i feel like this is one time i shoulda wore a dress...

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 Hi! It's me, shevette, and Master Red is letting me do a spotlight page for Delerium's brand new site.

That tickles me just fine; i get to do something to help out Master Red and explore Delerium's site at the same time.

So here goes, a spotlight page with the shevette touch!

This first picture is the banner for the UnsoundMethod site.

i've seen Delerium ever since Twisted Smile let me do that hog-tie scene with them. She's young, beautiful, talented, and has a certain flair that is her's alone. i was reminded of that the instant i was inside her site looking at the selections. The very first one was an interesting looking shoot, but what really surprised me was that it was a shoot featuring Delerium shot by (can you guess?) Delerium! We aren't going to show how she did that here. It's a mystery you can only get the answer to by going to UnsoundMethod.com

She is a talented and accomplised photographer. Good sharp pictures and nice and big too. Good content, erotic, "bondage wickedly arousing, artfully done."

Most of the site is broken into set or scenes... Oh the gear, the gear!
Delerium is examined by the doctor

Delerium and the doctor

Delerium in jeans Oh the eyes, the eyes!


And the footsies too! With or without heels?


Does any one like tied feet?
Is that with or without heels?


Hey! That's Sara!
How about fantastic guests like Sara Nychols?


Hey! That's Del! Hey! That's Del! The star of the site is Delerium though and she is the girl next store with a triple dose of curves. With the expresions on her face she takes us from one erotic scene to the titlating journey of a woman in bondage. She's smart, she's hip, and you'll fall in love with her eyes, her lips, her face, and with all of her other parts too. This is a well done site. The photo quality is excelent, the colors stand out and at the same time it's not just all artsy. There is depth and like the sign says folks, it's arousing!

Great eyes!


Nice ropework... Great ties!
No, this is Dolly


This is Dolly


Here's Dolly...

No, this is Dolly! Dolly is a cracker! Dolly as a maid...


Sara, looking pretty in pink, and handcuffs This is from another set with Sara Nychols, another extremely hot set. Very sexy, very, as the sign says, arousing!

Well that's my report on Delerium's site, i hope you go check it out - and join too! This is only a small sample of her work. Definately a top-notch site.

Oh ya, almost forgot, to get there go to unsoundmethod.com

The partial pictures with borders link to free full-size fotos.
Members can download all of them. Click here to join now and see them all.

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