A Movie Re-Enactment by Jenny-Sky

Surf the web, first-class! B A C K A lot of us, myself included, haven't gotten to see the season's hottest bondage movie yet. Not to fret, Sir Red has been previewing it for all of us (i'll give the link below) and now we even have Jenny_sky (one of our wonderful chatters) (i'll give the chatroom link too, below) acting out the first scene.

Sit back, relax, nuke the popcorn, get out some gear, and enjoy as Jenny-Sky leads us through her re-enactment of this great movie...

SECRETARY! My friend, Amy and I were Bored the other day. So we decided to spice things up a bit and since it had been along time for me in any sort of bondage I thought we ought to try something. I had seen the movie,  secretary, in Seattle and when I went to it again in my hometown I took my friend Amy. We both thought the movie was pretty good and had some cute scenes. In particular the first Scene in the movie was our favorite. Well, we figured it would be a lot of fun for me to try and duplicate that scene as much as I could. This is basically the way it went...
SECRETARY! I tried to get a very similar outfit to the one that the lead actress in that movie wore. I had on a somewhat shorter black cotton skirt, a very similar white frilly laced top, panty hose and some very comfy high heel shoes (since I figured I would be walking a lot). Amy, who was not only my assistant, but also my supplier of the stuff I needed, did not wear anything too exotic... Only jeans and T shirt but then again she was the one supplying the spreader bar we were to use. The bar was similar to the one in the movie with leather cuffs at each end of it in addition to a collar around my neck which would hold the bar on my shoulders and neck evenly. So with the equipment ready, Amy had me put my arms straight up and out like a cross and she buckled the wrists cuffs on each end and the collar buckle in place. I must say it felt really new to me since most everything I have done before was tying wrists together.... not apart! So there I stood with my arms splayed to either side of me, my fingers were pointing down as if I had just shot a free throw. The image we both agreed was very close to the one in the movie portrayed by actress Maggie Gyllenhaal with one glaring omission...Which was my very long blonde hair. (Was to excited to try this to even look for a good matching wig) So I was ready!
SECRETARY! We replicated this scene in Amy s house because of two advantages. First, there was no one there!! (Always a plus when you re playing kinky games in Montana!) Second she had four main level rooms and a hallway that was somewhat close to what they had in the movie. Amy had placed some items along the way of my impending journey. In one room she placed a sheet of paper. In another room she placed some envelopes. In a third room she placed a coffee cup with coffee in it! Finally in the last room was a desk and office chair which would be the end of my journey.

While Amy was placing my targets to pick up, I was getting used to my spreader bar. I twisted back and forth to see what the range of motions were with it on and found that it swung pretty well as long as I thought of moving my hands like a steering wheel to control it. I also tested how far it would let me bend down and found that I could get almost all the way to the floor if I angled the bar almost up and down to the ground, that way I could reach things very low. In going thru all these tests of my range of motion, I noticed how much the spreader ball controls you. I mean I could move it and get to where I needed to get but in an foreign way of movement. This made me feel like a walking framed piece of art.

SECRETARY! Amy began some music in the background and I began to walk from the far end of the hallway towards the first room. I came to the doorway and pulled my left hand backwards causing my shoulders to turn and the bar to go in perpendicular to the doorway and inside where I leveled back out evenly. That seemed easy enough, now for the tuff part I thought. I saw a pile of white envelopes on a table and bent down slightly dipping my right shoulder reaching out with my fingers. Grasping like I was picking a blade of grass I snatched up an envelope and reversed my same approach to entering and exited the first room. One down two to go I thought. Made a mental note that so far so good not so difficult...
SECRETARY! Next, I strolled down the hallway with a sultry walk attempting to be as cute as the actress in the movie and came upon the next doorway. I used the same approach to entering and noticed the full coffee cup on a countertop. I took a slight breath but kept moving fluidly towards the coffee cup and bent down at the knees again tipping the bar and my right hand down and waiting until I was level with the cup with my fingers, I steadied myself. Then I slowly looped my fingers in the cup ring and brought it slowly up to about my chest level while raising up from my crouch. (I would like to say I did this perfectly but I spilled just a bit!)
SECRETARY! Finally I turned and slowly retreated backwards out the door pulling my shoulders and the bar back so I fit thru, carefully watching the coffee cup to make sure I did not hit any walls with it. After I got out I was beaming with confidence and moving my arms back parallel with one hand holding the cup and the other holding and envelope, I sashayed down the hallway further until I came upon the last room which had a wider entry so I was able to walk straight thru without turning. I saw my last target, the lone sheet of paper on a desk. I walked over to it bending down at my knees keeping my arms parallel and watching the coffee cup like a hawk until I was level with the paper. I leaned forward hoping my long blonde hair would stay put (in retrospect I should have put it up or in a ponytail) and reached out my red lips to the sheet dangling over the edge of a desk. Unfortunately my hair did not stay back, and floated in front of my face. So I had to blow slightly so the strands would part since I did not want to make a big jolting motion of flipping it. Finally I was able to purse my lips on the sheet and held them firm rising ever so slowly keeping any eye on everything now....
SECRETARY! Gaining my balance back I turned a complete 360 very slowly and headed back out to the hallway breathing thru my nose smiling while holding the sheet, the cup and the envelope. I made my way down the hallway and had to lean backwards again turning perpendicular to get thru..Again very slowly... I stood on one high heeled leg and eased the door shut with my foot...Turning back slowly I saw the office desk with a person in it facing out the window and approached the desk...Hearing my heels clicking on the hardwood floor the person swiveled in the chair as the music came to a close... Amy smiled and said good job Jennifer!!
POSTSCRIPT: There was some more fun Amy and I had this day: when she decided to make me run with that bar and lets just say she didn't make it available for me to say no!! That however, is another story:)
SECRETARY! Great job Jenny-Sky! Sounds like you had fun. We want the other story too...

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