by shevette

It's good and it's bad...

Put this one under the heading of "a day in the life"... Actually it might be two days. i had two events of significance happen on two consecutive days. Both had their good and their bad points.

Day One:
In a way i'd like to think that i have spent half my life tied up. Actually it's nowhere near that much. There were the times before i got tied up for the first time and there's now. i guess that could very loosely be called half. Maybe i just remember or treasure the time spent tied up more. The same goes for when i sleep. i am frequently tied up while sleeping. It feels good going to sleep like that and it is really great feeling when i wake up.

It took forever before i ever fell asleep for the first time and woke up in handcuffs. That had been self bondage and i had been alone. It also took forever before i could successfully fall asleep with my hands handcuffed behind me and not have to take them off in the middle of the night. It is really a rush to wake up with my hands secured behind me in the morning. Again, the first time i accomplished that it had been in self bondage.

These days i am a happily married woman and i don't do much self bondage any more. For the most part my husband decides which nights i sleep free and which nights i am not going to be free and if my hands are in front or behind me or if my feet are going to be free or not. It goes in spells. There may be times when i go for extended periods of not being tied up at all when i sleep and then there are times when i am tied up every night.

Lately it has been pretty much every night and a lot of them tied hand and foot - and very frequently with my hands behind me.

At one time i used to say that if i got tied up then i expected sex. No one has sex every day for weeks and weeks on end, and for the last two or three weeks i have slept every night tied up. i wake up nicely turned on and if Rob wants sex then that's cool and if he doesn't that's ok too. On a national average i guess i get sex more often than most married women so there's no frustration if we skip a day or two - even three days sometimes.

Usually what i get tied up with is the luck of the draw. i try to keep our bondage gear picked up and put away, but we usually end up with a pile of handcuffs and such on the floor in our toy bag on my side under the bed. In a way i hate to put all that stuff up. i like it where i can see it. So usually what happens is when we are getting ready for bed and it's time for me to get tied up Rob just grabs something out of the bag that lives under the bed.

We don't try to get all innovative and come up with a new position for me to sleep in every night. Just for kicks let me make a list, i'm curious myself. Soft.

  • Hands in front
  • in front with waist chain
  • over head to headboard
  • hands in back
  • hands behind to waist chain
  • hands to mild hog tie
  • feet free
  • feet tied
  • feet tied to foot of bed
  • feet tied apart to foot of bed
  • feet in spreader bar
Hmmmm... that's more combinations than i thought it was. i guess if you were to throw in the different permutations using all the different chains, handcuffs and leg irons that we have (not to mention ropes and straps and blindfolds that would maybe work out to something different every night for a year!) Actually, if the night before was better than most we may stick to what was used then until the edge dulls a bit.

i guess maybe it was Wednesday morning i woke up. i had been asleep with my hands handcuffed behind me and wearing leg irons so i was a little more turned on than some other mornings. It was still dark of course and the alarm hadn't gone of yet. We get up at four in the morning so that we have time to eat together before Rob has to leave for work. It takes us about an hour to get dressed and an hour to eat, more or less. At six Rob leaves and i usually hit the chats. When seven comes then i finish dressing and head for work.

On the mornings we have sex we just hurry up afterwards.

i looked at the clock and it was about 15 minutes before the alarm would go off. i could have gotten up and used the bathroom - if i wasn't tied up. Instead i just snuggled back into Rob and enjoyed the feeling of being nice and warm and all tied up in the arms of the man i love. i guess i was squirming around some when Rob says, "You awake too?" Soft

Usually when that happens so does sex. i smiled and pressed myself against him now that i didn't have to worry about waking him up. He laughed softly and gathered me up in his arms. i giggled back and we both knew it was on. "Let's race the alarm" Rob suggested. I giggled and nodded. Racing the alarm for those of you that haven't tried it means having sex before the alarm goes off. If it goes off you have to stop - which is HARD! It's just a game though and you can go back at it afterwards though... That interuptus thing works really good anyway.

i was on my knees and Rob was doing great when way off in the distance i heard the stupid alarm go off, oh no!

We really like a lot of rules in this house so Rob immediately rolls out of the bed dragging me with him. One minute - make that second - i am striving for a climax and the next i'm trying not to lose my balance and fall on the floor. We are both out of the bed and he's behind me holding me from falling by my hips. i'm giggling, trying to keep on my feet and i back into him teasing him with my behind.

i guess that was the point when something happened, something clicked inside Rob's head.

As soon as he knew i had my balance he let go of me and darted off to the bathroom. i was feeling playful and called out to him to get back in the bedroom and to bring his thing with him. i heard the shower start and Rob called back that he wasn't coming. Still half amused i hobbled to his bathroom and pushed open the door with my shoulder. He was actually in the shower! Ok, i was game so i headed over there with my panties around my ankles. i pushed aside the shower curtain with my head and began kissing his body, getting my hair soaked in the process. He was playing hard to get so i sat on the side of the tub and swung my feet in there with him. He was trying to avoid me and it was a game. i could see that he wasn't as "up" as he had been a few minutes ago, but i felt like i could remedy that.

He literally jumped out of the shower which really surprised me and then he ordered me to "stay".

i went into full "sub" mode and did as i was told. Usually that always pays off the best. When i had first woken up i had been in one of those moods where i could take some sex or leave it - that was no longer the case. i not only wanted it, i needed it. At the same time i was a little hurt, it hurts to write about it even now days later. A little interupus is always a good way to reach a higher plateau as far as sex goes, but it was beginning to look like he was refusing me now. i was confused.

Like i said i was a little hurt, but i know Rob well enough to know exactly what he was up to. He was going to stretch this just as far as he could. The more you want it the better it is when you get it. i was wanting pretty bad. The only thing for me to do was to try to cool my own jets. The water was still running all over me and i knelt down in the shower and tried to get my bearings back. Not an easy thing for me to do all tied up still. i remember feeling the water turn cold as he turned on the shower at the other end of the house. He must have turned on the cold then because the water warmed back up again. i just knelt there unsure if i should try to save it or let the feeling go.

It was a long time later when he came to get me. i had been in the shower so long by then that i couldn't tell if the water was warm or not - one thing was for sure - it wasn't hot any more, and neither was i. He reached in and freed one of my hands and gave me the key. i looked at him and he avoided my stare, "You know the rules" he told me in his defense and then he was gone from the bathroom. i heard the back door open and close and his truck start up out in the back yard.

It was after i heard the truck leave before i ever undid my other hand and crawled out of the shower stall. i felt indignant and more than just a little steamed. To tell the truth i'm not real sure what happened after that. i do remember that i didn't towel off and i did not remove the leg irons. i just went on with my day from that point on. i got on chat like i usually do and finished getting ready for work like i usually do, except i usually don't wear leg irons when in chat and my hair isn't dripping wet. i told them in chat what had happened and one side of me was amused, another side still turned on, another side was in full sub mode, and there were other sides at work too.

Guys, listen to me; don't ever do this to someone you love, ok?

i did not have a good day. Part of me was sill very turned on - the subbie side - and the rest of me was hard to get along with! giggle

Some how i made it through the day and so did my co-workers. No deaths reported (i hid the bodies, giggle)

i got home halfway expecting Rob to be there - with candy AND flowers. He wasn't. Seems like that was the night i got busy and did a number of new pics and two pages for the Realm. Actually i guess at work i kept a little bit more busy than i usually do. Finally i began to run out of steam.

When ever we can Master Red and i keep in contact. We have our own little secret chat that we use and lots of times we will log in and maybe not do any chatting at all. We are just in contact, that much closer together. i can remember occasions when we'd log in and i'd write "smile" and he'd write "smile" and we'd work together on something or just sit and look at the screen and smile back and forth. i like doing silly stuff like that.

Anyway things calmed down and we started chatting. Needless to say i told Master about what Rob had done to me and what a miserable day i was having. Master thought that i wanted to cuddle and i kinda growled at him when he tried. lol

He thought that i wanted it rough so he tried that approach too. Big mistake! Poor master is still puzzled over my response to that. Maybe this will explain.

i guess if what Rob and i had was a normal relationship i would have felt different - i simply woulda shot him or divorced him, maybe both. The thing is i knew we would make up. i knew that and i knew we'd have sex that night too - or i really woulda shot him! giggle

As it was i was still turned on from that morning. i had gotten started by just some regular tied up sex. When that got aborted i knew in the back of my mind that we were doing some kind of extended bondage scene. Rob was controlling me and i love it when he does that. That doesn't mean i didn't want to kill someone!

i guess it was my body that was really into being turned on. One of those all day long grinding sexual urges. When i had been talking with Master Red that had been acerbated because i really really really needed to be touched - and brought to the mountain top - and jumping off! Turned on does not cover it. Still i gave the warning before and i repeat it again "DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!" i'm serious here.

Ok, the climatic moment is building. Rob wasn't home yet, but he would come home - and we would have it out. How dare he leave me like i as all day! My tummy was SORE from tossing and turning and knotting up all day. i mean physically sore! In pain, the whole nine yards - and that wasn't the only part of me in a tizzy. When Master Red had tried to make me feel better with some cyber hand holding it had just made those physical pains all the more worse.

Sorry about that Master.

Ok, Rob came home and i was waiting at the door the second i heard the truck pull up. i had an armload of things to say to him. Thou doest not leave the woman you love in misery; thou starteth something then thou finishest; thou is a rotten tomato; etc.

And i'm sure Rob had a lot of things to say to me when he came in the door.

We were about to go at it big time when i looked at him and he looked at me. i don't know what he thought but i know what hit me at that moment: we were going to argue and it was going to be hot to the point maybe of the throwing of the pots and pans, BUT when i saw him there i knew we were going to make up, that we were going to get through this, and that i'd never want another man like a want him - so why not just skip ahead to the good stuff - and we could fuss at each other later.

i took one step closer to him and grabbed him by the hair and pulled his face down to mine and kissed him so hard that it hurt. Have you ever had that happen? You are mad at someone and they say something simple to you and before you know it you have laid them out and filleted? Well i didn't exactly cut Rob into little itty bitty pieces, but i made hard love to him. Harder than i have ever done before. And he returned it, just as hard or harder. He had it in his mind that i was going to get tied up exactly how i had been that morning - and i had it in mine that i wasn't, but at the same time i wasn't interested in doing anything that was going to keep him from satisfying me.

WOOF! HOWL! HISS! AGGGHH! i wanted him like a wild horney animal and he wanted me the same way. i think we had both been in the other's thoughts that day like never before. i wanted to rip into him with my hands and i fought as hard as i could as he pushed me agaisnt the wall and handcuffed my wrists behind my back. It was savage and he ravaged me like... ..like i have wanted him to do so many times in the past. Animal lust.

And that's all i can say except never do this to a woman. It worked out this time, but it had to be a one in a million shot that it did. We both promised to never let it happen again.

NOTE: i just want to say thank you to my husband for being the man he is and for having the presence of mind to pull this off and for handcuffing me even when i didn't think i wanted him to. He's turning into quite the Master, i'm proud of him, and i love him to pieces!

i'm a subbie and proud of it!
Day Two:
We had lucked out the day before and instead of something bad happening like it should have something great had happened instead. When it was over we talked and cuddled and got really embarrassed and a little shy. i guess we just thought it was good, hallelujah, now let's get back to where we were. It was a close evening for us and we did our best to get back into the normal flow of things.

Bed time came a little later than normal and when it came time get tied down for the night Rob reached over me and fished out the first pair of handcuffs he came to in our toy bag. It was the new set of cuffs, the ones designed to fit smaller wrists, like mine. Neither of us knew that was the pair of cuffs Rob had grabbed until he tightened them down on me. Most handcuffs run out of teeth on the ratchet before they can get tight on me. i can turn my hands around in them all i want to.

One of the guys in chat had turned me onto some special handcuffs made to fit women. i had showed them to Rob and ew'd and ah'd over them evidently enough that he got them for me as a surprise.

That was the pair i found myself in that night. i know because they were really really tight! We cuddled a bit more and Rob dozed off to sleep. i couldn't though because the cuffs were so tight that they were uncomfortable. i found that if i made sure my hands weren't pulling against the other that i was alright. i didn't want to have to wake Rob up and have to get him to loosen my cuffs for me. They were still tight, but they didn't hurt as long as i was careful. Besides i like tight, especially real tight.

That night they must have woken me up about a hundred times. They'd hurt and i'd hold my hands together and the pain would ease off and actually feel very very good because i like the feeling of being caught, of being helpless. It was a very good night for me. All the waking up might have been not so welcome except every time i woke up i was reminded that i was handcuffed and that i couldn't get loose on my own.

We woke to the alarm the next morning, there would be no racing and no quickies. Rob had to dash to the bathroom straight off so i got up and wandered into the kitchen mostly waiting for him to get back out and give me some hugging before he freed my hands (do not try to go to the potty even if all you have is lightly tied hands in front - you may find yourself in the position where you have to call for help.)

i went to get something to drink out of the fridge and noticed my hands seemed cold and my left hand had a numbness running halfway up my thumb! The cuffs had been too tight! One can get nerve damage like that, Handcuffs can be very very dangerous. i got little scared and got Rob to hurry up and free me. Both hands has suffered. The left was the worse. We ran warm water over both and Rob helped me massage them. They felt better but they didn't look so great. Those handcuffs fit me nearly perfectly and the reason i know that is because i had red rings all the way around both wrists. You could see where the single section of the cuff had pressed in on my skin and where the double section with the locking mechanism had been.

It looked nasty, but i have had the numbness happen to me before and i wasn't injured. i could have been, but i wasn't. Always use the double lock when using handcuffs. The double lock keeps the handcuffs from tightening. Actually i had just been stupid this time. i should have told Rob. Normally it would have been a good idea for Rob to check how tight the cuffs were, but he didn't know in the dark which pair he had put on me and he is used to not having to worry with them being to tight or even having to bother with the double lock. It was my fault.

Actually, i'm looking at my wrists now. The mark from two days ago is still visible, just barely, but i can still see the redness. Something else; i have been typing for a couple of hours now and i can feel the numbness in the thumb on my left hand. i came precariously close to permanently injuring myself. Please be careful!

Ok, back to the story... We got my wrists kinda happy with the warm water, hand cream, and massaging. Rob went to work and i went to chat. At seven i got ready to go to work. i put on my blouse and checked my wrists to see if the redness had gone. i didn't really think it had. A good rule of thumb is that for every minute in handcuffs you get at least one minute of redness. I was due about six more hours, actually more because it looked like i was bruising.

Lots of bracelets and a long sleeved jacket let me leave on time.

i kept checking my wrists throughout the day to see when i could take off the jacket. Lunch came and went.

It was an odd day yesterday. It was raining all day, but it was the kind of rain that you'd love to sit on your front porch and just watch and watch.

There was a wonderfully great breeze blowing all day. And the air had such a spring freshness to it. Call it a beautiful rainy day. After lunch i went out to the portico and took my jacket off even though my wrists were still a little red.

The breeze felt great and hey if someone had to find out that i like bedroom tie up games then so be it! i'm a sub, proud of it, and glad that this is the life for me. I couldn't ask for any better!

“The Waiting”
by shevette

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