and FUNNY
(Husker-Du) hey there cory
(corylane) i'm here too
(@icewindeagle) heheh ... you got it baby ...
(Dark-Guyver) not saying what mine is ashly would laugh i'm still gett stick at work for it
(kirstinj) yipes, that's gotta suck
(@icewindeagle) hiya cory
(Archer) Hi corylane
(ashleyrenee) hi cory!!!!
(labrinzia) welcome corylane!
(corylane) Higuys
(jimmartin) cory's new to this... it may take her a little while
(El_Coyote) Hi Cory!
(Ashleyfanatic) interested in a weekend jaunt to Amsterdam or the carribean?
(ashleyrenee) everyone has to look at cory her site will be up next week it's
(RoninNC) Welcome Cory
(@SirRed) THE Cory Lane?!
(ashleyrenee) i can spam, can't i?
(Tape) Hey cory
(Ashleyfanatic) u can
(Husker-Du) definetly checking it out !!!
(kirstinj) I'm writing down the address :)
(Txpine) WOW!....Sir are the greatest.....
(@SirRed) We're not worthy, We're not worthy!
(Dark-Guyver) hello corylane a real pleasure to meet you
(Hywel) Hiya Cory, Hywel Phillips here from RestrainedElegance
(Husker-Du) it is self promotion
(El_Coyote) Ashley, will you be linking to Cory's site?
(ashleyrenee) cory was in my last tickling set....
(Ashleyfanatic) kirsti you sub also
(corylane) Its nice to be here!
(Husker-Du) hi warlock
(Husker-Du) nice to have you here too, cory
(Hywel) If ever you are in Britain, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE drop me a line would love to work with you!!!
(ashleyrenee) of course and bragging about it too...coyote
(warlock) hi all
(kirstinj) Yes, I am
(@icewindeagle) hey warlock
(@SirRed) Such an honor, Cory!
(kirstinj) well, I'm pure sub with men, and a switch with other gals
(ashleyrenee) hi warlock
(Ashleyfanatic) you on yahoo to chat another tiime?
(Tape) Are you on Red's at all cory?
(El_Coyote) LOL... I'm debating putting a links page on my site...
(corylane) Oh shucks!
(@SirRed) Thank you for dropping by! I don't know what I did to deserve it, but thanx.
(Husker-Du) hi Guest
(corylane) My typing sucks!
(Ashleyfanatic) kirsti on yahoo?
(El_Coyote) I'd think that it's a toast to Sir Red!
(@Jesterr) Now...not to name names...but some people are still waiting for an autographed picture that was won in a
writing contest
(warlock) Ashley love your work, been a collector of your bdsm stuff for years
(AlphaSheWolf) sorry i'm late
(kirstinj) You have a great site SirRed, and your a super guy, that's more then enough to deserve things :)
(Ashley) Ashley and Cory together, it just doesn't get any better then the two hottest babes in the world.
(@SirRed) Since you have a new web site opening, Cory, you ought to send me a few samples and let me help you
promote it.
(@SirRed) Thank you, kirstinj
(Con) Well I can say I was here when
(corylane) I definately will!! Thanks
(Txpine) go Red...
* Dark-Guyver hands AlphaSheWolf pen and paper now write one hundred times i must not be late
(Adom) Well, kids... early jaunt to the Cave tonight...
* melinasix hugs the room..good night! and thanks for coming tonight ashley!!!
(Adom) Ciao to whomever, wherever.
(smoky) hey everbody
(Blazer) Night, Adom and the_mrs
(the_mrs) Night, all
(corylane) Sir Red - whats your email?
(Husker-Du) night Adom...
* ashleyrenee giggles
(kirstinj) g'night Adom
(@icewindeagle) g'nite mel hun
(Txpine) wow another giggler..I love it....
* ashleyrenee smiles at everyone in the room :-)
(AlphaSheWolf) i must not be late........
(corylane) Thanks, Iwill!!
(Adom) Ciao, Blazer, kj, Husker, Tape, etc
(RoninNC) Hey Ashley ever give any more thought to recording your vice ?
(Txpine) she does...
(RoninNC) Voice
(Archer) Now that shedoes
(Txpine) oh
(Ashleyfanatic) 4Ashley Ihave to run biggest pleasure to chat with you thanks so much and will contact you about flying if you like
(warlock) Ashley have you ever thought of recreating some of Betty Pages stuff?
(ashleyrenee) that was a great idea ronin....i'm going to do it too
(kirstinj) *sigh* Now I'm going to have to add yet another website to my list of websites to become a member of when I can actually afford it :p
(Dark-Guyver) ashleyrenee if i may ask what goes through your mind when your tied
(Con) Ashly had an interview seies on her site
(ashleyrenee) thank you for being her tonight ashley fanatic!!!
(RoninNC) Love to have you tell me I've got mail, LOL
(ashleyrenee) i have warlock.....
(Ashleyfanatic) No thank you really!
(Ashleyfanatic) Hey quick question before I go ashley will ya answer me
(kirstinj) So far my list is up to ohhh about 11 :P
(ashleyrenee) i'm just so happy to be in the moment dark....
* icewindeagle grins at kirstin
(warlock) Humm I'm gonna have to update my collection
(Dark-Guyver) cool thank you
(cphill) asley what would u say is your favorite video
(kirstinj) And becoming a full time member of Reds-realm is at the top of my list :P
(Dark-Guyver) hmm can add that to my stories
(ashleyrenee) but as usual it of the biggest turn ons is knowing everyone will be seeing my pictures and that i'm doing them just for you
(Ashley) Ashley, have you ever considered doing some stuff for Taboo Mag?
(ashleyrenee) i like my video manhandled
(cphill) ok
(Ashleyfanatic) Would u consider letting a fan be bound with you ever?
(@Jesterr) or Bizarre mag from centurians?
(Dark-Guyver) cool that it does have never forgotten thr limo one
(ashleyrenee) i already have ashley...LOL
(@icewindeagle) hey P
(Ashleyfanatic) I was thiking more in the way of ME
(Phoebus) hi guys
(Blazer) Hey, Phoebus
(Ashleyfanatic) Thinking of me ash
(Phoebus) good greif talk about a full room
(@SirRed) Isn't it true that you are working almost exclusively for the web now, Ashley?
(ashleyrenee) hi phoebus
(EvilVisa) hey P
(@icewindeagle) wb jim
(Phoebus) hello ashley very nice to meet you
(Ashley) Has your work already been in Taboo or is it comming soon?
(smoky) hey wats up everybody
(ashleyrenee) yes red....basically only for my site and sometimes i do trade work with jim martin and hywell
(jimmartin) this is the 4th time my browser crashed. must be hot from cory sitting next to me
(Blazer) Laughing Out Loud
(Txpine) drool......
(ashleyrenee) but as i have learned i need to be exclusive to myself....
(El_Coyote) Which browser u using??
(kirstinj) lol
(jimmartin) red, did you get my mail???
(RoninNC) Sounds right on jim
(Blazer) Hey, Lucan
(@icewindeagle) hey Lucan
(ashleyrenee) hi lucan
(Lucan) hi Blazer
(RoninNC) She would crash my browser
(Lucan) hello ashleyrenee
(@Jesterr) good night my friends
(kirstinj) ashley your still located in LA right?
(Phoebus) hiya Lucan
(Blazer) Night, Jesterr
(ashleyrenee) i spread myself way to thin when i was working for everyone else
(Lucan) hi Phoebus
(El_Coyote) Jester, nice meeting you!
(ashleyrenee) yes kirstinj
(Dark-Guyver) need to be careful not over do it
(kirstinj) Know where victorville is?
(Ashley) Ashley, are you still making movies and if so how many per year?
(corylane) Jim is having problems, but he is right here next to me
(RoninNC) Plus it is probably more profitable to work for yourself.
(ashleyrenee) as i have noticed people will use you up and then drop you once they have what they want....
(Txpine) I'd be having problems too....
(ashleyrenee) yes kirstinji
(cphill) ashley, do you ever come to the east coast
(@SirRed) I have a question I've always wanted to ask Ashley...
(kirstinj) yeah... sometimes people just suck :(
(corylane) very funny JM
(ashleyrenee) lol cory
(El_Coyote) Ashley, I can sympathize with that all too well. I work for the military... :)
(ashleyrenee) him and his computer
(@icewindeagle) that's the truth, ashley, gotta watch out for yourself first and foremost
(kirstinj) I live in one of the cities right next to Victorville, middle of the mojave freaking desert :p
(ashleyrenee) but at least you're here!
(Dark-Guyver) Red i have add your link to my web site i made, did make two but the othere one is lost in cyber space somewhere
(@SirRed) Many of the things I've seen done to you in videos from HOM and London looked pretty painful.
(corylane) hey ashley.....(JM)
(ashleyrenee) really coyote how impressive!
(ashleyrenee) doing what?
(Hywel) I still don't quite know what I did to deserve a shoot with you Ashley... let me know and I'll do some more of it! :-)
(El_Coyote) 3Working on Air Force aircraft...
(Lucan) some of your earlier shots when you were tied with wire looked very painful did you like them or was that just a way in to the career ashleyrenee
(ashleyrenee) they were red....but i loved you know i'm a pleasure and pain girl:-)
(@SirRed) Are some of those things faked, or are they just not as painful as they look? or do you just not mind pain that much?
(El_Coyote) (blush)But that's a secret, o.k.? ;-)
(ashleyrenee) come out again
(@icewindeagle) engineer, Coyote, or techie?(br)
(El_Coyote) 3Guess you could say techie...
(Hywel) :-) Will do but my VISA card has to cool off a bit first!!! LOL
(Txpine) or beebee stacker...
(warlock) Goodnite all, Ashley it is as always a pleasure.
(kirstinj) nite warlock
* icewindeagle is an aero engineer, so its right in line with that
(ashleyrenee) lucan...i like everythingi do or i wouldn't do it....i'm a happy to be at your service submissive....
(Husker-Du) night warlock
(@icewindeagle) later warlock
(El_Coyote) Nice meeting you, warlock!
(@icewindeagle) best kind, ashley :)
(ashleyrenee) thank you warlock.....night...
(Blazer) Time for work. Night, folks
(Dark-Guyver) well ashleyrenee if your evernear maidstone i would love to take you for anice candle lit dinner and roses
(Husker-Du) night Blazer
(@icewindeagle) later Blazer
(@SirRed) Cory, is Jim there next to you?
(El_Coyote) icewindeagle, you mean engineer as in flight engineer? Or design engineer?
(Txpine) bye blazer
(Dark-Guyver) night Blazer
(corylane) Yes
(@icewindeagle) design enginer
(Ed314159) Hi Ashley. It's nice to chat you again.
(ashleyrenee) night blazer...sorry i'm not such a great chatter
(@icewindeagle) pretty much a wing man
(jimmartin) trying to stay here
(ashleyrenee) wow...such impressive jobs
(RoninNC) Your doing fine Ashley
(ashleyrenee) hi ed!!
(@SirRed) Jim, I got your email, but I'm a couple of weeks behind on answering it. Sorry.
(El_Coyote) Oh, I'm one of those who fix your creations!
(@icewindeagle) ah, you're doing great ashley ... kinda got pulled in 15 different directions when ya came in :)
(kirstinj) bah, my job is more impressive, i'm a professional bum!
(jimmartin) of course cory gets in right away.. but me i have to wait (g)
(ashleyrenee) as my life..LOL
(@icewindeagle) lol ... *getting all cocky* ... my creations fix themselves
* icewindeagle grins
(Ashley) Ashley, you are a great at everything including chat
(corylane) What is this job word ??
(@icewindeagle) such is true with stardom
(El_Coyote) 3,Professional Bum? How can I get in on that???
(ashleyrenee) everyone knows jim from bondage by request...right?
(kirstinj) Professional bum = college student :p
(RoninNC) Oh Ya
(tieTammiup) thanks icewindeagle
(Dark-Guyver) ok its 3 am hate to do this ashleyrenee but i have to get some sleep been not only a real pleasure but a great honour to meet you and cory and one hopes your pop in again
(Phoebus) I'm out for a bit guys see ya in a bit
(ashleyrenee) you're too kind ashley!!
(Dark-Guyver) good night guys
(Txpine) oh..that yor work....
(El_Coyote) Coyote is ROFLOL!
(Phoebus) bye for now
(Lucan) bye Dark-Guyver
(Ashley) Ashley, just stating the facts!
(ashleyrenee) thank you dark...and don't forget to watch for are such a gentleman...
(Dark-Guyver) night lucan
(@icewindeagle) later DG
(El_Coyote) Oh, Pro Bum... (part time)
(Dark-Guyver) smile i will
(corylane) thanks but i cant get this to wrk...
(RoninNC) Ashley do you ever include sex with your bonfage?
(RoninNC) Bondage
(Ashley) Cory, what can we expect to see on your site?
(RoninNC) Can't type either
* Archer hugs Jenny
(ashleyrenee) lol...what do you private or public??
(crystal) hi jenny
(Archer) Hey Jenny
(Hywel) Hey Cory, I hear you are launching your own site next week, wouldn't be called would it?? :-) (See I can get the hang of spam too!)
(@icewindeagle) hi Jen
(labrinzia) hi Jen
(RoninNC) Either!
* Jenny-Sky hugs Archer
(Lucan) hello Jenny-Sky
(ashleyrenee) LOLLLLLLLLLL hywell
(corylane) Oh ...All the fun stuff!!
(@icewindeagle) lol Hywell
(ashleyrenee) friends help eachother huh??
(@icewindeagle) nice first effort, man
(ashleyrenee) that's waht life is about
(@SirRed) and remember: you heard about it first right here on Red's-Realm!
(Hywel) Hey we bondage folks gotta stick together, right?
(Ashley) cory, could you be a little more specific?
(Jenny-Sky) hi crystal,eagle,labby Lucan
(corylane) yes, it is called -
(ashleyrenee) caring about one another
(@SirRed) That's
(ashleyrenee) thank you red!!!!
(El_Coyote) And people will be wondering why I'm so tired at work tonight... :-)
(RoninNC) Thats what I thought you would say.
(@SirRed) Now I can tell the IRS this is an advertising expense with a straight face. Thank you.
(ashleyrenee) you really are the most incredible person i know...i'm sooooo lucky
(cphill) Sir Red, your site is great
(RoninNC) Red you devil.
(kirstinj) Dangit, I just looked up Jim Martin on yahoo to refresh my memory... now I have a twelth website to add to my list of sites to become a member of
(@icewindeagle) lol ... I'd like to see you hide that contortment, Red
(corylane) It will have boondage ( of coarse) and foot stuff, cat fighting.
(@SirRed) [Elvis voice] Thank you, thank you very much...
(El_Coyote) Definitely Hats Off to Sir Red for his site!
(Jenny-Sky) hi SirRed:)
(ashleyrenee) and that's me and cory on bondagebyrequest this week
(kirstinj) :)
(RoninNC) Have to look that site up again.
(Tape) ashley aways a pleasure
(ashleyrenee) cory better work with m alot for all this spamming...LOL blackmail
(Lucan) Laughing Out Loud
(Tape) Hope to see you on Red's cory
(corylane) Of course!! :) I love you Ashley!!
(Pygalgia) ashley-may I have your autograph?
(@SirRed) Tip for Ashley, always type out the whole address, so it's clickable...
(Tape) Red, thanks for the site and the chat room
(ashleyrenee) it's better now that it's slowed down a i can answer real personal questions..
(corylane) thanks red (JM)
(@icewindeagle) hey Dgnscba
(ashleyrenee) thanks red...where's my address..??
(RoninNC) Ashley do you ever get to the east coast?
(corylane) im downloading a new broweser..(JM)
(Txpine) mmmm...personal....hhmmm...will you marry me..??
(@SirRed) Hey, I can't sing, I ain't pretty and my legs are thin, but I know how to advertise!
(labrinzia) hahaha Txpine
(@icewindeagle) lol Tx
(ashleyrenee) no i don't...i don't fly too often unless i'm going firdt class...LOL
(ashleyrenee) first
(kirstinj) lol
(El_Coyote) 3...and all I can do is draw.
* kirstinj hugz SirRed
(ashleyrenee) thanks hywell
(RoninNC) That's the only way to go.
(ashleyrenee) which pix are up on jasmines site?
(@SirRed) and in case anybody didn't realize, this is Ashley Renee from
(Hywel) The first installment of you two tied together, facing each other
(ashleyrenee) ROFL
(ashleyrenee) i really liked that set!
(Ashley) Ashley, what would be your fav. sexual fantasy with a Dom Male?
(kirstinj) great pictures Hywel :)
(RoninNC) Duh if they don't know by now,
(Hywel) The ones I wanted to have you back to back, but you rightly said it was much sexier if you got close!
(kirstinj) They were right! :P
(ashleyrenee) to be tied up and wisked away for all eternity!...ashley...:-)
(Hywel) for those that don't know! (Wheee! SPAM SPAM SPAM)
(Cliffy) Hello Ashley
(ashleyrenee) hi cliffy....nice to have you here:-)
(Txpine) evening evening....
(Shin`) hey all....and wow!
(ashleyrenee) so do we sandy!!
(labrinzia) there anything, bondage wise that you havent tried that you would like to?
(labrinzia) hey Shin`! :) hugs
(villain) hi ashleyrenee
(ashleyrenee) i can't believe there are people in the world that don't think bondage is the most erotic thing...
(@icewindeagle) hey jim
(jimmartin) ok, now i just dloaded netscape... trying one last time
(Cliffy) Ashley im a fan of yours
(evening) :-)
(El_Coyote) Ashley, I'm curious: What was the most scared you ever were in bondage? Some of those sets look quite scary to me.
(RoninNC) Well there are lots of small minds in the wrld.
(@icewindeagle) oh ... they think it, ashley ... they just don't say it :)
(kirstinj) I found out after I became interested in it that there are many people that are interested, that just don't admit it or know it yet...
(ShannsHubby) hi labby
(ashleyrenee) i'm always open for suggestions....and everything you see on my site is thought up by me so i guess you could say i'm living my fantasies
(RoninNC) Ya, kirstinj
(ShannsHubby) howdy Archer
(ashleyrenee) hi shannshubby!
(El_Coyote) 3RoninNC: I wouldn't say small minds, just don't want to experience life to the fullest... :)
(labrinzia) hi ShannsHubby
(ShannsHubby) hi ashley
(Archer) Hey Hubby, how are ya?
(Ashley) What is your fav fantasy with a Male dom?
(RoninNC) Thats better I guess!
(ShannsHubby) pretty good today Archer, spent the day with shannon:)
(Archer) Did you? Good to hear
(@icewindeagle) hey luvbnd
(Lucan) goodnight ashleyrenee nice to have met you but its 3.20am so bye
(luvbnd) evening A/all
(ashleyrenee) t be his slave forever...see i'm a hopeless romantic through and through...i love to please the one i'm with
(Lucan) bye all
(luvbnd) hi ice:)
(ashleyrenee) night pleasure
(labrinzia) hi luvbnd
(labrinzia) night Lucan
(cphill) Ashley, has your new tape been released yet, the pics look awsome
(Lucan) bye labrinzia
(ashleyrenee) which tape?
(Vampi) well I am back
(labrinzia) wb Vampi
(Vampi) was I missed
(cphill) the wonder woman tape
(El_Coyote) Welcome back, big V!
(ashleyrenee) the wonder woman tape should be out soon
(@SirRed) Ashley, I've had a lot of emails expressing interest in sound files with sexy voices. Any chance we could
talk about you doing some for me sometime?
(cphill) tx
(ashleyrenee) hey vampi
(kirstinj) ooOOoo
(Ashley) Ashley, how many tapes are you putting out each year?
(ashleyrenee) sure red!
(villain) hi vampi
(@SirRed) I know your voice on the telephone is outstanding!
(ashleyrenee) i'd do anything for you!
(RoninNC) You sure filled out that costume
(Con) Adding my cudos to your cutting edge bondage ashley
(Vampi) Well Ash any change you will be doing any Perils soon
(Hywel) OMG it is 3:20 am isn't it? Damn jetlag! I'd really better go... thanks everyone it's been a blast
(@icewindeagle) hey Vampi
(kirstinj) Goodbye Hywel, Nice to meet you :)
(Txpine) bye hywel
(Vampi) wish she would say that for me Red, you are sooooo lucky
(Hywel) And thanks again Ashley, speak to you soon... the offer for a shoot in a Medieval castle in Britain is still good you know!
* SirRed is now trying to capture and print this screen so he can frame it...
(kirstinj) I hope you guys will drop by the chatroom if you ever find yourself with some free time :P
(Txpine) lol..Red
(Husker-Du) well....I am going to head off to sleep....
(ashleyrenee) night hywell thanks for coming and thanks for the pictures this week of jas and me
(@icewindeagle) hi lindsey ...
(ashleyrenee) red...i'm serious
(lindsey) hello
(Hywel) You're welcome... BTW Red, should I try to twist Jasmine's arm into a chat session soon?
(ashleyrenee) night husker...
(ashleyrenee) always great to see you
(Husker-Du) but ashley...cory.....notice that this room is busy while you both are on.....a testiment to our admiration to your work!
(@SirRed) By all means Hywel!
(kirstinj) Please do Hywel! :P
(Husker-Du) great to see you too, ashley.....come back soon
(@SirRed) and thank you, Ashley.
(ashleyrenee) that's so nice husker.....DU
(Hywel) Will do then! Nighty-night all!
(Husker-Du) night Hywel
*** Guest38983 is now known as jimmartin
(Ashley) Cory, I just looked at your site preview. You will be a very busy girl.
(ashleyrenee) hywell ask jas to chat with me
(labrinzia) night Hywel
(Husker-Du) I just call them as I see them, ashley...
(El_Coyote) 3Nice meeting you, Hywel
(Husker-Du) take care...
(ashleyrenee) :-)
(jimmartin) thanks. cory' says
(@SirRed) Ashley, I just wanted to tell you that after you dropped in here unannounced earlier this week, they were all talking about how nice you are for days.
(jimmartin) i'm on our second computer here
(Hywel) I will Ashley, but she's offline in France until next week...
(Ashley) Cory, are you really from TN?
(ashleyrenee) really red???
(ashleyrenee) WOW!!!
(@SirRed) really
(ashleyrenee) :-)
(jimmartin) yes CHATTANOOGA(CL)
(ashleyrenee) that makes me happy:-)
(RoninNC) oh my a real corn fed gal
(ashleyrenee) what is chattanooga?
(El_Coyote) Red, think you could persuade Ashley to come to BondCon??
(jimmartin) yes that's sweet (CL)
(Txpine) you're always welcome here ashleyrenee...
(ashleyrenee) he'd have to take me there kicking and screaming..LOL
(kirstinj) Yep, you definately are :)
(@icewindeagle) yea, definitely come on back anytime the mood strikes ya, ashley
(@SirRed) LOL, not likely El_Coyote, I don't do personal appearances either for the same reasons...
(ashleyrenee) thank you txpine
(RoninNC) Hey that would be fun!'
(jimmartin) ashley and going to a public event??? (G)
(Cliffy) Ashley what was your first movie?
(@icewindeagle) lol ... you know, there's
other ways to persuade a bondagette to go somewhere
(kirstinj) Not if he gets you tied up before he takes you ashley :P
* icewindeagle grins
(ashleyrenee) anything you want to see on my site that i haven't done yet?
(El_Coyote) O.K., on BondCon.. I think I'll be scared just going there! (newbie)
(@SirRed) How about more historical costume bondage?
(@icewindeagle) kinda like what kirstin said ... but a lil more subversive
(ashleyrenee) hmmmmm..i have no clue cliffy...i've done thousands
(Ashley) More simulated sex shots with male doms
(jimmartin) how about ashley bound with a bird on her shoulder??
(RoninNC) Yes, some Mid evil castle shots
*** Guest83488 is now known as JBRoper
(sandyg) i loooove suspensions, ashleyrenee!
(Cliffy) yea?
(@SirRed) You'd make a great Cleopatra, Ashley!
(Shin`) hey JBRoper
(JBRoper) Hi Shin
(RoninNC) Ya that would work Sir Red
(El_Coyote) An Inquisition set, perhaps?
(DirtyOldMan) lots of 'rack' work needed....
(@SirRed) unrolled from a carpet all bound for Julius Ceasar?
(El_Coyote) Historically speaking, that is
(Entropy) Bride/bridesmaid catfight
(kirstinj) ooo that's a good idea SirRed :p
(JBRoper) hard to find a nice roman castle for that kind of photo shoot
(EvilVisa) That is what god made photo editors for
(@SirRed) omg, I didn't see you come in JB!
(RoninNC) Some interrogation type
(JBRoper) hi Red
(El_Coyote) Sir Red, now you've got images bouncing inside my noggin...
(ashleyrenee) hiJB
(JBRoper) hi ashley
(Ashley) Ashley, would love to see some more shots with Male doms being a little more physical with you. Love to see you on all fours with a leash. But thats just me.
(@SirRed) We gotta talk, JB.
(JBRoper) really?
(jimmartin) ok, i've got corys computer, now no one wants to chat??
(ashleyrenee) me too ashley...that's it i have an idea
(JBRoper) what did I do wrong ? (S)
(ashleyrenee) i'm dangerous now
(El_Coyote) Dangerous... best way to be! :-)
* icewindeagle cringes and pulls up his arm over his eyes to block out the light shining from that bulb over ashley's head
(jimmartin) ashley are you free to shoot next tuesday??
(RoninNC) Your fans have lots of idea's for you.
(kirstinj) This still seems so weird to me... being able to sit here in the chatroom, and all these models and photographers that i've been admiring for a while being here :)
(ashleyrenee) just that some of my members don't like seeing me with men...
(ashleyrenee) yes jim!!
(JBRoper) I have heard that theory before too ashley
(jimmartin) are you SURE..
(ashleyrenee) sorry i meant to call you me, cory and julie strain right?
(labrinzia) Laughing Out Loud
(RoninNC) Well you can't please evrybody all the time.
(@SirRed) I think you'd look wonderful overflowing from a low-cut peasant dress in a dungeon setting, Ashley.
(Ashley) Okay ashley, you have to let us know what you're thinking. Thanks not fair to let us dream on
(jimmartin) i have aspecial second chance for you with JS
(JBRoper) I think its silly. Actually I would prefer to see a male dome in the same pic
(ashleyrenee) I"M SURE dodo
(kirstinj) Me too!
(ashleyrenee) LOL
(Txpine) can I be there.....???.....too personal..?
(crystal) my husband would like to see more latex
(jimmartin) DODO do not flake on me..
(ashleyrenee) i sorta did something similliar for hywell red...i have to send you those
(villain) ashley...I love sci-fi bondage .....explorer who gets into trouble with the natives,etc.
(villain) on another planet
(crystal) okay i would too
(@SirRed) My female members are always asking for more pix of male/female couples at play.
(RoninNC) Heck I would like her in a flower sack
(Cliffy) hehe
(jimmartin) how would everyone like to see ashley and julie strain together??
(Txpine) or printed on a flower sack
(El_Coyote) Sounds great to me!
(Vampi) sorry
(jimmartin) add cory lane to the batch)???
(ashleyrenee) really guys get upset but i love to work with male doms...then i can be a real brat...LOL
(@SirRed) lol
(Vampi) I don't actually like Julie
(cphill) that would be a good one
(RoninNC) There you go Txpine
(jimmartin) ooppss
(Vampi) personal preference
(ashleyrenee) i think jullie is cool looking'
(JBRoper) I think your members would get over it ashley, as long as the male/female thing was hot
(Vampi) like seeing her with the Blonds makes for a better blend
(El_Coyote) For Vampi, how 'bout a Rail Road peril??
(Cliffy) Simone Devon
(Txpine) very....both of you...drool...
(jimmartin) whaT do you guys think of cory and ashley this week at
(@SirRed) Yeah, most guys don't care to see another man in the pix, but some of us prefer that to all the girl-girl pix
around now.
(EvilVisa) Got to bail
(EvilVisa) night all
(lindsey) wasnt her character in the 2nd heavy metal?
(Vampi) I have been asking for Months El, just don't think it will ever happen
(@icewindeagle) yep, diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks
(Cliffy) bye evil
(Txpine) go for it jim...
(ashleyrenee) really jb...everything my devious mind can think of is really XXX rated as usual
(JBRoper) I agree Red.. there is too much girl/girl...makes it seem as if there are no men in the bondage world
(@SirRed) Cory and Ashley together? Now there's a winning combination!
(JBRoper) why does that not surpise me ashley (S)(br)
(Txpine) amen Red
(cphill) I agree
(jimmartin) glad you agree red.
(RoninNC) With a man over both of them
(ashleyrenee) red....we did a tickling set's on my site and theres a new one this week on jims site
(@icewindeagle) damn right Red
(Vampi) JB I was trying to get Her to let Lewish Shepard shoot her
(jimmartin) that man was me only with a camera..
(ashleyrenee) cory and i actually really compliment eachother
(Txpine)'re not looking for volunteers are you..? for a male....
(El_Coyote) Vampi: Guess you'll just have to keep asking her... or get Jim Martin in on it... :-)
(@SirRed) Well, I like promoting bondage as a fun activity for loving couples, but the preponderance of girl/girl pix
makes it look like it's a Lesbian thing.
(Vampi) seems to be so El
(JBRoper) bring her to Champaign for Lewis to shoot with, and I will drive over ...WooHoo!!
(ashleyrenee) HMMMMMMMMMM...
(Jenny-Sky) hi Bill:)
(@icewindeagle) hey Bill
(jimmartin) sort of agree with you red. but a dick in the pic takes the erotic side out for me..
* kirstinj likes Guy/girl and girl/girl.. ahh the benefits of being bi :p
(ashleyrenee) it is a lesbian thing red...LOL
(Cliffy) So Ashley you two cats for pets?
(JBRoper) I agree Red.. we gotta start getting men back into the picture
(Bill_Wa) Hi Jenny-Sky:{)) Hugglesmooches
(labrinzia) wb Bill
(@SirRed) lol
(Txpine) so have him wear a patch....
* Shin` does NOT wanna be in the
(Vampi) well I am going back to Eat foods getting cold
* Jenny-Sky hugs Bill
(JBRoper) I actually prefer male dom/fem sub to fem dom/'fem sub
(labrinzia) lol Shin!
(Vampi) I Just wanted to check back in
(Bill_Wa) so jim, no dick in the pic with the chick?
(@SirRed) Well, Lesbians can be loving couples, too, but bondage isn't just for them only!
(ashleyrenee) i love men and women...i'm open minded can't you tell..LOL
(El_Coyote) 3Going so soon, V???
(Vampi) I do as well JB I think Males make better Doms in shoots
(Bill_Wa) Hi eagle:{) hugglehandshakes, lol
(jimmartin) yep.. at least not on BBR
(Txpine) lol bill...
(JBRoper) Actually Shin.. you are a natura;
(ashleyrenee) i have two persian cats...uni and billy
(Vampi) be back all
(Shin`) no,it's hard to light my head...
(@SirRed) You've had persians for a long time, haven't you, Ashley?
(Txpine) wow..and a cat lover're sure you don't want to get married..?
(Bill_Wa) I don't know Vampi, a Domme in a sexy leather or latex outfit is so erotic
(@icewindeagle) lol ... lets go with the latter, Bill
(RoninNC) Well, you just keep up the great work Ashley.
(JBRoper) put a little powder on it Shin, and you are good to go
(ashleyrenee) i'd love to have a male dom me but then i get all these complaints...i hate having my members unhappy with me:-(
(jimmartin) ashley what about your dog??
(Vampi_away_msg) remember Bill I like Nude
(Bill_Wa) Hi labrinzia:{) Hugglesmooches
(ashleyrenee) unhappy
(JBRoper) you may have to put in a disclamer
(ashleyrenee) but maybe i should give it a try
(JBRoper) blame it on us
(Bill_Wa) LOLOL eagle
(ashleyrenee) hooray for me
(@SirRed) You'll just have to save those pix for me, Ashley! :)
(kirstinj) Well ashley, i'd never be unhaooy with you :P
(Shin`) yeah...people have told us to show less of
(RoninNC) Hey I'm a member and it wouldn't bother me.
(ashleyrenee) lol jb
(labrinzia) huggers back Bill
(El_Coyote) Or just warn them in advance... As a member, it don't bother me none...
(Bill_Wa) Try Foundation #5 Shim.
(Ashley) Jim, you have a great site but I loose interest from time to time do to lack of Male Doms. The Girl Girl Tickling thing gets overdone in my opinion. I would love to see Cory do some more slave type shoots trying to appeal to a Male Master.
(Bill_Wa) Shin even
(RoninNC) Oh a.
(ashleyrenee) do you get bored of my site to ashley?
(Montrealguy) Hi Ashley
(jimmartin) i've only done two tickling things.. ashley
(@icewindeagle) hye Montrealguy
(Cliffy) May i ask Ashley what was driving force that got you into bondage?
(ashleyrenee) i started adding new live shows i think they rock personally
(RoninNC) I agree there's too much female/female on the web.
(ashleyrenee) hi montrealguy
(JBRoper) then there is only one way to stop it...
(Bill_Wa) never enough female/female
(Entropy) I am another member who would not be bothered. Add it as a bonus to the fetish section.
(JBRoper) everyone has to start doing more with guys
(El_Coyote) Ashley, the email didn't bounce, you should have it. Let me know what you think, pleeeease!
(Montrealguy) i want to tell you Ashley Renee ,,you kick butt :)
(Shin`) jb's starting a campaign...
(ashleyrenee) i'll stop it...that's it me and a male shoot
(@SirRed) pm, JB?
(ashleyrenee) but be prepared
(JBRoper) and it all starts here
(RoninNC) Ya, JBRoper and I do that only subscribe to the really good ones.
(Bill_Wa) I don't know, if there is a male in the shot, then I am a voyeur, if there is not, then i am a participant.
(JBRoper) sure Red
(El_Coyote) Promise, Ashley?
(ashleyrenee) thank you montrealguy!!!
(Montrealguy) no problem
(Bill_Wa) Hello Hubby of Shann
(kirstinj) okay, i've reorganized my list... now reds-realm,, bondagebyrequest, bedroombondage, and jasminesinclair are
at the top... and soon to be too :P
(ShannsHubby) hi Bil
(ashleyrenee) i can get alittle out of control sometimes...
(JBRoper) Corey Lane does have a unique look too
(RoninNC) Really!!!!!!!!
(ashleyrenee) i have done a few male /fem ....when i work with viking
(ShannsHubby) brb all
(Montrealguy) will you have another straitjacket photo shoot soon Ashley?
(kirstinj) note to self: get a job
(El_Coyote) kirstinj: I'd like for you to add my site to your list, but it's probably way too rough...
(jimmartin) yeah.. cory is hot. she did her first suspension for her site the other day
(RoninNC) Ya, I have one of those tapes.
(ashleyrenee) she looks like jenny mccarthy
(jimmartin) only better
(Txpine) talk about fantasies......ashleyrenee out of control.....~sigh~
(Ashley) Well, you at least put in some serious shoots from time to time. Plus you are just the Best! Still I would love to see some Male Dom shots with you playing the sub slave role. How could it hurt? I will be glad to send you 100 emails thanking you and asking for more.
(ashleyrenee) what's your site coyote???
(kirstinj) Well El_Coyote, that's my list of sites I wanna become a member of when I can afford it... I've never seen yours :P
(Bill_Wa) Better than Joe McCarthy ashleyrenee
(ashleyrenee) Mmmmmmmmmm...ashley have you seen any of my sets with viking when he doms me?
(kirstinj) And there's about 8 more websites added onto that... but that's just my top 5 :p
(El_Coyote) It's an artwork site... I delve into darker themes... if you've ever seen Vampi's Peril Central, you'll know what I mean...
(Guest53425) red, you put up a couples page awhile back, there was one couple in particular...
(ashleyrenee) what's it called coyote...nothing is ever too dark for me.....
(Montrealguy) will you have another straitjacket photo shoot soon Ashley?
(Guest53425) i'm sure you know the one i'm refering to
(jimmartin) corys suspension is in a straight jacket
(El_Coyote) El Coyote's Den, url: Holy cow, now I'm spamming!
(Guest53425) maybe ashley can borrow some ideas from that
(ashleyrenee) if i ask jim i'm sure he'll shoot it right jim:-P
(Txpine) straightjackets cover up all the good stuff....
(jimmartin) of course for you ashley
(ashleyrenee) spamming could be a good thing
(jimmartin) we can leave one good thing exposed
(Bill_Wa) ahhh, but think of Christmas Txpine, the unwrapping was half the fun.
(ashleyrenee) i'm gonna have a look after this chat
(Guest53425) cool
(Txpine) it's for mmmeeee...???/
(El_Coyote) THX, Ashley!
(ashleyrenee) i'm sure it's rally cool because you are!
(Guest53425) i like seeing a male dom in the picture, if it's done right
(wolfman) hey ashley
(Guest53425) that way i can imagine being him!
(ashleyrenee) hi wolfman!
(ashleyrenee) yummmmmmmmmmmmm
(El_Coyote) 3(blush)I'm cool?(blushes again) Thanks, Ashley
(wolfman) you have an awesome site
(ashleyrenee) thank you wolfman
(Guest53425) with ashley to play with.... YAHOO!
(Ashley) Yes, but I guess I'm more simple minded in my fantasy. I would just like to see more simple slave master type shoots. I prefer that you are naked with maybe just a collar and leash being pulled around by your master. I would really like to see some simulated sex shots with Your master taking full control of you.
(wolfman) your welcome
(wolfman) heh heh
(ashleyrenee) as of tonight i'll be adding male doms to it....LOL
(jimmartin) cory is gonna paint her toenails now
(Montrealguy) I like Sadie Belle
(wolfman) i think your the hottest bondage model out there
(RoninNC) Jimmartin your not going to help her?
(ashleyrenee) thank you wolfman
(wolfman) your welcome
(ashleyrenee) is cory leaving?
(Txpine) yes..sadie bell is fantastic too.....
(jimmartin) of course i am... i'll just stay and chat till she starts
(jimmartin) cory is sitting right next to me
(RoninNC) Oh, OK
(ashleyrenee) yes sdaie is great huh?
(JBRoper) thank you ashley
(ashleyrenee) sadie
(Txpine) she ever....
(Montrealguy) but Ashley Renee is the cream of the crup
(ashleyrenee) jb don't you have a site too?
(JBRoper) yes I do
(wolfman) so what is your favorite thing to do for fun ashley? ;-)
(JBRoper) I am at
(JBRoper) oops
(jimmartin) ashley is not the cream,, she is the Bondage Model of the Millenium
(kirstinj) Well since everyone else gets to spam links, i'm gonna put a link to my favorite story up, so ha :P
(ashleyrenee) red has told me about it....
(JBRoper) thats better
(kirstinj) :p
(ashleyrenee) thanks jim:-)))
(JBRoper) cool. I am honored
(ashleyrenee) i'm really a quiet person wolfman
(jimmartin) if it wan't for ashley i would be in this business
(Cliffy) sure
(ashleyrenee) i like intimate things....dinner movies know the hopeless romantic things
(kirstinj) And btw JBRoper, yours is even more work that I like :)
(JBRoper) thank you kirstin
(jimmartin) how about katchi ashley renee
(JBRoper) I wish I knew more about how to do good graphics
(ashleyrenee) i saw your site a few times jb it rocks...i wanted to make sure you were the right roper...LOL
(@SirRed) I just gotta say I really love JBRoper's site because of all the costume bondage and the fact that everyone
seems to be having so much fun!
(JBRoper) thank you ashley. that means a lot coming from you, because you are the ultimate
(El_Coyote) I would say that is what makes a good bondage site-everyone having FUN!!!
(Txpine) let's hear it for fun......
(Pygalgia) Have you ever thought of running for public office-I'd vote for you.
(ashleyrenee) oh yeah and i really like to have my feet helps me relax
(@icewindeagle) hey TNH
(ashleyrenee) LOLLLLLLLLL
(@SirRed) By the way, shevette and I are
working on an interview with JBRoper to appear soon...
(Guest53425) ashley you are a beauty and a sweety. thanks for giving me a chance to chat with you
(Ashley) Ashley, about how many people do you have as memebers.
(Txpine) I like to see the girls enjoying themselves......
(@icewindeagle) hi jamielynn
(kirstinj) *sigh* I just have WAY too many sites and works that I really like
(@icewindeagle) later Guest
(ashleyrenee) you never interviewed me red... i feel left out
(RoninNC) All this spam is filling up my favorites menu
(Txpine) wb
(El_Coyote) Tickling? with a feather?
(jimmartin) red never interviewed me either ashley...
* SirRed blushes
(Ashley) Red, how could you leave out Ashley Renee?
(ashleyrenee) over a few thousand .....
(JBRoper) LOL
(@SirRed) omg, you're right!
*** Guest88105 is now known as KnightDream
(kirstinj) Red never interviewed me either! but then i'm not famous :P
(JBRoper) that is a valid point Ashley.. how could she have escaped the interview
(ashleyrenee) YEAH RED...and jim martin too....ROFL
(@SirRed) I'll have to put shevette to work on you next, Ashley!
(Gagger) OH, pleasure to meet u again ashley
(Bill_Wa) I'll buy a ticket to see that Red
(RoninNC) That sounds like a must
(Ashley) Then I can imaging you will get several thousand emails thanking you for some male dom shoots.
(ashleyrenee) my pleasure gagger
(jimmartin) maybe me and ashley
(Gagger) Thank u!!!!!!!!!!
(Gagger) Ash, may I ask your age????
(Vampi) is OK he Never Interviewed me either
(ashleyrenee) or some thousand complaints..LOL
(El_Coyote) Nor me... but then again... LOL
(kirstinj) work or "work" SirRed? :P
(ashleyrenee) is that a trick question gagger?
(JBRoper) let me be the mail dom in the pictures ashely.. then you blame it on me and they can send all their complaint letters to me (S)
(ashleyrenee) i'm 22...:-P
(Ashley) No-no complaints. You can just forward them to me.
(Bill_Wa) how rude, lol
(RoninNC) Now Ashley you have to please all your fans sometimes
(Gagger) No, it's a question out of curiosity
(ashleyrenee) where are you located jb?
(JBRoper) Illinois
(kirstinj) only 2 years older then me ashley :)
(TimPi) Hello all, sorry I'm coming in so late.
(Gagger) Come on Ashley, u can't be 22
(ashleyrenee) exactly
(Gagger) or is it true???
(ashleyrenee) LOLLLLLLLLLLLL
(Bill_Wa) she can if she wishes, Gagger, lol
(jimmartin) and only a few years "younger??" than me
(Bill_Wa) One never asks a Lady her age.
(ashleyrenee) no it's not true ....
(El_Coyote) One thing one must never ask is a woman's age.
(ashleyrenee) YEAH
(Bill_Wa) see
(kirstinj) sure it is
(kirstinj) your 22 and holden
(El_Coyote) 3Oops, Bill beat me to it!
(kirstinj) err
(Gagger) OK then, don't tell me, I respect that
(kirstinj) holding
(RoninNC) She may think like 22 but looks 19 and is ------
(jimmartin) i know the truth...
(JBRoper) until they get my Mom's age anyway.. then she will brag about it
(kirstinj) I'm gonna be 21 for ohhhh 10, 15 years :p
(Gagger) At what age did u begin being tied up????
(ashleyrenee) okay i won't....:-P
(@SirRed) She was 7 when she started, Gagger.
(El_Coyote) It's not about your age... it's how old you feel inside!
(Bill_Wa) The truth is out there
(Gagger) ok
(wolfman) you'll be 22 ashley
(ashleyrenee) RED!!!!!!!!!
(kirstinj) eeep, if that's the case El_Coyote, i'm 7
(Cliffy) Man who cares ashley good!
* SirRed ducks
(ashleyrenee) they always have the truth WRONG
(Ashley) Ashely, if you must do the female thing then I really do like the sets with dildo play. Again, you manage to make it interesting no mater what you are shooting.
(ashleyrenee) believe me i know
(JBRoper) I started at 6 .. so that sounds about right
(Gagger) I began to like bondage when I was 4 years old
(El_Coyote) I feel 18, but my body reminds me otherwise...LOL!
(jimmartin) me tooooo
(Gagger) I bound some babies at that age
(JBRoper) I like the vibrator play more than the dildo play
(ashleyrenee) thanks ashley
(ashleyrenee) tomorrow i'm shooting with tanya danielle
(Gagger) This is all bull shit
* kirstinj loves vibrators and dildos... sybians are the best! :p
(@SirRed) Personally, I find it amazing that you don't look a day older now than you did in pictures taken several years
ago, Ashley.
(JBRoper) my friend
(TimPi) Ashley if I may, who is your favorite shooter?
(JBRoper) Sir Wallter has a sybian
(Ashley) What type of shot with Tanya?
(ashleyrenee) i love forced orgasms
(El_Coyote) I would have to agree with Sir Red...
(ashleyrenee) were suppose to do a girl/girl set
(kirstinj) My boyfriend has a friend with a sybian he let us use a few times
(jimmartin) who is your favorite shooter ashley??
(Bill_Wa) what a twit
(Phoebus) hi again everybody]
(El_Coyote) O.K., dummy time: What's a sybian???
(Bill_Wa) Hi Phoebus
(ashleyrenee) thank you red....whew it's alot of work...
(Ashley) Are one of you playing a submissive or just basic girl girl?
(kirstinj) A sybian is a machine with a vilbrating dildo that rotates around inside the subject, and vibrates
(@SirRed) Hmm, isn't "forced orgasms" kind of an oxymoron, like "jumbo shrimp?"
(kirstinj) lol
(JBRoper) LOL
(@icewindeagle) or microsoft works
(JBRoper) ouch
(ashleyrenee) i always am submissive i don't have a dominate bone in my body forreal
(kirstinj) LOL
(El_Coyote) Boy, now do I feel stupid! (sound of head thumping on wall, going DUH!)
(jimmartin) good one icewindeagle
(labrinzia) loll Eagle!!!!!
(ashleyrenee) sorta like you need an orgasm but they tell you when it's okay....orgasm with approval
(El_Coyote) Good oxymoron: Military Intellegence!
(Shin`) i'm off to bed...night boys and girls
(ashleyrenee) night ice!
(Bill_Wa) Nite Shin, best to itty
(jimmartin) later ice. BTW are you on mac
(@SirRed) ooh, I love that game too!
(El_Coyote) Nice meeting you, eagle!
(@icewindeagle) nope jim ... better the devil you know ...
(JBRoper) viking does good work..nice japanese bondage
(ashleyrenee) night shin thanks for being here
(@icewindeagle) same to you El
(ashleyrenee) julie simones bondage rocks.......
(Pygalgia) ashley? Sir Red? Is there a 'Bondage Tip of The Day," e-newsletter?
(ashleyrenee) not that i know of
(Vampi) Why Do you want one
(@SirRed) Not that I know of, but it sounds like a good idea...
(Vampi) I can make it
(Pygalgia) yes
(kirstinj) My dad was in Military Counter-intellegence.. he stomped out intelligence whereever he found it :p
(JBRoper) She does good bondage work too
(Vampi) but who wants to right for it
(El_Coyote) 3Vampi: Pleeese do!
(Vampi) write even
(ashleyrenee) write vampi...:-P
(Phoebus) hey rickster
(TimPi) Does Julie have a website?
(ashleyrenee) vampi you crack me upppppppp
(Vampi) yes Ash I corrected myself
(El_Coyote) kirstinj: Was he successful?
(Rickster) Hey Phoebus
(JBRoper) I believe she does
(ShannsHubby) hi Phoebus
(ashleyrenee) yes it's julie simone .com
(jimmartin) cory is painting her toenails bright red right here
(JBRoper) seems that I have seen it
(ashleyrenee) she's also a model but her shibari is amazing
(JBRoper) fingernails too jim?
(jimmartin) thaats next...
(Phoebus) hi hubby
(El_Coyote) Vampi: write, script, edit... yeah, I'm a knucklehead for punishment! Count me in
(RoninNC) Your supposed to help jim
(Ashley) Ashley, I really liked the video you have sucking the dildo. More of that type of thing would be appreciated. The only other thing I would request is seeing more of you on all fours. I would love to see a set with you going at it doggie stlye.
(ashleyrenee) like nothing i've felt before....i get wet thinking about it
(kirstinj) shibari *swoons*
(jimmartin) i am....
(JBRoper) I try not to think of myself as a fetishist, but if I do have a fetish, it is probably fingernails
* kirstinj loves oriental style bondage
(jimmartin) i love toes...
(ashleyrenee) didn't you see the cool strap on set a few months ago with me and jewel marceau?
(kirstinj) oh wait... I love bondage in general :p
(ShannsHubby) who wanted a pic of shannon lastnight Phoebus, i have one here!
(gagme) Hello Ashley
(ashleyrenee) hi gagme!
(kirstinj) huh? whah? I heard someone say pic! :p
(Phoebus) I have no idea hubby I was lying on the bed when she was on
(ShannsHubby) oh ok
(gagme) Ashely do you like my nickname?
(Vampi) well I have to go for real
(Vampi) later all
(ashleyrenee) bye vampi nice you came
(jimmartin) later vampi..
(JBRoper) night Vampi
(El_Coyote) Take care, Vampi... email me about the newsletter!
(ashleyrenee) of course i
(Vampi) have to get to some Live Peril work
(ashleyrenee) gagme
(JBRoper) I sent you an e-mail Vampi
(gagme) yes Ashley
(ashleyrenee) have fun vampi
(@SirRed) I used to have a boss whose last name was spelled gagme, but not pronouced that way...
(kirstinj) I'm gonna get my buttom spanked bigtime later on *pout*
*** Guest04909 is now known as KnightDream
(ashleyrenee) that's funny
(ashleyrenee) red
(gagme) would you believe I am a male who likes to tied Ashley?
(Ashley) Oh yea, that was great! Just would like to see you on a fours versus standing. Just a request but the shoot was fantastic and no complaints from me.
(El_Coyote) Sir Red: Did he ever wonder why you would laugh?
(@SirRed) It was French and sounded like "gamay"
(ashleyrenee) i loved that set ashley
(RoninNC) Ya right leave it to the French
(ashleyrenee) did you like the seran wrap with ambermichaels?
(Ashley) I think we all did
(ashleyrenee) saran
(El_Coyote) Most definitely!
(JBRoper) live on the west coast
(gagme) Ashely do you like to ever tie up any of your male friends?
(@SirRed) Actually, I think I was the only one who ever seemed to notice it, Coyote.
(RoninNC) Oh Ya, I'd love to wrap you in my kitchen
(ashleyrenee) who's your other favorite models..LOL
(Ed314159) Eve Ellis.
(Bill_Wa) What's so great about the West Coast JB?
(ashleyrenee) i never tie up anyone gagme...i'm strictly submissive
(gagme) I like Tori Sinclair, Kelly Ashton, Darla Crane
(gagme) oh ok Ashley
(El_Coyote) Red:Perhaps the others didn't want to bring attention to themselves.
(jimmartin) all the hot models are on the west coast
(kirstinj) I love on the west coast.. i'm just too scared to meet people :p
(wolfman) hey ashley are you a football fan
(Bill_Wa) I miss Susan Blair, and Sally Roberts
(JBRoper) all the lovely ladies.. and the beauty of the ocean
(JBRoper) and the beach volleybal
(ashleyrenee) yes wolfman are you?
(TimPi) How long do you prep for a shoot before the actual picture taking?
(wolfman) yep
(wolfman) whos your favorite team?
(ashleyrenee) dayssssssss.....tim....
(Ashley) Ashley, Fetish nation had a great set with Amber Michaels and a Dildo Machine a few weeks ago. Amber is pretty hot but not close to you. Any chance you could do a set with a machine.
(JBRoper) why are you scared kristin?(br)
(Bill_Wa) Volcanoes, Earthquakes, yep it's a laugh a minute JB, lol
(ashleyrenee) just kidding about a few hours
(gagme) Ashley do you know about Kelly Ashton's whereabouts?
(JBRoper) forgot about the earthquakes
(Bill_Wa) I can't, lol
(TimPi) How long do your shoots last and how many on set?
(jimmartin) ???
(kirstinj) I feel kinda the same way ashley does... I'm always scared about What if they're not like I thought, what if they don't like me...
(kirstinj) oh bull
(ashleyrenee) i've been bugging jim to have me over to use his fucking machine....i'm going through withdrawls
(gagme) Hello Jenny sky
(kirstinj) Volcanos are NOT a big deal on the west coast
(jimmartin) if you ask nicely ashley...
(kirstinj) and Earthquakes are baby stuff
(JBRoper) Well you should come to a bondcon...all those fears will fade away
(ashleyrenee) my shoots last about 6-9 hours and about 4 sets per shoot
(wolfman) yopu like the fucking machine ashley?
(kirstinj) I'd take an earthquake over a hurricane any day
(RoninNC) Damn she has to ask you Jim.
(Bill_Wa) Tell that to the people in Washington State kirstinj, LOL
(kirstinj) washington, bah, they're almost canadians :P
(jimmartin) yes, and nicely...
(Ashley) Thats right I forgot about the shoot some time ago with Earnest Greene
(El_Coyote) Don't know what's worse, a typhoon or an earthquake...
(Bill_Wa) I look out my window and see that mountain every day(br)
(TimPi) Do you have big crews on set?
(kirstinj) earthquakes aren't bad
(Bill_Wa) PPPPPTTTTTTTTTT kirstinj
(ashleyrenee) pleaseeeeeeeeeee jim:-(
(Bill_Wa) Unless you are in the middle of it
(@SirRed) I was in the earthquake in San Francisco in 1989.
(jimmartin) ok... and my bday gift??
(ashleyrenee) pretty please........i'll be your BESTFRIEND!
(kirstinj) I've been through several 6.0+ earthquakes most of them are more fun then they are scary
(JBRoper) man.. she even begs sexy !!!
(ashleyrenee) LOL
(@SirRed) I found it exhilarating actually.
(ashleyrenee) jim...i have it
(jimmartin) you already are my second best friend
(kirstinj) Landers Quake, I slept through it
(jimmartin) 4 ever.....
(ashleyrenee) we were suppose to go to dinner but you flaked
(jimmartin) you flaked. what about wednesday??
(El_Coyote) I don't know... I come from where we don't have earthshakes, no typhoons, no tornadoes...
(Villain2) Hi all
(kirstinj) we had a 6.0ish one a few years ago, I woke up, said hey, my room is shaking, then went back to sleep
(Bill_Wa) Try being on a bridge two hundred feet above the water and it's rolling like a tilt*a*whirl.
(ashleyrenee) you room could have been clean by cooties flying around..LOL
(Bill_Wa) But I will still take a quake over a volcanoe though, lol
(ashleyrenee) hi villian
(jimmartin) are you talking to me DODO
(ashleyrenee) yessssssssssssssss
(El_Coyote) No thanks... did enough 'quakes and typhoons for two lifetimes...
(jimmartin) my room is always clean...
(ashleyrenee) jim calls me dodo
(wolfman) well y'all never have to worry about tornados
(Villain2) Full house tonight
(RoninNC) Well he's a lucky guy/
(ashleyrenee) no dust bunnies cause they'll all be sucked up
(jimmartin) you'll always be my dodo
(Rickster) Hey Villian2
(Villain2) Hi Rick
(ashleyrenee) now you have two dodos
(jimmartin) what are you talking about dust bunnies???
(El_Coyote) Damn, Jim, how did you get sooo lucky???
(ashleyrenee) hi rick
(Pygalgia) ashley-Ive never seen you in a straight jacket, have you done shoots in them?
(jimmartin) you're my only dodo ever!!!
(Rickster) just listening to the other half
(wolfman) so ashrenee, what is your favorite thing to wear while being bondaged?
* kirstinj is a bad bad subbie.. that learned to use her daddy's lockpicks :p
(Rickster) hello ashley
(jimmartin) very lucky.. ashley is the greatest friend ever!!
(ashleyrenee) haven't i done just about everything?
(ashleyrenee) sure feels like it
(JBRoper) was daddy a magician?
(kirstinj) nope
(Pygalgia) Where was it published?
(kirstinj) He was a hotel detective... amoung other jobs he's had in his lifetime
(jimmartin) whos is kristinJ---sorry...
(ashleyrenee) i love latex...and pvc....but i actually have to say just about long as i'm tied up
(kirstinj) I'm just a regular in the chatroom... and a fan of most of your guys work :P
(jimmartin) oohhhhh
(KnightDream) ((Finds himself at a loss for words in the pressence of such a beautiful model (could it really be her?)
(ashleyrenee) but who's your favorite?...LOLLLLLLLL
(Pygalgia) what does latis feellike?
(ashleyrenee) hi knightdream......!!!!!!!!
(Pygalgia) latex
(kirstinj) I like way too many to have a definate favorite! :p
* Bill_Wa I see by the position of Betty Page's bound hands and feet that it is time for this odd little Froggie to head for bed. Hugs
to the ladies, handshakes to the men, and simple waves to those who aren't sure. Good night all
(KnightDream) wow
(jimmartin) ashley,,, YOU are everyones favorite
(KnightDream) Hi ashley
(Txpine1) bye bill wa
(ashleyrenee) Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...i love that name...
(JBRoper) night Bill
(Bill_Wa) Nice to see you again MsRenee, have fun all :{))
(El_Coyote) 3Good night, Bill! Nice meeting you!
(Rickster) night Bill
(KnightDream) umm My Name
(KnightDream) ?
* Bill_Wa And I learned that soon, That to be a Buffoon, was a serious thing as a rule, For a Jester's chief employment, is to kill himself
for your enjoyment, and a Jester Unemployed, Is Nobody's Fool!
(ashleyrenee) nice to meet you bill...thanks for coming
(Ashley) Ashley, ditto to what Jim said
(ashleyrenee) yes knight!
(kirstinj) but the name ashley renee is -definately- one of the top names on my list :)
(KnightDream) Thanks
(wolfman) what is it like doing a shoot with nipple clips, how do those feel?
(KnightDream) I'm a big fan of your work
(kirstinj) they hurt and feel good at the same time :P
(ashleyrenee) HOORAY!!!!! for me
(ashleyrenee) thank you knight dream
(ashleyrenee) are you really a knight?
(ashleyrenee) i hope...and pray!
(KnightDream) Guess you've never heard that before
(Txpine1) in his dreams...
(KnightDream) no not really
(ashleyrenee) :-(
(KnightDream) sounds good though
(ashleyrenee) wishful thinking
(KnightDream) : )
(Txpine1) sorry...coldn't pass it up..
(ashleyrenee) LOL
(KnightDream) lol
(kirstinj) right ashley? :p
(@SirRed) Of course, at my age, Once a king, always a king, but once a knight... is enough...
(El_Coyote) 3LOL!
(ashleyrenee) :-)))))))))))))))))))))
(RoninNC) LOL
(ashleyrenee) not for me red
(kirstinj) well SirRed, you'll always be the king here :)
(ashleyrenee) that's true
(@SirRed) Ty, kirsten!
(RoninNC) Red I feel your pain.
(@SirRed) You're young, Ashley.
(ashleyrenee) you think
(Ashley) Ashley, some site are adding videos on demand were you can watch them on line for a fee. It would be great if all of your videos
were available to view from your web site and I'm sure your fans would line up to rent them on line.
(ashleyrenee) doesn't feel that way while i'm twitching
(ashleyrenee) LOL
(jimmartin) TWITCH!!!
(Villain2) lol
(Txpine1) still twitching.....?
(ashleyrenee) i'm in the process of doing that as we speak right jim?
(@SirRed) You said you had an appointment with a neurologist. When is that?
(Txpine1) you need a rest girl....
(jimmartin) yes she's a twitch mama
(labrinzia) see you all later!
(TimPi) Jim, you are a photographer, right?
(ashleyrenee) i stopped twitching but today i started again how odd....
(jimmartin) yes, i am timpi
(JBRoper) you have a twitch ashley?
(El_Coyote) Yes, you need to rest...
(labrinzia) it was great meeting you ashleyrenee.....thank you for putting up with all our questions!
(ashleyrenee) night labrizia
(Villain2) Bye Labby
(Pygalgia) Can i kiss it and make it better?
(JBRoper) night labby
(ashleyrenee) thank you!!!!
(Ashley) Ashley, have you had your potassium checked?
(RoninNC) Ashley, you need a hot tub session.
(TimPi) The reason I ask is because I am too....
(labrinzia) hope to see you here again!
(labrinzia) ttfn!
(jimmartin) cool
(ashleyrenee) yes...jb it's so strange my whole body started twitching in the strangest palces...very slightly...
(TimPi) and I shoot nudes everyonce in a while....
(jimmartin) cory twitches after sex ashley... is that normal??
(ashleyrenee) that's normal jim:-)))
(TimPi) But I have only shot one bondage shoot.
(JBRoper) I sometimes get a twitch in my eye.. It usually happens when there is a lot of stress in my life
(Ed314159) Hey, Ashley, I've got to get going. I'll try to give you a call this week.
(JBRoper) doctor told me it was more or less normal.. havent had it in a while
(Ashley) Jim, is corry going to have any hard stuff on her site or is it more glamour shots?
(kirstinj) I have no twitches, i'm just a squirmer :p
(kirstinj) err squirmer
(kirstinj) oh wait, I guess I spelled it right the first time lol
(ashleyrenee) i've really been working alot lately cause i have this huge fear that "what if something happens to me and noone cares"
(Txpine1) my eyes start twitching while pouring over ashley's web sight.....
(TimPi) I'm not in LA or NY, so I am wondering where or how to find models?
(jimmartin) she 's doing some harder stuff than your]'ve ever seen before.
(jimmartin) we did a straight jacket suspension that will be up soon
(RoninNC) I have a lot of twitches, but then like Red I'm an old fart
(kirstinj) I don't get a twitch when looking at ashleyrenees site... I just get a twang down really low :p
(jimmartin) i'm in la so its no problem
(Txpine1) cute,.... suspension..will be up soon....
(Beaner) Hey your still on Good stuff ashley
(Ashley) Harder physically or more hard core?
(TimPi) You go to agencies?
(jimmartin) physically for now
(ashleyrenee) i missed it because i had to work now i have to wait another 2 weeks...
(jimmartin) no
(ashleyrenee) i think i'm working too hard
(ashleyrenee) physically and emotionally
(jimmartin) of course you are ashley.. you have to save for your house
(RoninNC) Ya, Gal you need a vacation
(TimPi) Word of mouth?
(El_Coyote) Definitely.
(ashleyrenee) on my yahoo group this guy said my bondage was lite...i had to laugh
(Txpine1) how'd you like to visit east Texas...?
(Ashley) Hope to see some hard core from Core some day even simulated stuff with Male Doms.
(JBRoper) hmm.. wonder who that guy was, and what penitentiary he is surfing in from
(KnightDream) "save for your house" sure know what thats like. I'll never get there it seems
(ashleyrenee) tell em ashley
(jimmartin) thanks ashley.. i'll mention it to her
(@SirRed) Oh, I have another question: Have you ever thought of retiring from this business? and what would you do if you did?
(KnightDream) good question RED
(jimmartin) ashley would be bored to tears...
(Ashley) Ashely, I was going to ask you about that post from the web group. I loved your response by the way.
(ashleyrenee) i never thought about it red......thanks for bringing it up now i'm really TWITCHING...must be stress related:-P
(JBRoper) LOL
(RoninNC) Why would she, with her looks and ability.
(jimmartin) cory says no male doms, maybe dom dildos!!!
(@SirRed) LOL, I am so sorry, Ashley!
(KnightDream) There must be something else you'd like to do
(JBRoper) tell cory that male doms make for a cool shoot
(Txpine) what retirement village will you be going to...?? lol
(Beaner) wouldnt that be like telling shakespeare to not write and speilburg not ot make movies
(ashleyrenee) i hope SOMEDAY someone might want to marry me...that would be niceeeeeeeee...then i could bea slave forever
(JBRoper) put some leather pants on them to make it kinky
(Txpine) will you marry me...???????
(ashleyrenee) yes beaner...that's how i feel about it...
(Beaner) Oh please ashley half of american wants to marry you
(jimmartin) cory just bought me some form my bday.. maybe it will be me
(RoninNC) I'm sure you will find that someone.
(JBRoper) cool
(KnightDream) you'll have no problem finding a taker on that ashley
(ashleyrenee) no they don't beaner!!!!
(El_Coyote) I think all the single guys on this list would like to propose, Ashley...
(ashleyrenee) okay......:-)
(@SirRed) and some of the married ones...
(ashleyrenee) i'm here
(Beaner) Hye ashley my yahoo club name for you is RexNocte I wrote you a few days back
(ashleyrenee) i never got it...your email
(jimmartin) i have to screen for ashley...
(ashleyrenee) can you write me again?
(Beaner) no just a message on you site
(wolfman) what do you have in mind for your next shoot ashley?
(RoninNC) Ashley what is the best e-mail address to use for you?
(ashleyrenee) a male dom all fours and a leash....sound good?
(RoninNC) I have several.
(Beaner) I figured you get so many emails
(wolfman) sounds real good
(ashleyrenee) i do but i love my emails they keep me going
(JBRoper) uh.. hopefully you didnt mean that the male dom is down on all fours
(Ashley) Ashley, stop this retiring talk. It's making me twitch!
(Jenny-Sky) gunna step away for a little while...folks see you ina bit:)
(ashleyrenee) no...i am silly
(JBRoper) night Jenny
(Beaner) Well I may write you sometime then :)
(Phoebus) by Jenny(br)
(JBRoper) just checking ashley
(Archer) Hurry back Jenny
(ashleyrenee) sweet dreams jenny
(jimmartin) by jeny
(ashleyrenee) okay i need to ask...
(KnightDream) ok
(ashleyrenee) what car do you like better..?
(jimmartin) ???
(Beaner) Well what kind of guy would you look for in a marraige?
(jimmartin) of course...
(Beaner) car?
(ashleyrenee) a,a hummer h2....or the new range rover...LOL
(TimPi) You say you want to get married some day, but what are you looking for in a man?
(jimmartin) i love the new yugos...
(KnightDream) bmw
(James) Ashley im pleasently and much happily surprised to see you still here
(Beaner) Hummer!
(ashleyrenee) a nice guy!!!!
(@SirRed) Ashley, I think we can all agree the day you retire from this business will be a truly tragic one that we all hope never comes.
(kirstinj) Forget men, marry me ashley! *duck* :p
(ashleyrenee) thanks james
(TimPi) Do you date much?
(RoninNC) Ashley, get a new Jag
(@SirRed) I only asked to try to draw you out about other interests.
(KnightDream) BMW all the way
(ashleyrenee) OH say the nicest things that made me cry!
(RoninNC) You would look great in anything
(Beaner) That way I can drive around town and have a word that is synonimous to blow job in big letters on my grill :) HAHA
(jimmartin) especially a house
(ashleyrenee) i never date noone asks me out really ask jim
* Guest36772 is now known as delerium
(@SirRed) I just had to make that clear, sorry.
(delerium) Hi :)
(JBRoper) if it was free, the BMW.. if I had to pay for it... A Range Rover
(TimPi) How would he know?
(kirstinj) It's true though ashley... You were a bit hit int he bondage world when I first started looking around... I can't imagine it without you
(jimmartin) i need ashley to stay single.. i don't trust any guys with her...
(JBRoper) del !!!!!
(kirstinj) hihi del!
(delerium) JB! :D
(Ashley) Ashley were you kidding or is that really going to be your next shoot?
(JBRoper) how are you sweetie?
(ashleyrenee) jims my best friend
(Beaner) Jimmy is the jealous type??
(TimPi) Jealous?
(delerium) I'm doing well...for a change ;)
(jimmartin) its jim (martin) not jimmy weathers...
(@SirRed) delerium??!! Wow! It's all-star night in RopeTalk!
(Beaner) ahhh well its good ot have protective friends
(ashleyrenee) what ashley?
(ashleyrenee) i'm lost
(JBRoper) thats good news. I am excited to hear that you will be at Bondcon
(jimmartin) not jealous. just VERY protective..
* delerium blushes
(ashleyrenee) hi delerium
* kirstinj pounces on delerium and huggles her
(TimPi) Are you two good buds?
(delerium) Yep, all set to go...even going to bribe a doctor friend for an excuse to miss some school days
(jimmartin) me and ashley?? YES
(ashleyrenee) yes
(Beaner) They say the best freinds make the best m8s:)
(JBRoper) cool.. now tell me this
(Ashley) Going back to the question about your next shoot? What are you going to do?
(delerium) Hi ashley! How're you? Having fun?
(delerium) (nice to meet you, sorta)
(JBRoper) are you going to keep Jasmine away from all her admirers too?
(ashleyrenee) ma and tanya danielle...then after that your thing k?
(@SirRed) (I can't believe shevette is missing this!)
* delerium broke up with Twisted Smile ;) so jasmine's a free agent
(ashleyrenee) yes delerium...but i'm not such a great chatter
(delerium) Me neither
(Beaner) Beside ashley never visits on the eat coast :) Expecially not anywhere in Virginia! But if she did I would be there
(James) Where is Shevette btw?
(JBRoper) it will be nice to finally meet her as well this trip
(Ashley) Thanks Ashley, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!
(KnightDream) There's no question that she is amazingly beautiful and it seems as though (from her comments tonight) she is truly a pleasant young lady.
(ashleyrenee) i am nice huh???
(James) absolutely
(wolfman) very nice
(RoninNC) Ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(TimPi) Ashley..all work and no play...but I guess your work is play.
(ashleyrenee) and i really don't have an ego at all....
(kirstinj) Yes ashley, you definately are :)
(Txpine) you're a doll darlin....
(@SirRed) Ashley, I think there's about 50 or 60 people who won't agree with you about not being a good chatter.
(El_Coyote) Very definitely, Ashley!
(jimmartin) yeah but for a submissive you are awefully....
(James) Sir Red?
(RoninNC) Thats for sure REDE
* delerium is glad to see the big turn out :)
(ashleyrenee) your always so nice to me red....
(kirstinj) SirRed is super nice too :)
(ashleyrenee) :-P
(Txpine) had 46 in here a little while ago....
(@SirRed) For someone who says she isn't any good in groups larger then 4 or 5, you've done really well tonight!
(KnightDream) Been a pleasure chatting with you AshleyRenee. I shall cherrish it. Goodnight EVERYONE
(wolfman) hey ash, would you ever think of getting anything pierced?
(James) i would agree with that
(ashleyrenee) only in a chat cause noone can see me....:-)(br)
(Txpine) bye KD
(El_Coyote) 3Goodnight, KnightDream. Nice meeting you!
(RoninNC) And thats a shame!
(JBRoper) we do have vivid imaginations though ashley (EG)
(ashleyrenee) no wolfman...only my belly button.....i still model mainstream stuff
(@SirRed) With all the coming and going, I think there's been closer to 60 or 70 here tonight.
(wolfman) cool
(Ashley) Ashley, how far in advance to you shoot before the pictures are posted? For example, you are working with Tanya this week so when do you expect to post those shots?
(TimPi) What's mainstream?
(Txpine) ooo..don't pierce that fine body darlin.......
(ashleyrenee) night knights dream
* kirstinj sets her mIRC background to a picture of ashley
(kirstinj) there, now I can see you while I talk, so ha!
(delerium) awww....
(ashleyrenee) bathing suit stuff....etc....
(TimPi) How much of that do you do?
(ashleyrenee) centerfold stuff....
(jimmartin) what kind of bathing suits??
(RoninNC) Where can we see those shots?
(ashleyrenee) still on and off shoots...
(ashleyrenee) i just shot for mac and bumble
(ashleyrenee) that was pretty fun
(ashleyrenee) i just had a layout come out in hustlers busty beauties
(ashleyrenee) for the 100th time
(RoninNC) That figures LOL
(James) what issue was that?
(Ashley) Ashley, are you still doing movies?
(ashleyrenee) last month
(RoninNC) Have to look that one up
(James) I would love to see that
(jimmartin) i get confuseed between ashley and ashley renee
(ashleyrenee) NO DON"T i didn't like it...LOL
(TimPi) Do you work outside Caslifornia
(jimmartin) whose ashley??
(TimPi) California
(James) was it bad?
(RoninNC) What don't you like about them?
(ashleyrenee) not my favorite
(James) ahh
(Ashley) Sorry I tried to put Ashley Fan but you can't have a space so it just came out Ashley
(ashleyrenee) this is the longest i've ever chatted even in my own chat...
(delerium) I wish I could be more Womanly...when i look at your pictures, ashley, you're definitely all's aww inspiring :)
(RoninNC) Hard to believe a bad shot of you Babe.
(James) still with a beauty like even your worst could good
(wolfman) what do you like best about fucking machines
(ashleyrenee) thank you delerium.....that is really nice!!!!!!!!!!!
* Phoebus hands ashley_renee a cold glass of water to keep her from getting a sore throat from answering questions
(jimmartin) they don't talk back
(Txpine) you have to be kidding...
(kirstinj) hey delerium, your definately all woman too! *looks at that corset picture again*
(TimPi) Good One!
(delerium) And well a not trying to kiss your nice ass sort of way..
(delerium) lol kirstin
(rmuskie) you're a gem too Del :)
(JBRoper) gotta agree del, you are very womanly... very hot
(ashleyrenee) yes you are!
(kirstinj) big kiss where? *inno* :P
(Archer) Ashley: Type /nick Ashley_Fan or /nick Ashley-Fan Either of those wil work
(JBRoper) and such a sexy voice too
(RoninNC) Ashley this has been great but I have to take this old bod to bed, love you gal.
(ashleyrenee) a gem i mean
(ashleyrenee) love you too ronin!!!!!
(@SirRed) Who JB? Ashley or delerium?
(Ashley) can I edit from here or do I need to sign on again
(RoninNC) Bye to every one!
(ashleyrenee) dream about me!
(Archer) You can do it from here
(JBRoper) both are very sexy but in different ways
(James) Ashley Might I ask a Question?
(RoninNC) For sure!!!!!!!!!!
(JBRoper) and both of their elbows touch.. WooHoo !! gotta love that
(delerium) :D
(ashleyrenee) different how???
(ashleyrenee) now your on the SPOT
(TimPi) What do you do when not working and if you don't date?
(delerium) I"ve got that geek sexy thing goin on ;)
(ashleyrenee) sure james
* kirstinj loves being able to touch her elbows together(without help) it's a blessing and a curse :P
(rmuskie) hi ashleyrenee-pleased to meet you
(delerium) and you have that va va voom sexy thing ;)
(rmuskie) yeah but it works del
(ashleyrenee) i work out and go to work....that's about it
(jimmartin) and twitch...
(James) What is your Favorite Video shoot you have ever done? The best one?
(ashleyrenee) hi muskie
(Ashley_Fan) Hope that is better Ashley has been changed to Ashley_Fan
(jimmartin) yes..
(ashleyrenee) i like manhandled with viking it will be coming out soon
(Txpine) it really has been a pleasure to meet ashley renee....such a fine girl....and so sweet....
(ashleyrenee) ahhhhhh thank you txpine
(James) so thats the best one you say?
(ashleyrenee) i just hope the day never comes when my work gets dissapointing
(ashleyrenee) it's really great
(Ashley_Fan) Can you tell us a little about what is in Manhandled? You had a really great movie with Luc Wylder some time ago which would probably be my fav.
(El_Coyote) Ashley, your work is never disappointing. How could it ever be?
(ashleyrenee) yes....are you talking about masters choice?
(kirstinj) ashley do you do your own webadmin stuff or have someone else doing it? :p
(Ashley_Fan) Older then Masters Choice. I still haven't seen that one. I just ordered several of your movies but I opted for some of your hardcore versus bondage.
(ashleyrenee) rachel paine does that.....she's aesome...i create my own scenerios and model in them...obviouslt write my journals and do all the production stuff myself along with edit my pix....
(ashleyrenee) awesome
(TimPi) You ever get bored?
(ashleyrenee) how???
(ashleyrenee) i have no time for boredom
(kirstinj) ah ha, so holding you hostage to get a membership might work... oh wait, then who'd do all the work... curses, foiled again! :P
(TimPi) Not working.
(Pygalgia) ashley What kind of music do you like?
(ashleyrenee) i'm always working
(jimmartin) country music??
(ashleyrenee) all kinds...but i really llike LOVE SONGS!
(Pygalgia) What are your favorite
(kirstinj) your such a hopeless romantic :P
(ashleyrenee) not country though
(ashleyrenee) i know sick huh?
* delerium sticks out her tongue at country music
(El_Coyote) I'm dating myself here, but: Air Supply comes to mind...
(rmuskie) silly love songs :)
(James) AShley, do you like MIchael Crawford
(ashleyrenee) i love air supply
(rmuskie) the new stuff is good Del
(kirstinj) yeah *sticks her tongue out at country too*
(ashleyrenee) yes james....
(El_Coyote) Or, (and this REALLY dates me!) the Carpenters...
* Phoebus likes country music and is proud of it
(James) AHve yoy ever heard his Broadway Love songs album??
(Klick) farm music???
(Phoebus) yea we like to sing to the cows
(jimmartin) i like country. i think the chicks are cute...
(rmuskie) jb and I are keeping quite about music-lol
(ashleyrenee) i'm sorry but i have to go take a bath now cause red made me so nervous when he talked about retiring......AS IF...LOL
(El_Coyote) Thanks for chatting, Ashley. Hope you like the site!
(kirstinj) I don't mind country too much... but I perfer alternative or rock :p
(Txpine) night
(Pygalgia) If a guy wanted to impress a woman like you-what would he play?
(ashleyrenee) and i haven't eaten yet
(James) Ashley, its been a pleasure
(Archer) Thanks for coming Ashley, nice to have met you
(rmuskie) there you go kristin
(Phoebus) later ashley nice to have had you in the room
(TimPi) Thank you for your time Ashley.
(ashleyrenee) but i really wanted to thank everyone for chatting with me tonight
(jimmartin) call me later DODO
(@SirRed) I'm really sorry about that question, Ashley.
(El_Coyote) 3Night, Ashley
(rmuskie) our pleasure
(Pygalgia) glad to
* kirstinj gives ashleyrenee a biiiiiig hug
(ashleyrenee) i'm sorry i'm not a great typer...
(kirstinj) Thank you so much for chatting with us ashley, I hope to get to chance to talk to you again sometime in the near future... keep up the great work!
(ashleyrenee) night kirstinj
(Pygalgia) Its your type, and not typing we admire
(rmuskie) I agree
(Txpine) you're as good as any of us at typing....
(@SirRed) You've been wonderful, Ashley.
(JBRoper) goodnight ashley
(ashleyrenee) LOL
(DarthMalice) wow lots in here
(@SirRed) I really owe you big-time.
(JBRoper) it was great talking to you
(Ashley_Fan) Thanks Ashley
(ashleyrenee) thank you for having me red!!!!
(ashleyrenee) I LOVE YOU!
(rmuskie) thanks Red for getting Ashley to chat with us roomies
(Txpine) yes...thank you Red...
(jimmartin) yeah red. this was really a great chat. i'm out too
(@SirRed) You are really the sweetest thing, Ashley.
(TimPi) Thanks for talking Jim.
(DarthMalice) hi ashley, bye ashley
(El_Coyote) Thank you, Red. Twas a real good chat!
(jimmartin) my pleasure
(Txpine) we love you too darlin....
(ashleyrenee) night everyone.....i'm the lucky one that i have people that appreciate me....thank you so much!
(kirstinj) I totally agree with SirRed, Your a doll Ashley :)
(DarthMalice) I forogt she was coming in (sighs)
(rmuskie) Del you have a name for the new site yet
(kirstinj) come by again!
(delerium) good night to the people leaving :D
(delerium) yep i do
(rmuskie) and...
(delerium) it's a surprise though muskie :)
* delerium grins
(ashleyrenee) don't forget to see corylane .com....LOL
(rmuskie) del luvs
(TimPi) Thanks Red for setting this up.
(Klick) ib
(delerium) lol
(rmuskie) oh good she laughed
(rmuskie) :)
(JBRoper) hey muskie.. didnt see you sneak in
(jimmartin) thats sweet ashley i'll try to get it up by friday
(ashleyrenee) night red.......:-))
(@SirRed) Good night, Ashley, and thank you, very much.
(ashleyrenee) thank you again red and everyone for being here!!!!!
(ashleyrenee) the pleasure ahs been all mine...really
* ashleyrenee has left


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