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I think most women would tell you that it doesn't take any chains or rope or anything to hold her to her man. If Master Rob never ever tied me up again i'd still always be his.

Thankfully he does tie me up though... giggle

What is this bondage thing? Most of us, i think, have resolved this question by simply admitting that we don't know what it is, where it came from, and that we are just grateful that somehow we found it.

While the route we took to get to bondage is as distinct as each individual there are also patterns here too. Some of us believe it was inside of us from birth, that's a common tale. Others were introduced to it, like j, and suddenly cannot remember a time that it wasn't in the background. The vast number though are not into bondage for life - i hope i'm not in that group, but that, i think, is why all of us need to sit back for a second and examine this whole bondage thing.

i've gotten a lot of letters and stories since i've started doing bondage web sites and if i had to sum up what i've heard i guess i could put it in several categories:

i like to think too! 1) The "thank you for what you are doing" group. Probably the biggest group because inside there are sub groups from i guess all the other groups. Probably the most important group because it does include so many people, and these are the people who make me feel so good, thank you.

2) The "been doing it all my life" group. Again i am tempted to say the most important group because these are the people who i look up to the most because they seem to be closer to the inside track and have the 'feel' for bondage. That's what i'd like to do someday, understand bondage - until then i will continue to support it just as i do my very own Master.

3) The "I've just started and I need to find someone to do this with" group. These people are important to all of us because they are out there trying to do it and answer the callings inside of themselves and the answers they come up with are going to affect how bondage is perceived publicly. i truly believe with all of my heart that 99% of the people in the world (maybe more) are aware of bondage and it turns them on.

4) And then there are the rebels. Those are the ones who have made the leap of faith and come over to bondage, but are not always into it for the right reasons. They are out for a good time and while they are not really into hurting anyone they still look at it like if someone does get hurt and it's not them then so what. Among this group i count the people who cheat on their spouses, the tops who abuse, the bottoms who are willing to be abused and all the people who do not fit into the other groups i am listing here.

5) Just as groups one, two and three are positive and group four is somewhat positive sometimes we have this group which is negative. These are the people who should not be doing bondage for lack of maturity or they are interested because it looks like a 'way out' of normal social interaction. These are the people who are not psychologically capable of dealing with bondage.

Let's break this down... So breaking it down like this we have the groups that we'd all want to be included in and the fifth group that none of us wants to be a part of - and we have group four kinda in the middle. Call that the bubble group or the hump group because people in it have a tendency to fall off either to the undesirable group five or into one of the positive groups That's the group that i'd like to address right now. They are, again, maybe the most important group because of their precarious position. All of us need to help these people to come into one of the first three positive groups.

Read on and we will talk and see what can be done to have as many people in the hump group enter into one of the top groups. Before i go on though allow me please to just talk about people in general if i may.

Group five is important too. There aren't a lot of people in this group, but every group, every person in the world is important - and if you don't think so then you aren't in one of the positive groups! *pout*

Just joking, but it is a fact that everyone is important. The group five people make up a very small percentage of the population and probably account for that missing one per cent that aren't turned on to some degree by bondage. Seriously, these people in what i'm calling group five are those who should be protected from bondage exposure.
Getting to the bondage part...
i'm really getting into 'forbidden territory' here. It's never a good idea to put people into groups because everyone is a group of one. i'm not looking down on the group five people, but i think all of us would not like the idea of being included in that group. The fact of the matter, i think (as a humble, yet outspoken sub), is that inside each of us there is a part from every group in the whole wide world. We all fit into all five groups!

We all have parts that are shared with everyone alive, everyone who has been alive, and everyone who will ever be alive - that's why we are all in the group called 'humans'. That's the most important group too. Oh, in case you have noticed that i keep calling every group THE most important group it's because i am a subbie and we subbies always look up to everyone - kinda, mostly, sorta (that's a whole other topic.)

Ok, there is a group five and we are all part of every other group including that one and we all want to be in one of the top three groups. The way that we do that is by taking the good from each group, each idea, each concept and leave behind the bad parts. And that's why i want to zone in on group four, the rebels, the ones who could go either way, the hump group, the ones on the proverbial bubble.

Now is that an introduction or what? *giggle* i'll have to shorten it or something, but here we go into the meat, the heart of what i want to say...

i know most people when they go to a bondage site want to get straight to the pics and i'm in that group myself. i want my instant gratification just like everyone else - and - sometimes on long lonely nights i want some explanations too. We all do. All of us have these explanations inside of us and while they may be enough sometimes at other times we also want to hear what the others in our group (us humans) are thinking.

i am going to attempt to describe some of the feelings that i have as an individual on what it's like to get tied up. One of my friends did some really great writing on this (yes, i'm talking about you Michelle). She talks about how sex is good and how being tied up and having sex can be better and how being tied up, teased, unable to free herself, being totally helpless in front of another human being, and being made love to while forced to total submission until she just has to give up her best (and all of it - without reserve) is so much better. Ya, i paraphrased the heck outta that so i'll try to remember to give out her link at the end of this so everyone (99% of everyone) can see how wonderfully witty and charming she is. She's been recovering from an operation and has a little time on her hands right now so everyone (all 100%) write her, ok?

Hi Michelle!

Perfect timing girl! i just did an article where i mentioned you and your site AND i don't have the address! Got new computer for Christmas and all my old bookmarks and stuff are on the old machine which we had to cannibalize in order to get this one going. Been off the net almost a month. Please send address for you home page quickly - and be prepared to get lots of hits! giggle

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Hi shevette,

The main site is as the e-mail name - or to go directly to the library is


Getting tied up means giving over the control of my body, my person, and even my persona to some one else. It means giving them my trust, my fate, my all. Some sisters i have talked with say it even means giving over my soul, i won't go all that far. i can see how it could feel like that because sometimes i am forced to do things that i wouldn't normally do - and that's a good thing.

Getting tied up can encompass a lot of different things. It could be a kiss at the end of a date with your first true boyfriend, saying "i do", getting into a tickling contest (and losing), or 20 feet of chain and a lot of locks that you can't undo. Each time i get tied up it is different. It's different and it's the same. Let's try to list the possibilities:

i could use some help here Master... It could be me submitting myself to my lover.
It could be my lover taking my submission.
It could be my lover taking my body. lover taking me.
It could be me wanting to just give up control of me, of anything.
It could be an escape where the world has just beaten me down and i want out for awhile.
It could be an escape where i am tied and get myself free.
It could be an escape where i am tied and no matter what i can't get free.
It could be giving up the responsibility of deciding.
It could be me wanting to show my lover how much i trust him. much of me i am willing to give. much i need him. much i love him. much i want to give much i can give. much i want to share. much i can share.

Ummm... the elbows! It could be the thrill of the danger.
It could be the thrill of the trust.
It could be the thrill of the lack of trust i feel in myself.
It could be the thrill of being forced to throw off the shackles of real life and being everything that he wants of me.
It could be that little thing of knowing that when he has my hands tied behind my back i can not stop him from doing whatever he want to do to me.
It could be knowing that when he has my hands tied behind my back all he wants to do is
..hold me.
..cuddle me. tender with me.
It could be a demonstration of how i can not get along without him.
..that i need him.
..that i want him. him completely. him.
..and that he can treat me as he really wants to treat me.
..that he can show me his love.
..his needs.
..his trust.
That i am his.
That i need him. ..and without him i would whither away and die.
Ohhh! And a gag too? And besides that, i just want to show him that i will give myself up completely for him and hope that he will love me and that i love him so much that i could never show him with words alone.

Oops! Sorry, didn't mean to get all gushy. i have a friend on the net that i haven't 'seen' in a long time and i can't remember her name right now, but she is a full time subbie. i think that i am too, now. We were talking once and she told me that whenever Sir NR ties her up he always leaves an escape knot where she can reach it so that if she ever felt the need to use it and get up it was there for her. That's a very good idea and a very nice thing for her Master to do for her, not to mention the safety factor. She asked me if Master Rob left me an escape knot and i kinda giggled. We usually don't use rope. i prefer handcuffs and chains. She wanted to know if my Master always made sure that i could get to the keys if i wanted to.

In a word; no!

i'm not resisting! i'm not resisting! i know it's not as safe as it could be and that even when i am completely tied up it is still my responsibility to look out for myself and protect my body and even my mind, BUT i want to give myself completely to him and if i could have any chance of escape it would be an infringement on how completely i was able to give my love, my trust, and even my body.

See? i do have a part of group five in me too. Hopefully i am big in all three of the positive groups. And if i ever lose sight of group four then it might not be exciting at all.

Collar and leash... ...and a post! This can actually feel good!! He thinks i'm trying to escape? ...and wants to punish me?
...just take me!

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