Meet Rob and shevette

Premier Issue! Collector's Edition!!!

Before we begin... Gives me chills just thinking about it! This is a kind of an exciting idea for me. For years i have been harping on about how great Bondage is and i'm afraid that It's sounded like a long speech or something. While i have to admit that i like to gab, i don't think that it's my place as a sub to do that.

What i intend to do here is give real-life examples...

This issue will be a kind of a introduction to Rob and myself as well as a few friends.

All names will be maimed except in the cases where people want me to give out their names.

Rob and i are both very timid about revealing our true identities because we think that if our nieghbors knew about our life style they could infringe on our ability to live it.

We are both subs, which sounds like it wouldn't work, but love does conquer all! Lately i get to be the sub about 99% of the time, which is pretty good i think!

i'm excited... Rob and i were outside enjoying the warm weather and i had worked up the nerve to wear my black bikini for the firt time this year so i could try to get a smidge of a tan (us redheads don't tan too well - maybe one year all the freckles will connect and i can pretend to have a real killer-tan!)

We were enjoying ourselves. Especially Rob, he'd sneak up behind me and spray me with the water hose. He liked it and i was having fun too.

Then a friend of Rob's drove up in his truck...

i decide that if they are going to stand in the shade... i slip on a t-shirt over my bikini and mosey on down to where the guys are... Let me explain about Tom Tom is a nice guy

He's a kind of handy man type and does odd jobs for some of the local farmers. Errrrr... change that, i don't think Tom would get along being called a handy man, i'm sure he'd prefer being called a contractor.

He's glad to see me.
"Hi shevette!"

(No one here besides Rob, Ed, and j knows me by that name, so we are going to have to pretend a little here, ok?)

i smile back at him. He is making me glad to be seen in my bikini. i don't know about you, but the first time i wear one outdoors durring the begining of warm weather it makes me feel really naked and uneasy to be seen like that.

i was joking with Rob and Tom...

We are joking around and i have to admit that i was flatered by the attention. i was so caught up in things that when i turned around and looked in the bed of the truck that i made a whooping error for a sub.

It took me by surprise...

He had a bunch of tie wraps... Did i ever feel dumb... Then i thought, 'Maybe he didn't understand what i meant...' Then i thought, 'Maybe i can turn invisable!'...
i might as well have come out and told Tom
that Rob has tied me up using tie-wraps before!

Turn the page to see how Rob pulls an impossible situation out of the frying pan...

Yeah, all i could do was stand there and go, "Duh!"
One more time that i wish i was wearing a gag!

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Shevette Show

i just knew i'd blown our secret lives...

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