B O N D A G E    . . . in Public?!
Greetings!     i've been busy trying to draw some kind of picture that maybe explains me to me. So far no luck and i have been drawing like crazy. i'm kinda obsessed with this project, which is ok i guess, except the real world keeps poking it's head in the way. Lots of things have happened. One of them being Val who is writing for Master Red - the kinda stuff i write about - except with her very own distinct style and flavor. So far i have posted one of her articles here and there's lots more - and they are great!

That says a lot about a site. i mean we get so many people writing in to contribute everything from stories to pictures, drawings, articles, bondage humor, and who knows what all. It says a lot about the kind of man that Master Red is.

Well one thing's for sure, i haven't forgotten how to ramble. i was talking about being absorbed in trying to create the perfect pic and all these people and events were distracting me, without much success in drawing me out of my labors... ..until Master Red showed me this.
A walk in the park... ..ahhhh!!!
Neat idea, they will
 even ship on dry ice
 so they arive ready
 for use!

Remember the good ol' days doing self bondage? Remember reading how a lot of people had this thing where they'd use an ice cube to time how long it was until they could free themselves? It worked something like this: you hid all the keys to your handcuffs and took the last 'valid' key and froze it in the freezer. Once it was frozen you could pull it out and put it somewhere handy. Then you could handcuff yourself and guess what? You weren't getting loose until the ice melted!

Ok same idea here. There seems to be a tube with water in it. You freeze it (5 hours about) then you and someone else put these time cuffs on and in a couple of hours the ice melts and you get the key (i guess it goes inside somewhere.)

Ok, that's cool, but what sets this product off is it's touted for public use!!! Let me repeat that, you get to use these things outdoors in public! Ya!!! Even at work!!! No sex mind you, just good light bondage - out in the open.

NOTE to all you Masters and Sirs out there:
Probably THE best way to learn more about bondage is to put yourself in your subbie's shoes - or better yet, her handcuffs. This is a good way to do that. It great to be a Master, but don't let go of being human at the same time...

Some of the uses for the TIME CUFF:
Fund raisers looking for a novel idea, use Timecuffs to as a way to get much needed publicity. Everyone uses lock ups and jails to as a way to get donations.

Team Building exercises and management coaching techniques can use the Timecuff effect to teach participants new ways to communicate and work together.

Relationship Building. Here is one that always tips the imagination when we mention couples but our Bind Date models but in reality, Timecuffs work well for breaking down those walls that have crept into a relationship as well as breaking through the walls we have created to keep people from getting to close.

Gag gifts. Certainly for newly weds or anniversary gifts, Timecuffs can play two roles. Yes it is fun to lock the couple together at the reception or at a party, but this gift keeps giving something the two will not expect.

Name of the company: PlayToies (play toys, get it?)
Net address: http://www.playtoies.com

Links to their FAQ

i'd wear one!
i said it took something big to pull me away from my search for the perfect pic, right? Well, while i'm at it let me show you someplace else that bondage is hitting the markets due to demand...

Prepare yourself...

And remember, bondage is not bad - it's fun. 90% of Americans think about it, 50% do it. When you see a company trying to be on the bright side of bondage please support them. The better you make bondage look the better you look too!

That having been said here is our next surprise...

This would be fun too!
Ok, in our last cliff-hanger Poor Penelope was tied to the tracks just as the train was coming into the station.

What happens next?

Dudley-Do_right is walking up to the walkway.

What happens next?

He sees her, just in the nick of time!

What happens next?

He runs to the edge of the walkway and she pops up (just in the nick of time!)

What happens next?

Well, that's the next cliff-hanger...
PS: her hair shoulda been red or orange...

Penelope Pitstop meets Dudley-Do-Right!
Support these companies, they are supporting you.
in Public?!


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