The shevette show A quick set change and we are back...

Welcome to the shevette show!
i hope you enjoyed the first part of the show... Now let's see what Sir Red did to startle me so much...

Sir Red of Red's Realm
Sir Red - Rex - me.
The shevette show Thanks for rejoining us. In the last episode we waited for Sir Red to get through wardrobe. It took awhile, but i think the results are worth waiting for.

Please welcome Sir Red of Red's Realm!

The shevette showI don't know about you, but this is how I'm usually dressed when I'm in front of my PC. Appearing naked with you on your show makes me feel like John Lennon. Remember when he and Yoko did that album "Two Virgins" with the naked cover picture? I know what they meant now, because you make sex seem more magical and mystical to me than it has since I was a virgin.

Giggle - gotta love this man!

I love all your updates. The Shevette Show just keeps getting better and better.

The shevette showThank you, Sir Red. i'd like to say that about your site, but it's already so good that it couldn't get better. It's gotta be THE best bondage site on the whole net!

Thank you, shevette. On my way to work the other day, I was thinking of you, as usual, and wondering why you seem so unique. Why are there so few ladies out there like you? Could it be because there are no role models for little girls like you in the mass media? I suddenly realized and resented the fact that every time any girl admits to liking bondage games on TV, she's the same one who is the butt of all the jokes for doing everything and everybody, the likable but slutty co-worker or neighbor, never the nice girl or wife. On "Caroline in the City" it was the slutty neighbor, never Caroline, and on "Just Shoot Me" it's the horny, over the hill, alcoholic ex-model, never the good girl, who speaks of getting untied at the end of last night's date. If Dharma is so damned cute because she's so wild and uninhibited, how come she never asks Greg to tie her up? Wouldn't it be just as funny for Suddenly Susan to shock the office slut by mentioning being tied up last night and a lot less predictable? I think we should start a letter writing campaign to the television producers to convince them that nice girls like to get tied up too! Material for your show maybe?

The shevette showSounds like it. i really don't want to get too politically active at this point - although i have been running ideas on a bondage march, like the gay marches, except people get tied up and have a march through town.

The shevette showSounds like fun!

i don't know if that'd ever work.

Well, not if their feet were tied!

Picking my ideas apart already, huh? giggle. Seriously it's in the back of my mind... i'm interested... Very interested! Gimme a little bit more... You do know that once you get over this shyness you are going to be on the show a lot! (Especially if you keep saying all these nice things about me!)

Hey, I finally updated my letters page. Hope you like it.

i liked the response you gave to the policeman who wrote about your stance on the drug war.

I was a private security guard for several years in college and worked alongside a number of policemen both active and retired. Anyone with the nerve to take on that job, even 25 years ago, much less today, certainly has my respect. I also did my share of recreational drugs, both soft and hard, while in college and for several years afterwards, and I've witnessed first hand the damage done both by drugs themselves and by the war on drugs.
The shevette showShouldn't the government try to protect people from the damage drugs can do?

Alcohol and tobacco are recreational drugs, just as dangerous, and just as addictive as any others. The biggest difference is that we are actually winning the war against those drugs without making criminals of those who possess or use them. We've cut tobacco consumption in half since 1979 without arresting a single cigarette smoker. Just as the prohibition of alcohol was a big mistake that let alcohol sales and consumption skyrocket totally out of control and encouraged the growth of enormous criminal-controlled black markets, so is the current war on drugs making drugs easier for children and teenagers to get than liquor, while forcing addicts with medical problems into lives of crime to pay inflated black market prices for their drugs. We spent millions of tax dollars on alcohol prohibition. Then we found out that research, education and treatment was a better and cheaper way of dealing with the problem of alcoholism and gave us better controls for keeping it out of the hands of children and teenagers while paying for those controls through taxation. I think it's long past time for us to consider similar plans for dealing with other drugs. Approaching the problem of drugs as medical, rather than criminal, might greatly reduce the amount of crime associated with them and free up our courts and prisons to deal more effectively with real crimes against people and property.

The shevette showWhat other benefits do you expect from ending the drug war?

Many people today who don't use illegal drugs now fear the police and resent the suspicion and searches they know they are subject to as a result of the war on drugs. Some have begun to lose respect for law enforcement because of the Gestapo like tactics they see being used against drug users who could be harmless friends or family members with medical problems. When John Doe is told the local police don't have the manpower to search the pawnshops for his property lost in a burglary and the jails wouldn't have room to keep the burglar if they had the time to look for him, but watches his brother's family bankrupted trying to keep his nephew in college instead of prison after the boy made the mistake of attending the wrong party, respect for the courts and the police goes right down the toilet.

The shevette showUnfortunately, a free society cannot continue to function and remain free without widespread respect for the law and those who enforce it. That's why I think the greatest benefit to ending the war on drugs might be not the reduction in harm to drug users, but the return of respect for the rule of laws and faith in those who enforce them.

My hope is that replacing the war on drugs with a system of controls more like the ones used for alcohol today would reduce the number of desperate criminals policemen have to deal with and make their job safer and easier.

But what if crime went up instead of down?

In Amsterdam as well as New York City, prostitutes, pickpockets and police all walk the streets at night. The difference is that in Amsterdam, where prostitution and drugs are legal, the prostitutes are extra eyes and ears for the police and eagerly cooperate with them in catching the pickpockets who hurt the tourist trade for everybody. Imagine how much safer our own streets might be if the millions who now use drugs and wouldn't give the cop on the beat the time of day thought of the police as their friends and allies to be promptly notified of any suspicious activity they observed.

The shevette showYou've been to Amsterdam?

Yes, and I've seen for myself the streets that are safer to walk by night than many American streets are by day. I've also talked to the high school and college students there who have almost no drug addition or unwanted pregnancy and think of drugs, prostitution and pornography as a way to collect taxes from tourists too stupid to legalize and control what they can't stop in their own countries.

I guess it comes down to control. We control the sale and possession of alcohol and tobacco, but making the sale and possession of other drugs crimes has put them under the control of criminals. Let's dare to try another way to take back control of drugs. Any other way is bound to be less violent and less costly in terms of wasted lives, loss of respect for the law, and wasted tax dollars than the current war on drugs.

The shevette showA person can tell a lot about a site by the letters it gets from visitors. This next one is a good example of how you deal with people:

This note, like several others like it that I've gotten, asked me not to reply. The gentleman's wife was not into bondage, so he felt he had to keep his interest secret from her. He could have no magazines or videos in the house, not even any e-correspondence on the subject on their shared computer. Since his wife might notice charges from a pay site, his visits to free web sites are his only possible outlet. I never wanted the responsibility of being this important to peoples lives.

Start talking to each other, people! I recently started telling a co-worker about Red's Realm, and he interrupted to ask skeptically, "You mean S and M type stuff?" I took a minute to explain the difference to him, and got a quick response of, "Oh, yeah, well, I can see that," from him. Now there's one less person who thinks we're all dangerous perverts. My hit stats tell me there's about 75,000 of you Realm Regulars out there. If every one of you talked to two people, and they talked to two people... We might start to get accepted someday!

The shevette showYou do a lot of good with your site like this man says:

It seems that your site is "wearing" my wife down, (so to speak). I think that she may be coming around to bondage. Your latest update gave her something to think about. (About how "Bondage" is NOT the same thing as "S&M" at all.) Just thought that you`d like to know that your site is helping to keep at least one marriage together. ;)

It's really very rewarding to get this kind of mail.

The shevette showi wonder who wrote this letter...

What you have is the standard by which the rest of us measure ourselves - or should measure ourselves. Lots of real pics, Sir. Pics like the girl in the tennis outfit. i did that once - had a boyfriend "abd*ct" me after i was out playing tennis one night. Or the pic with the girl in the suede mini-skirt. Other than the fact that hers is purple and mine was blue our skirts were the same. Girls in poses i have been in and enjoyed. It's nice to see that, Sir.
Bondage is something we all feel pressured to keep hidden and when you see someone doing the same things you have done it's... well it's refreshing!
Sir i don't look for the same things on a site as guys do. [...] i like to get inspiration from the pics i see on the net. Sometimes i see a pretty face that i want to download, an interesting position, some guy in the pic (i love that kind), but on your site i see lots of pics that turn me on - that make me say to myself, "i'd like to try that!" or "i wish someone would tie me up like that!" Really great stuff! And you have this kind of stuff every week, Sir?
The shevette showIf a site was like a window where the owner could see out and see the visitors coming through you'd see a lot of me! Hey! Let's test that theory *removing blouse* Can you see me now! Giggle. Great work, please keep it up Sir. A slave is happy!
Kisses [Name and address withheld]

[Editor's Note: Where were these cuddly kittens when I was young and single? -- Red]
[Answer: When you were young and single, Red, you were dating their mothers! -- Red's Wife]

i give up! It was me. *giggle* What i like about your site is it just doesn't put up a ton of pictures - there's some thought there too - plus a ton of really great scans. You do a lot for the bondage community every day, thank you. What do you have planned for all of us next?

Actually, I've just started to add sound in the form of a few appropriate midi files. If I'm really lucky, I hope to be able to add some waves of you introducing or commenting on some future pieces.

The shevette showMaybe... As long as you don't expect me to sing.  You could damage a lot of innocent people's sound cards that way! *giggle* Red's Realm

You also have probably the best list of commented bondage links on the whole net.

The shevette show

Thank you, shevette, but I can't take credit for that alone.  I depend on people emailing me info about new sites and changes in old ones to keep it up to date.  There's also more original and classic fiction, more art, more magazines for sale, classic covers, new videos, the Tartan Terror, Trinity, Dominic Wolfe, Nancy, D'Arcy, Slave Sara, Pamela Peril, Brandi, Violet, Tyler, Lisa, Dusty, Mai, Sara, Sheena, Monica and her friends, Sally Roberts, Teri Martine, Golden Age scans, news from the front of the Drug War, letters, and snapshots from the 70's, and it will all be free, as long as you remember to keep clicking on the ads that pay the rent!

The shevette showWhew! That's a mouthful! Anything about a partridge in a pear tree?

Not this time. Maybe we could do a shot of you tied to one? All the rest of my Christmas shopping is done, but what can I get shevette for Christmas?

You know how i feel about that sort of thing. i can not accept gifts of any kind - the one thing i want and enjoy more than i can tell is email. Gotta get my daily dose of vitamin Red!

It's Teri Martine Tuesday, so naturally I put up a couple of links to your interview with her as well as 22 more pix for her.

The shevette showThank you Sir Red - i am always flattered when you mention me on your site, it pushes my buttons giggle.

How can I resist pushing such cute buttons?

Had Lady Kate at The Flogger to contact me. We are going to try to put up a show, but it may take 'til after New Year's to get it going. Interesting interview. She's going to let me feel what it's really like to be a total slave - for one show anyway. Actually i have invited her to be so rough that i break down. i've never done that before. They say it's good. i am really hoping to understand the slave side of me more. i've been asking people about it for years.

Weird. You know you wouldn't really want to... and yet the curiosity is just overwhelming to know what it would be like... "Now I'm going to hold out just as long as I possibly can before using the safe word, but when I do, I want you to go one step past that," she said, and that's how she ended up getting her nipples pierced. Just what would that moment feel like when after using the safe word, you watch as your captor turns up the dial on the electrical device attached to your most sensitive spots? Careful, little precious one, some things are better left to fantasy.

The shevette showAnd some things need answers...

You should be careful about what you let people know about the real you, shevette. You are a prime target for some guy getting really weird on you in person, because you are such a turn on, but ultimately a tease, because of you and Rob. Seeing you as we do on the net, only when you feel sexy and playful, never when you're tired or cranky; filling in what we don't know about you with our imaginations and never seeing your bad days or any annoying bad habits; the character of shevette the sub on the net becomes an ideal female for a lot of us guys on the net.

Tired and cranky? Bad days? Bad habits? Moi? Giggle, yas i'm a real person. Thanks for reminding people.


The shevette showIf I were younger and single, I'd be in a real, serious competition with Rob over you, or I just couldn't let us be as close as we are, if I thought I had no chance. The problem is, a *lot* of guys have crushes on shevette, and they *are* younger and single. To them, you could be very frustrating. (Sigh) I guess you can tell I've had a lot of experience worrying about daughters. I have a couple of grown redheads of my own, you know. I should remember you're a grown woman. Even so, never having to develop anything like them myself, I always tend to underestimate the subtle skills that you girls have at handling men.



The shevette showYou really are way too kind. Actually 99.9% of the mail that I receive is quite wonderful. Of the remaining one tenth of one per cent, most are from people who are just having a hard time expressing themselves.. Don't worry so much about me. i know how to say "No!"


All it takes is one guy, though, and don't you ever underestimate any guy's ability to convince himself that you really do want him to exceed whatever limits you've set, no matter how clear you've make them.  Boys will be boys, except for the transvestites...


The shevette showYou know, i really do believe that one of the reasons that the crossdressing segment of the community is so large is because so many guys want to see a woman tied up so bad and are so afraid to ask a woman to let them do it to her that they tie themselves up and eventually dress like a woman and get tied up, -- just so they can see a 'woman' tied up.   This is one of the reasons i fight so hard to get the bad name off of bondage.   So many people perverting themselves because they are told bondage is perverted.   Y'know what i mean?



The shevette showDid you know that cross-dressing is most common among recently divorced or widowed men? Men accustomed to a woman in their lives who are suddenly without one miss them very much. If Eliza hadn't returned to Professor Higgins at the end of "My Fair Lady", the professor might have found himself trying on her ball gown after awhile. He'd grown accustomed to more than just her face. Of course, the way girls' clothes fit them, as if they were designed to make you feel sexy... not to mention the way you all look like you must feel so alluring and desirable when you're all tied up or even just poured into something slinky and silky. I think most guys have wondered if it wouldn't feel good to be a girl or at least be dressed like one at one time or another And I'm certain that those of us who love girls so much we want to squeeze their bodies all over with ropes and know for certain that they can't get away, also think that it must feel good to be a girl and be tied up, and deep in our hearts wish we could know how that feels for ourselves sometime. The shevette showHaving said that much, why is it so hard to say the rest!? What the hell... I know I do. Does that sound perverted?

Not really...

Of course, when I watch my Siberian Husky running and playing in the snow, I sometimes think it must feel pretty good to be him, too.

Now THAT'S kinky! *giggle*


You're not going to go werewolf on me now are you?

The shevette showNo, but did you ever read much of John Varley's science fiction? Most of his stories are set in the same consistent future in which complete sex changes can be done or reversed for just a few hundred dollars and a weekend stay in a clinic. He imagines that about two-thirds of the population would have them, usually in their mid-twenties to early thirties, and about two-thirds of those who do would then have them reversed again two or three years later. I think that's probably about right, because I guess that's what I probably would have done. He really forces his readers to examine their culturally based assumptions about gender and personality, since his characters are likely to change gender at almost any point in his stories without changing their fundametal personalities.

The shevette showJust imagine it...  Think how much better men and women would understand each other, if most of us had literally walked a mile in each others' shoes.  On the other hand, though, I wouldn't want to lose any of the charm and mystery that I enjoy so much now.   Do you girls deliberately point your toes because you know it makes your legs look more shapely and you like for men to look?  And do you deliberately rub them together real slowly when you're wearing hose and you cross or uncross them just before putting your two cents worth into a conversation, because you know the sound will make every man in the room pause to listen?  Or do those things just happen accidentally, just because you're girls?  I'm not sure I want to know...  It's so much more fun to wonder about things like that...



The shevette showInstant sex changes, sounds like somebody could get rich quick! You admitted that you are curious, i am too. i have wondered what would have happened if i had been born a guy. i wonder if i would still be willing to have sex with both genders. i wonder if the feeling of wanting, an emptiness - that needs filling. Is it the same for guys? Sex is like a wanting feeling, or is it a giving thing? Well, i like to give too, but i'm not sure that the meaning is the same. Whew! Thought about it and if they had sex changes for ten cents i'd stay a woman, much too complicated subject for me, giggle. Score one for Sir Red on stumping the emcee!

I think we'd all be less than human if we didn't sometimes wonder what the view was like from the other side. Besides, trying to imagine the viewpoint of the opposite sex helps remind us that they're people, too, and not just sex objects.  That's why I only use loose, cloth gags, if any, when I play.  I want all the feedback I can get from my playmate to make sure we're both singing from the same page of music, so to speak.  The shevette showSex is like dancing.  You've got to know exactly where your partner is at all times.

"Welcome to my Realm... where restraint is a tool for tormenting a lover with unendurable pleasure, indefinitely prolonged."

Well, I gotta be going.

Next time we wear clothes, right?

You mean you're in the nude, too!?  Damn!  I knew I should have worn my glasses!  Say, since we've just done our John and Yoko -- Two Virgins style interview in the nude, maybe we should consider doing the next one from in bed. Remember when John and Yoko spent a week in bed at the Amsterdam Hilton doing interviews from under the covers?

The shevette showI'll have to think about that idea for awhile first, okay?

I'll call the Amsterdam Hilton and see if we can get their old room...

Ok, you promise to be back then...

Oh, you can count on that, for sure. I will always be available for you, shevette!  In fact, if you need a stage manager to help out getting things organized and arranged around here...

That's another idea we can talk more about later.

Thanks for being on the show - it was great! Big hand for Sir Red!

Ev'rybody's talkin' 'bout revolution, evolution,
Masturbation, flagellation, domination, subjugation...
All we are saying,... is give bondage a chance.
All we are saying,... is give bondage a chance.

The shevette show

i can hear you sniffing around Rex, come on out!



Sniff, sniff!

The shevette show Nice man!

Yeah! Hey, I'm hungry!
i have just one thing to say in closing, you've met the man and i think you have found out that he's very interesting to talk with. As far as interviews this isn't the best that's ever been. i kinda let it go like that - why? So you could get a random sample of who this man is. He's pretty cool, isn't he? Go by his site and check him out - and he's going to be back here again. He's offered to be around so expect to see a lot more of him... he's kinda cool!

I said that I am hungry...!

Hush Rex!

The shevette show

Figure it out, when i contacted Sir Red for an interview i had just gotten this site and i was eager to spread my wings. The old site that i had would have had a cow if i did a nude interview, so, of course, that's just what i wanted to do! i sugested it to Sir Red and he agreed. Actually i had no idea that he'd be willing to come on also in the buff. Think about that, i find it charming! He was willing to go through what i was willing to put myself through. Did i mention that he's cool?

Kewl dude!

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i hope you enjoyed meeting Sir Red...