OOPS! Made a mistake...
A guy wrote and wanted me to
illustrate all possible bondage positions,
i would be drawing for 100 years! Hi Masters, Mistresses, subs, and subettes!

Just some ramblings this time. i had a letter asking me to draw all the possible bondage positions that there are. There's the hog-tie, the spread-eagle, and then right off the bat we get into the positions with no names and it's best to just draw them. Think about it though; that's like asking how many different clothes i can wear! Think some more; he was asking so he could show them and use them on his girlfriend. Hey! i don't know what kinds of clothes she likes to wear, or what bondage positions she'd like. Asking the wrong subbie, ok? i will keep drawing bondage, but i don't think i'll ever draw every position possible...

Valentines Day is coming up. Just realized something monumental; all along i've been calling Halloween the #1 bondage holiday of the year! Wow, wake up shevette! Why have i not been thinking it's Valentine's day??? Bondage is an expression of love - and what day of the year do we celebrate love on? What can i say, my face is bright red! (In my defense i usually call every weekend the best bondage holiday of the year... giggle)

And speaking of Valentine's Day... have you decided what to give to your lover? Well what could be better than a bondage sampler? Of course it would have the usual selection of gear ranging from silk scarves to rubber straps or leather cuffs or maybe even some handcuffs or chains. Ah, but the idea is to make it a special day, not just a time to replace worn and frayed ropes and what-have-you. Don't forget to toss in some whipped cream and some chocolate syrup and/or strawberry syrup or even some marmalade. Get a nice heart shaped box and wrap yourself up in pretty red ribbons. Make it special, you're giving it to the one you love, the one who loves you.

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All you need is love... but why not toss in
some handcuffs.
duct tape,
some syrup,
and some whipped cream?
Oh, one more thing... Sir Red has a Valentines Day surprise, but i'll let him tell you what it is. In the meantime remember to be naughty and nice...

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